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The Mafia Leader's Girl

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Esme Rizzo, 23, works as a waitress at a restaurant called Giovanni's with her bestfriend Katie Trenton. Esme meets a stranger by the name of Luca Salvatore, 25, at the restaurant. Luca is the upcoming owner for Giovanni's. In the public's eye, the Salvatore family are known as a wealthy, successful family who owns businesses all over the world, but what the public doesn't know, is the Salvatore family's son, Luca, is the Italian Mafia leader. When Esme gets accused and fired from her job as a waitress, along with Katie, Esme desperately seeks for help to get Katie's job back. During the time, Emse decides to meet with Luca and ask him to give Katie her job back. But as for Luca, he had another thing in mind. Luca gives Esme an ultimatum and with that, Esme makes a deal with the devil. Will the deal become a disaster? Or a happily ever after? Everything happens for a reason. Read to find out!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One: Fired

"Esme Sianna Cole, get up! You're going to be late.. again!" I could hear my roommate banging on my door. That's Katie Trenton. She's been my best friend ever since I started working at the upscale restaurant down the street from our little apartment. Katie was working there way before I came along.

I didn't have the money to pay off the next semester at college, so I had to drop out. Now I'm 23 and trying to make a living for myself working as a waitress. The pay isn't that great, but it's just enough to feed us and barely pay rent.

"Fuck! Where is my uniform?!" I yelled out to Katie, trying to scramble in the bathroom. "Oh shit! I forgot to put it in the dryer last night!" She panicked. "Fuck sakes Kat! What should I explain to our loving supervisor?"

"Loving? That bitch is Satan's offspring. She gives me such a headache." I couldn't help, but laugh when Katie calls our supervisor 'Satan's offspring'. Katie and I locked up the apartment and made our way quickly down the street. When we got to our workplace, our supervisor Stacey was waiting for us. "You're LATE," she said. "I would have never expected that from you Miss Trenton, but YOU, YOU MISS Cole! This is something I'd expect from you AND you're not wearing the uniform."

"I'm sorry Stacey, this won't happen again. We promise," apologized Katie. She took me and dragged me along with her past our supervisor. We made our way to the employee's lounge. "I really fucking hate her Kat." I pulled out a chair and plopped myself down on. "Well honey, we don't have a choice. We have to work with Bowser Jr.," she said. I couldn't help but laugh.

"C'mon Esme! Our shift has already started," said Katie as she dragged me out to the dining floor. It was like any other day. Customers were rude, cheap with tips, and it was always busy. I fucking work my ass off in this place to make so little.

I was finally able to have my break. I went to the bar and behind it. Katie ran around serving tables. She looked like a chicken whose lost its head. I couldn't help but chuckle a little. I needed a drink. I pulled a shot glass from the top rack and turned around debating what alcohol I should snap back. "Hmm, maybe this Tequila Silver would go down nicely," I said to myself.

Katie passed by and stopped in her tracks, walking backwards, "Esme are you fucking nuts? If Stacey catches you drinking on the job, she'll send you home for the day!"

I tilted the bottle, continuing to ignore Katie, "I need this, and I'm pretty sure you do too." She sat down the tray of empty glasses on the counter, still holding on to it, "You're insane. Hurry up and get rid of it." I took the shot and poured it back. Ahhh, the taste of alcohol will help me through the rest of the day.

Katie continued to serve and host customers. As I put the shot glass in the sink, I was distracted by a few men who walked in. There was a gorgeous stranger dressed in the finest business suit. He was tall and built. His hair was jet black, slicked back in a pompadour. Blue eyes, piercing. The man in the middle had two other men who stood on each side along with him. I looked at my watch and realized that my break time was over.

I went over to try and greet the men at the front when Stacey stepped in front of me, "Hello gentlemen. Table for Three?" The man in the middle nodded. "Alright sir, now could I just have your name?" she asked giving her best smile. I snorted. I honestly thought she was trying too hard to empress.

"Luca Salvatore." said the gorgeous man in the middle. Stacey's eyes widened, "S-Salvatore? Mr. Salvatore! If I knew you were coming, I would've set up a more suitable area for you and your men."

Katie passed by and stopped beside me, "Who's that?" I asked. "The one in the middle? That's Luca Salvatore. He's the owner of this restaurant and 250 more all around the world. He's rich." I gave Katie a screw-face, "So you're telling me he has all that money, but can't fucking up the pay rate for us? Rich my ass."

Before I walked off, Katie and I were startled at the sound of Stacey's voice, "Esme!" I walked up to her and smiled, "Yes Stacey?" I answered politely, batting my lashes. Stacey rolled her eyes, "Please take good care of Mr. Salvatore and his men's needs at the restaurant," she said before walking off. I stood at the table staring at the three men and they stared back at me.

"Any day now, sweetheart," said Luca. He smirked and his men chuckled. Talk about an asshole I'm dealing with. "Sorry, I didn't catch that. My name's Esme." Luca quickly smirked and I caught a lump in my throat. For an asshole, he sure was gorgeous with a sexy smile.

I was touched on the shoulder by Katie, "Sorry gentlemen, can I have a word with your waitress?" She swiftly pulled me aside, "Esme, do you know who you're talking to? Cut the fucking attitude," she whispered. "Fine," I agreed rolling my eyes.

I broke off with Katie and quickly went back to the table to host the three men, "Let's try this again, shall we? Welcome to Giovanni's and here are your menus. If you need anything, my name is Esme and I'll be your hostess this evening."

The men took a few minutes to look at the menus. "I'll have the Chicken Pesto Pasta," said one of the men. "I'll have the Shrimp Scampi," said the other. "And for you Mister..-"

"Just call me Luca, sweetheart and I'll have The Fettuccine Alfredo," he said. I rolled my eyes, "Alright, I'll be back with those orders." I quickly made my way to the kitchen and slipped the written order above the counter. Katie comes up to me, "So how's it going at Salvatore's table?"

"Okay, I guess. He's an ass though. I can't wait for this shift to be over. I just want to go home." Stacey came barging in, "Esme! I've had enough of you! A customer was almost killed by your stupidity!"

"Wh-what?! What did I do?!" I yelled. Stacey slammed the pepper mill on the kitchen counter, "A customer specifically said NO black pepper on her pasta because she's allergic!" "How is that possible Stacey? Esme was busy hosting Mr. Salvatore," defended Katie. "Oh yeah? So where exactly are Mr. Salvatore and his men?" I gave Stacey a confused look and peaked through the swinging door's window from the kitchen. The table was empty and Luca and his men were gone. "I didn't do it, this is fucking sabotage!"

"If she says she didn't do it, she didn't do it Stacey! Do you have any proof?" asked Katie. Katie's a good friend, but I knew if she kept this up, she'll end up in hot water. "Why are you picking up for her? Don't act smart with me Trenton," said Stacey. "If Esme said she didn't do it, then I believe her."

"Well in that case, you're both fired."

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