Second Chance

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Do you think a second chance is all you need to give to be happy in life?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

October 3rd

I decided to write my own plot that took placed in my life. I didn’t bother to wait for anyone else but only me. Some memories either meant to said it loud or locked it safely in the heart and throw the key somewhere you can never find again. Those were memories that too beautiful only for you and should be kept undisturbed not even ruin it by overthinking or trying to change anything. I never question it like how I used to do, believe me when I said that. A sense of realization brought into in my life, that some shouldn’t be questioned. It deserved to left untouched. Don’t ruin the beauty of it by letting series of intoxicated thoughts touch it or add unnecessary pain to them.

“Hey, shall we move now?” A voice grabbed my attention as I was standing in the empty room while staring the wall forlornly. It was my sister who was all dressed up to send me off to the airport. Shrugged all the thoughts that came rushing to me, I nodded and walked out from the room. I scanned the room one last time before closing the door. With a heavy heart, I closed the wooden door. These four walls know so much about me than anyone.

An hour later, I was hugging my parents and niece at the airport. “Oh mum, I’m just few hours away. You shouldn’t be a baby now” I rubbed my mum’s back, comforting her.

“Few hours away? Girl you’re going back to Italy.” My sister chirped in caused me to widen my eyes as I about to get caught. Jeez!

Faked a cough and I nodded to my sister and continued to hug my mum.

“You should come back whenever you have long break.” Mum said and gave me a long hug. I smiled with my teary eyes. Everyone’s eyes were watering by the time I turned around one last time to wave them goodbye. I had to admit that it was tough moment for me. I always been the one stayed closer to the nest and no matter how much I withheld my emotions it definitely difficult for me. My tears didn’t cooperate with me and broke out the second I sat on the airplane seat. This trip was one that I wanted to take long time ago, but only now I got the chance. A journey that I didn’t thought would give any much changes that I wanted but something that made me whole again. A soul-searching journey, that would be the name of the journey I took.

I rested myself on the seat comfortably while getting lost inside my complex web of thoughts. Nothing seemed to comfort me at that moment so I allowed the thoughts to take over me, never knew when I drifted into deep profound sleep. My watch read 4 am when my flight landed, I carefully carried my luggage from the compartment and handbag made my steps to the exit gate of the airport. Walking past the crowd who rushing along with me, I searched for a that one face I was keened to meet and I spotted a bubbly face with a wide smile plastered on her beautiful face waiting for me. I crushed Macaire in my big hug. It had been almost three years since we met.

“I missed you babe” We created a drama in front of the airport in the middle of the strangers. They were throwing weird looks on us but we both ignored all that. She hadn’t changed even a bit since I last met her. “We’re going back to my house. Come.”

Damn! I forgot to tell her. “Hmm. Actually, I found a place to stay and we’re going to my new house instead.”

“What? But why? You can stay with me. Why do you want to waste your money? Then what am I for?” She said, not satisfied with the idea of me staying alone.

“Mac, please try to understand me. I guess you need your privacy as well as me and I think it’s better if I learn to be independent at least now.” I praised the Lord as Macaire didn’t argue much and dropped the argument. We both drove to my new apartment that I looked before coming to New York.

Yes, you heard it right, I flew back to New York not Italy. I can never go back there and will never ever.

We reached the tall building and took the elevator. Macaire and I left in awe the moment we opened my new house. It was huge and bright enough to radiate my soul. I fell in love with my new house the moment I saw it. It held a breath-taking view of the city and a balcony where it connected with the neighbors. It was a three-bedrooms apartment and I imagined how to design the interior of my new place in my mind. The whole idea was as a dream come true for me. I planned to go for a minimalist look with neutral tones for the wall.

“Babe, you still didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here actually? I’m sure you’re not here for any vacation.”

RUNNING AWAY – would that answer sound like a bravery act? No, so I decided to not answer her question and settled down on the couch. Macaire’s face filled up with curiosity as she sat next to me and waited for me to answer her but I responded with a smile.

Later the night once unpacked my stuffs, I was on bed while turning and tossing on my bed. My phone vibrated with incoming text message.

‘Sir found you ma’am.’

What the heck? Shit!! I jolted up from my bed after reading the text.

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