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Leah marries Lorenzo Salerno, the leader of the Italian mafia and the most dangerous and feared man in the US after the death of her boyfriend. Lets see how this relationship takes place between them after many challenges

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

After the death of Ethan, I was very lonely, I didn’t have anyone around until he came into my life. You must be wondering who I am. I am Leah Smith, I am 18 years old and soon to be getting married to someone I don’t even know or have never met. My marriage was fixed on the day I was born and trust me it’s not good. My parents are very rich but they don’t love each other neither do they love me. I don’t have any hard feelings, just saying. I am not allowed to make any friends or to talk to anyone. Even if my parents don’t care about me they still have a lot of rules like I am not allowed to meet anyone or to have any friends, not to go to parties or drink. I only had a boyfriend till now that also I had to keep a secret until he got into that accident.

2 months before.....

After 2 years of dating Ethan, he finally proposed to me on my 18th birthday. It was like a dream come true. I believed in love but never saw one because of my parents (uk they hate each other). He was a perfect boyfriend, perfect best friend and would have been a perfect husband too until he died. His death was a shock to me, it still is but I think that this is how we were supposed to end.

Back in the present.....

As I said I am getting married so, today my parents told me who I am getting married to and I am shocked. I am getting married to Lorenzo Salerno, the most dangerous, powerful and feared man in the US. He is 31 years old, yes he is 13 years elder than me. I am just curious why does he want to get married to me. I know that it would benefit my parents as he can protect them but how it is beneficial to him. I don’t know what’s going to happen and to be honest I am pretty scared I think he will get rid of me or kill me.

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