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The Mafia Leader's Girl

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Chapter Two: Aye-aye Captain

Katie and I looked at each other in complete shock. "What? No! Don't fire Katie, she's done nothing wrong!" I exclaimed. Stacey seemed like she really didn't care, "Ever since you came along, Katie has done everything wrong and it's all because of you!" I looked over and seen the expression Katie had on her face.

It's true, ever since I came along, I've done nothing but ruined Katie. Looking back, she had became employee of the month, every month... literally. Now that she's met me, she's been in and out of trouble with Stacey, lost her employee of the month streak and constantly saving my ass.

Stacey looked at the both of us, "Pack your things and leave. At the end of the week, come and pick up your last cheque." Katie dragged herself out of the kitchen and into the employees lounge to collect her things. I looked at Stacey, and I was sure as hell mad. "You'll regret this," I said.

Stacey rolled her eyes as I walked past her, but I stopped and looked over my shoulder, "Oh and Stacey, one more thing?" Stacey had her arms crossed turning towards me, "What is it?" she asked. I stuck up the middle finger, "Go fuck yourself."

After we gathered our things and left, Katie and I slowed our pace down while walking home and in complete silence. I knew that I was the reason that Katie lost her job. Looking over toward Katie, her head was down. I knew that I had to say something. "Listen, Kat...-"

She interrupted, "-... I know what you're going to say Esme, it's totally fine. There's no need to apologize. Besides, we could always find another job together, starting tomorrow."

"Well you're taking this awfully well, Kat." She smiles at me softly.

If Luca and his men didn't leave, I could've proved that I was innocent of the black pepper incident. I knew that deep down inside, Katie wishes that she had never been fired. I think I need to go over to Luca Salvatore's office and try to get Katie's job back.

Luca's POV:
There's just something about Esme. The way her hair falls on her face. She wore makeup, but not much. Definitely a beautiful woman and a feisty one too. Her personality and attitude caught my attention the most because she seems like the type of woman who isn't afraid to say her thoughts out loud.

"Earth to Luca! What's going on with you today man?"

"Huh? What do you want Dante?" I asked. Dante gave me a confused look, "Well, Cardo and I are a bit worried. Ever since you left Gio's, it's like you've gone into some sort of trance." Cardo agreed, "Is there something wrong Luca? Because if there is, you could tell us." It annoyed me that Dante and Cardo was trying to stick their fucking noses into my business, but they're like brothers to me. I sighed. "It's just that, there's something about that girl Esme."

Cardo and Dante looked at each other and then back to me. "Is it me Cardo, or is Luca interested in a woman? I think the world's going to end." I gave Dante a deadly stare, "Fuck you Dante. You know I don't DO relationships. I'm all about the money."

"Yeah, and the women that come and go from the mansion," said Cardo sarcastically. "Cardo I swear if you don't shut up, I will fucking put a bullet between your eyes."

Dante chuckled, "Whoa easy there boss! We don't want to stain this beautiful white rug in your office, now do we?" I knew these two knuckle-heads love to torture me from time to time. I knew Cardo since we were 12. He used to get bullied and picked on by the kids in school. I felt bad and defended him. Ever since then, Cardo and I have been best friends, almost inseparable brothers you could say. He's my right hand. Now that we're 25, Cardo has his bullies eating from the palm of his hand and has some of them working on the side for him, doing dirty work.

Dante is one of my loyal men who works for me. Hiring him was the best one of the best decisions I've made. Both Dante and Cardo helps me take care of my businesses.

There was a knock at the door and in came Isabella, "Hey Luca." She batted her eyes at me. This woman really gets on my nerves. "The fuck you want Isabella?" She came and sat on my desk, throwing one leg over the other. "Now now Luca, is that any way to talk to a woman? I just came to see what you're up to." I looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you fucking kidding me Isabella? You're suppose to be down by the dock with the others waiting for the shipments to come in tonight! And get the fuck off my desk!" She started to whine, "But that isn't for another two hours!" I began rubbing my temples, "In those two hours, you're supposed to fucking check that there are 45 containers coming in. If you fuck this up, I'll shoot you in the head!"

Isabella hopped off my desk and headed towards the door. She stopped and turned around, "You don't need to get your panties in a bunch," she said before slamming the door shut. "I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm working with a bunch of idiots. Dante, go down to the dock and make sure everything is running smoothly." Dante nodded and left.

"So, what's going on with the Golden Snakes?" asked Cardo. "Nothing yet, but Nico has surveillance in their territory." Cardo's eyes widened, "Fuck! How'd he manage to do that?" I smirked, "Cardo, this is why I hire the best and only the best. Besides, Nico had Kelly's help."

Cardo put his hand on his chin, "Speaking of Kelly... when I came to your door this morning, Kelly was just leaving." I looked at Cardo, "I still don't know how that's any of your business." Cardo laughed, "It is because for starters, I know that you've been banging her from day one Bro."

"Shut the fuck up Cardo." Cardo shrugged his shoulders, "See Luca, you're not even denying it."

"Cardo, I don't fucking pay you to investigate my sex life. Now take your ass out of my office and go meet Nico in the surveillance room. See what update he has on the Golden Snakes." Cardo snickered, "Aye-aye captain."

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