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Black Phoenix

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There is a thin line between past and present, one snap and you are pulled back to the past that you are tried to forget and leave behind. The heirs to a throne that represents danger. The Mafia World Danger? It's second nature to her Blend in? Now that might be a problem as she starts anew with her life Will she blend in as she plans to or will the past catch up to her? And maybe just maybe that's not all to her. ■■■■ I was confident in winning but now, Victory? Defeat? It was all a blur now because of her.

Romance / Action
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Author's Note


Please bear with me since I wrote this book when I was 16.

Writing is hard work

1. Please do not copy my hard work, for a writer, it takes alot of imagination and struggle to voice out her thoughts.

2. Accepting the comments and feedback is an usual thing for a writer, each negative comment does hurt us but it eventually makes us do our best, but like any other writer out there, I am looking forward to seeing good and positive comments instead of negative ones.

3. There are people who read the book for the first time so I kindly ask the people who read the book previously to refrain from putting spoilers, everyone likes a bit of suspense and curiosity, the feel of being in the edge of their seats to read what is to come.

4. Don’t copy paste my book ‘Black Phoenix’ in any other media, this book solely belongs to me, if you do see it published in any other place please do tell me.

5. Finally thanks to everyone who stood with me till the end, my sister, my brothers and to all my readers out here giving a chance to read my book. Thank you.

Let’s get on with reading a book where it tells you that the harder you try to forget and leave behind your past, the more it comes running to you in a twisted way.

Get ready for a spin of romance, action, sci-fic, comedy and how our characters deal with what’s thrown in their way.

Life is unpredictable and that’s what makes it unique and exciting.

⚠⚠Love maybe a dangerous game but there are more life threatening games out in the world waiting for you ⚠⚠

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