Second Chance

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Chapter 10

I shook my head when I noticed a small grin appeared on my face. To whom was I lying to? Myself? Come on, wasn’t that the stupidest thing to do? Lie to anyone but not to yourself. Listen up, ladies! Listen to your goddamn instinct.

It was unbelievable, but it happened. He made me smile, for real! I saw myself, the real me after years and realised it was him. I can’t keep denying anything anymore but I didn’t want to seem as the first one who caught feelings especially when he playing this push and pull game. So, I chose to lock everything first until I discover what he trying to hide from me.

This morning, I got call from my mother-in-law, asked me to stay over at their place for some days and that was what I exactly needed. Carlton went off to office and said will be joining later for dinner. Anyways, as side note; I still woke up alone this morning and it bothered me to the core. Until today, I have no idea where he will be sleeping or doubting if he’s a zombie who doesn’t sleep at night.


As for Kayden, he has been calling me since past few days, wanting to spend time with me but I just don’t want to meet him for now, at least. I didn’t want to get his hopes high enough of that once and I screwed up everything.

I sighed heavily when I saw his name appeared on my phone screen. My mother-in-law looked at me while I was figuring if I should answer the call or not. We were in the kitchen, preparing lunch for others. “Answer it, darling.” She spoke while cutting the onions. I nodded as I took off the apron and answered the call.

“Hey, beautiful.”

I smiled awkwardly, “Hye, anything?” I just hope she won’t hear anything. Pointing at the outside, I left the kitchen immediately.

“Kayden, what’s wrong? I told you I’m at my in-laws.” I hissed in annoyance.

“I just wanna talk with you, Raquel.” He replied from the other line. I pinched the bridge of my nose and thought what else I had to endure for signing this life.

“We can talk later. Listen, I really don’t want to give any wrong idea for them. I hope you understand that Kayden.” I dipped my leg in the swimming pool as the small portion of the tension in my whole body plodded away slowly.

I heard he sighed lazily as he replied, “Fine but promise me you’ll go out with me once you’re back. Promise?” I smiled listening to his negotiation and agreed to his plan. I can literally imagine how happy he must be when I agreed to him.

But Kayden, can you accept the fact? Damn, I swear if I knew this how it would be, I wouldn’t have drooled over you at the fitting room three years ago. “Then I wouldn’t hold you for long. Bye Raquel.” Quickly, I hung up and shoved it in my pocket.

When I got back to the kitchen, my mother-in-law wasn’t alone but with Carlotta and one of Carlton’s aunt. I mentally rolled my eyes when I saw her there too. Don’t get me wrong, but I suppose every family there must be one lady that judge as if they raise the perfect kid and has the best daughter-in-law.

That one aunty was this lady who currently judging my appearance and behaviour.

“Cinderella is here. You should help your mother-in-law.”

She had no idea that I gave zero damn for shits like this. I leaned over the kitchen counter and ate the tomato slices. The best thing about my mother-in-law, she can be your best friend and I discovered that quite recently.

“She was helping me and it was me who asked her to rest. You don’t have to worry about Adele, Margaret.” I smiled at my mother-in-law’s words and drank the latte Carlotta passed to me. She winked at me while we were sipping the drinks.

Although, I had been a bitch since I came in this family, none of them treated me like an outsider or ordinary daughter-in-law but more likely as their daughter. I felt belonged here.

Then we all sat together and had our lunch, also with Margaret’s grandchildren and of course she didn’t fail to grab the chance to insult me. It was sort of typical when such family politics happened in this family. Margaret was sitting across me as she took the bit of the steak, “So, when are you both planning to have kids?”

I didn’t tilt my head to see her face even though I knew she was directing that question to me. “I’m talking with you, Adele.” She continued again.

“I’m hearing, Mrs. Morris.” I replied while wiping my mouth with a napkin. She was waiting for me to answer her question eagerly. My mother-in-law interrupted, “They’re still have plenty of time Margaret. What’s the hurry now?”

“No, I don’t think so. They should start thinking about it already. What are you both still waiting for? Look at my son and his wife. Their kids already in school.”

So? What can I do with that?

She started her game, comparing his son with Carlton and comparing me with her daughter-in-law. Their kids unable to have a proper environment which was important for their childhood as his son was a drunkard and unable to afford to pay fees for his own blood.

She really pushed me to the edge with the filthy mouth of her. I cleared my throat and leaned forward from my chair, “Well, we both waiting to save some money so our kids wouldn’t be any charity case.”

Everyone’s eyes were on me when I said that but honestly, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Still, sometimes only you can talk or defend yourself and that feels way better than anything else. I do have feelings and dignity; she can’t keep throwing shades on me.

Let them taste their own medicine sometimes! “Excuse me.” I smiled curtly and walked out from there. Her face turned pale with my words which the last thing I cared for.

I was in the garden dived deep in my thoughts, especially words that I got from Margaret. When will people realise that pregnancy is such a sensitive topic to be discussed and it depends solely on individuals.

I groaned as I thought more about it. A small touch on my shoulder made to slow down my thoughts and opened my eyes. It was my father-in-law, Mr. Wilbert. Now I didn’t expect his presence here. I straightened up as I saw him, “Papa, I’m sorry I didn’t realise.”

“Are you okay?” he pulled out the chair and sat next to me. I took quite a while to reply him and replied him slowly, “I’m good, papa.”

“I know what happened during lunch.” I averted my eyes from looking at him anymore. I let him to carry the conversation instead since it was about his sister and his sister’s words. “I’m sorry for her words. She can be rude sometimes.”

Sometimes? Joke!

“Just know no one is forcing you and Carlton in this matter. We support every decision that comes from you both.” He continued while I saw having my own damn conversation in my mind.

Every decision. You mean where you son said this marriage is nothing and he can’t do this? He distant himself every time we had any beautiful time together?

I indulged myself in my mind but continuously nod for his words.

“You know that right dear?” he asked while looking at me.

“Um- ha, yeah papa. No worries. I didn’t take it to my heart, I guess.” He smiled genuinely for my reply and changed the topic. We were talking about his childhood and how he can be so successful in his business. It was sort of helpful for me especially gathered tips on the way he started his empire from scratch. I sensed how Carlton can be so hardworking and smart.

By the time we finished talking, I got super tired and I badly needed a good yoga session. I drowned myself on the yoga mat and it was great to stretch my muscles. I unfolded my emotions that was overwhelming since the lunch hour by yoga. I was in glad when they insisted me to rest and said will call me for dinner.

As for Carlton, he wasn’t around and I had no idea if he would join us for dinner. We hardly text or call, so I declined the idea to text him in my mind. I didn’t see him since yesterday which was sort of evoking my emotions.

I miss him.

Ugh! Great!

I took my shower and wore my lounge wear to join the others for the dinner when Carlotta called me for dinner.

“Will Carlton join us for dinner?” His mom asked when I was setting up the table. I scratched my head as I looked for answer. “Not sure mama. He said he’s busy with some paperwork.”

We both shared an awkward moment when I said that and got back to our task to set up the table and continued with our dinner. Thank God, Margaret didn’t talk much and simply focused on her plate.

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