Black Phoenix

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There is a thin line between past and present, one snap and you are pulled back to the past that you are tried to forget and leave behind. The heir to a throne that represents danger. The Mafia World Danger? It's second nature to her Blend in? Now that might be a problem as she starts anew with her life Will she blend in as she plans to or will the past catch up to her? And maybe just maybe that's not all to her. ■■■■ I was confident in winning but now, Victory? Defeat? It was all a blur now because of her.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1 - Let's get on with this shit

Gabriella POV

"Let's give it up for our undefeated champion Bleeding Heart" the crowd applauded just as I crossed the finishing line. The cars behind me slowed down but the crowd was wild. Bleeding heart is and always will be with me.

People started crowding around my DB11 AMR. They were taking pictures of it but at a distance since they know I hate it. A knock on the window and the car door opened, people peeped in to catch a glimpse of me.

"Gabby, girl that drift damn" Javen spoke as soon as he got in.

"Jav got the money?" I asked as he was smiling at me.

Javen was with me at every race, he was the only person allowed to go with me. He is 21 and has black eyes and blonde hair. He is the goofy one in our small gang but also the kind of deadly one.

"Yep I transferred, Bryan has it and he said that he need to check your car or something" he shrugged

"Let's go then what are we waiting for?" I reversed the car bit so that the people know that I have to leave. Once I had enough space I swished passed the crowd without having anyone injured.

"They are so whipped although they haven't seen you" Jav laughed

"Bryan is at the house right?"


"Off we go" we left the tracks and onto the main road undetected by the police cars watching out for the illegal racing tracks.

"Umm Gabby you might wanna slow down" he eyed me, I realized that I was speeding up, I muttered a sorry before slowing down.


I lost the control of the car for a moment and Jav had his ears covered

"Bryan how many times do I have to say NOT TO DO THAT?" I yelled into the radio as laughs came from the other side

"You here yet?" Bryan's voice arose from the advanced radio that he himself installed.

"In a minute open up the gates" Jav replied as he relaxed in the seat

"On it" the gates opened just as I turned the corner to the house.

I parked the car in the garage where the rest of our cars were parked and both of us got out. We walked in where the rest of the gang was seated waiting for us

"Dude you should have seen that Michael's face when you drove past him at the intersection"

Meet Lexi my friend, her cute little brown eyes and small petite figure could deceive anyone. She is the one who handles all the money we make and get but that doesn't mean she is not good in guns. She is the youngest in the group.

Bryan came towards me and smirked before pulling me to bone crushing hug,

"Bryan can't breathe" he kissed the top of my head and released me

Bryan the most trusted friend to anyone in this group, I knew he would die for me and Lexi any day and I hated that fact, he had brown eyes just like his sister Lexi but he was a fine specimen, an eye candy for anyone who looks at him just like the rest of the boys. He was very tall, his brown hair and brown eyes and his perfect sculptured face and body did him good.

"Great job daughter"

We all turned around to see my father Logan Marcello with his two bodyguards on either sides of him.

"Thank you Father"

"Can't the father get a hug from his daughter?" I smiled and walked over to him as he hugged me.

Maybe he will act his part as a father.



"Injuries on the car?"

"Perhaps two or three" I shrugged at father's question as he nodded

"Identity revealed?"

"Not all sir" I saluted him as he smiled and kissed my forehead

Or maybe he needs something?

"Bryan you and Jav on the car now, Lexi track down that Michael guy" my father threw out orders. I widened my eyes and looked at him

"How did you find out?"

"According to the information Michael is the son of David Cheran" he hissed, "he sent his son to kill you at the race"

Like he didn't that to me in the beginning.

David Cheran the man who father and the rest of the Scythe family loath. He killed his wife in front of everyone. I watched as he slit her throat and shot her six times as the blood oozed from her. I clearly remember the defeated look in father eyes and the forgiven and goodbye look in mother's eyes.

The Cherans' thought that this would bring the downfall of the Bleeding Stones Mafia , to be honest it did but we rose back as The Scythe of Italy but our power spreads out to Spain, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Greece and other closer countries. My father was a wanted man, every agencies and Interpol's are searching for him but they all know that even if he is caught there is no evidence to pin him down.

And he wasn't the one who did even a quarter of it, there won't be any evidence pointing towards him I know that for sure.

I know what my father does, I am not proud of it but he is the man who gave me shelter and protection.

He kills people, sells drugs, manages clubs and pretty much does everything that is illegal except human trafficking. It was his wife, Edna who hated it and after the power went to father from his father Landon he stopped it at once.

It was because of it and some unknown reasons that David Cheran turn against father. He left the mafia, only to return years later with a gang of his own known as The Born Snakes.

"What are you planning on doing Mr. Marcello?" Bryan questioned, he was the only person in this room including me who was not intimidated by father and that's why he would make a great third in command to him. He just didn't know what he truly meant to the Scythe and what his true position was.

"Let's observe him first since my daughter is safe but be caution David attacks when we least expect him to that's how he works" he warned us, "Ella how many more races do you have next week?"

Daughter? do I even like that title?

Do I even deserve that title?

"Today was the last for this week and there are no races in the next weeks schedule yet as I remember why?"

"Clear your schedules for next week if you have any because you are getting enrolled to college" he said

"Okay I'll get rea-wait what college!" I stared at him

"Yes college" he looked at the rest, "so are you guys" he finished

"But why? I thought since we all were home-schooled we don't have to go college father"

"I thought so too but it was your mother's wish dear, she wanted you children to experience school, experience some time out of the Mafia like any other child not just be stuck in this mafia" he explained

By children he meant someone else not me

"Bryan has already made your documents, he will fill in the details" he kissed my forehead once more before leaving.

Lexi waited until my father was out of sight before dashing at Bryan who ran away from her

"You knew you stupid bastard!"

"Calm down sister, he made me promise that I wouldn't say a word about this to any of you" he yelled back

"You could've just said it!" they were circling around the table

At least they knew they were siblings

"And have my throat cut no thanks" he shook his head

"He wouldn't do that to you" she said annoyed

"To you since you are his daughter's best friend, I am just a member in his big mafia sis"

"The most trusted guy in his mafia!" she groaned

You guys are more than that

"Can you guys just stop this pointless argument?" I rolled my eyes

"Yeah and Bryan explain this shit to us" Jav said sitting beside Lexi on the table. Lexi glared at Bryan and sat on the chair as he pulled out some files and handed one to each of us

"Let's get on with this shit" he said and sat down too

Maybe the truth will come out, I just wish it wouldn't destroy us.

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