Second Chance

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Chapter 11

It was 9pm, I wanted to go to bed since my mood was worse than anything but she wanted to watch movie. She made all of the family members to join her so called movie night including me. To not disappoint her, I joined her too with a blanket on the couch.

“You okay?” Carlotta whispered in my ears before she went back to her couch. As I was curling up at the couch, I was at the verge of my tears. If anyone ask me anymore question, I know I’ll end up crying or probably reply with a shaky voice.

I nodded at her.

While everyone busy watching the movie, my mind went back to Carlton. Oh Jesus, what was so wrong with me?

Adele Raquel, get a grip!

I groaned and didn’t thought it was loud as the whole family’s eyes fixed on me.

“Adele? What happened?” Lina, Carlton’s cousin asked. I covered my face, “I am good. Ignore me.”

They chuckled and resumed to their movie. My eyes that were dropping, wide opened when I inhaled my favorite scent. The TV room was dark but I felt his presence. His hand was cold which made me flinched when his palm caressed my cheek.

“Wife, you should sleep.”

Yes, what else I can expect from him? Other than ‘you should sleep’but why I felt this whole situation was like a remake?

When he came back? He showered?

“Don’t talk to me. I’m mad at you.” I walked off fed up of his behavior. I heard his chuckle as we both climbed up to the stairs that led the way to the kitchen.

I fetched a glass of water for me and drank it. “When you weren’t not even mad at me? But may I know the reason now?” He asked as he stood in front of me with crossed arms.

No point telling him. As if he going to reply me.

I dropped the plan and looked away. He leaned his back against the wall with amused eyes. “Wife, are you by any chance missed me while I was away?”

Jesus Christ! I choked on water when he said that and my heartbeat speeded up with his eyes focused on me, searching for answer and I certainly believe that he found the answer for his own question. “No, I’m not. Why would I miss you?” I let out a wry laugh.

“Women and their attitude when they miss someone.”

How accurate!

I glanced up at him with all my emotions shaded, “Wonder how many of them you had to handle before this?” His penetrating gaze didn’t frighten me much but somehow started to peel my own layers of protection and making me vulnerable.

“Why did you kiss me in front of everyone, Carlton?” I shot him the question by changing the topic. I must know the reason. “So, I can’t kiss my wife?”

I scoffed, “Lol, so the person who said can’t do this and pulled away from me, acknowledging me as his wife. Wow, Carlton.”

“You’re worried that I kissed you in front of everyone or in front of your boyfriend?”

“He is not my boyfriend! Now don’t think you’re too smart for replying me with a question.” I deserved an answer. An honest answer! He can’t be dismissing me by answering my question with another question.

I wanted to walk from there rather than expecting him to answer my question. But I bewildered when he grabbed the hem of my top and pulled me to him. “It’s my goddamn wish to kiss you whenever I want.”

In the same motion of time, I held his shirt before I collided to his hard chest. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone with his rolled-up sleeves.

Damn, man!

The Satan’s whisper should be avoided before we both lose ourselves in his parents’ kitchen.

The sensation ran between my legs when his cold hand slowly crawled underneath my top and worked from my back to my stomach. My stomach pulled in a knot with the magic he been working on me. His dark eyes were on mine before his lips touched mine. My hands held on his shirt even tighter when he deepened the kiss.

The kiss was as if we both unbottling the feelings that been tormenting us all this while. It was different with him. It was different type of kiss. This kiss filled with neediness and longingness. A slow smirk formed on his lips when my arms wrapped around his neck. Just at a split of second, he twirled me against the wall and an audible gasp escaped me when he kneaded my breast.

I gripped his hair tightly, “God, Carlton.” I muttered in between moans. Even though my eyes were shut but I knew exactly the way he smirking, self-satisfied smirk.

“Be quiet, wife.” He whispered in my ears and devoured my neck. “Carlton” I moaned as he bit my neck. “Adele, you’re loud.” I was enjoying his touch but I never knew I can be a turn off sometimes. “Really Carlton? Move away.” I pushed him away without looking at me.

“Really Adele? We’re fighting now? Like right now? For this? You’re a weird, Adele.” He spoke.

Yes, I had the same question too. Adele Raquel, you are a nothing but a piece of shit!

“Yes! You can’t be asking me to be quiet.” Did I say that?

He laughed mockingly, “I know I’m good but you aware, where are we? I don’t want my family to know I’m making out with my wife in the kitchen.”

“I wasn’t that loud.” I mumbled as I leaned against the kitchen counter. He leaned over, “You were, Adele.” I closed my eyes instantly when his hot breath fanned against my neck and kissed me eagerly. It was quite rough this time and I pursed my lips together and arched back when his hand travelled down this time. He reached somewhere dangerous and alerted me.

Stop him, Adele! You can’t be a weak ass now! Stop him! But-

I moaned as the I felt the desire ran through my body instead of stopping him, “Carlton.”

“Told you, Adele.” He whispered seductively and pulled my earlobe between his teeth.

“I wasn-,” My breath ragged

“Adele, are you there?”



We both startled and backed away before she could sense anything. She raised her eyebrows at us, “What are you both doing here?”

I panicked, not knowing what to answer and looked at Carlton. “Talking.” She nodded at Carlton’s reply and grabbed the snacks from the kitchen cabinet. We both stood there gawkily or only me because seemed like enjoy seeing my in cold sweat.

He leaned against the wall and shoved his hand in his pockets with an arrogant smirk. He didn’t even try to avert his eyes when his mum was still there. I flushed with his eyes that roamed all over my body without blinking.

I looked up at him and swallowed hard.


“Talking? I thought you both only argues most of the time.” She replied. I cleared my throat and stared at Carlton. “Oh mum, you can never guess when she’ll start to argue. Most inappropriate time, for sure.” I scowled when he winked at me since I know exactly what he meant by ‘most inappropriate time’ of his.

“You kids are unbelievable.”

She stopped at the kitchen door frame when I thought she leaving, “By the way, next time close the kitchen door.” My jaw dropped when she said that and gave me a cocky grin.

“Anymore arguments?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes and left him behind.

Damn! It was a bad idea to make out there and so embarrassing too! I lay down on the bed after checking my neck, if there was any mark and the luck was on my side. I relieved about it and pulled the duvet.

Someone knocked the door. I wondered who was that and let the person in. It was Carlotta. “Hey, are you sleeping already?”

“No, no. Come in.” I stayed lying down on the bed and gave her space to sit on the bed. Her expression was as if she wanted to talk about something and finding courage to open up about it. I understood that and started a conversation. “Lot, why you came back?”

She heaved deeply, “I had enough by staying away from my family. I don’t know, perhaps this is the time I should spend with my family. I had discovered myself and yeah.”

I pursed my lips and nodded my head. “Everyone will have this phase in their life. Discovering themselves and return back to their nest. Proud of you Lot.” She smiled compassionately and began to fidget her fingers.

“What is it, Lot? Is it about Kayden?” She puzzled.

“No, Adele.” I laughed softly and held her hand.

“Lot, it’s all over your face. You know you can talk with me about anything. Now tell me. What you want to know about him?”

She bit her lower lips, “He has anyone, Adele?”

“Nope. He’s single and ready to mingle.”

Her expression changed; she was more curios now to know about Kayden. “Tell me about him. You both seemed close.”

“Okay, I will. I don’t know Lot, as far as I know him; he is a nice guy and need the right one to be there for him. He can be little possessive and a big drama.” She laughed with my answer. I mean, I was right though. He created a big scene over things that can be handled easily.

“No, really. Take note of it. But trust me Lot, once he likes you, he going to shower you with lots of love and care. You’ll be the luckiest. So, try to be his friend but don’t be easy.”

Carlton walked out from the bathroom after his shower. I didn’t look at him but continue with Carlotta. “Grab his attention then play hard.”

“Play hard huh? I’ll take note of it.” Out of nowhere the air in the room got thick and hot when Carlton said that and placed his head on my tummy.

I was in shock but unable to do anything since his sister was there; talking without giving a damn with the scene. She might be thinking it was normal for her brother and the wife but only I knew what was happening inside me. I tried to push him off slowly but he was too strong and remained there with checking something on his phone.

Very much, cool! But this man, I can’t push him away at the same time! I can’t let this happen!

“Carlton, you’re so heavy like an elephant. Can you move?” Carlotta laughed at us but I was in tense with her brother’s stupidity.

“Elephant is cute. So, I’ll appreciate it.” he continued to scroll his phone.

“You’re so annoying.” I hissed.

“You both should stop being cute. Gosh!” she said. I gave her a weird look, thinking what made her to say that. She can’t be serious!

“Thanks sister. I think I should annoy your sister-in-law more now.” He moved from the original place and sat up straight looking at me with his intense deep stare.

Dude, we’re not alone!

Carlotta cleared her throat, “I think that’s my cue. Good night lovebirds.”

“Shall we continue?” He asked in husky tone.

“Yeah, right!” I merely grinned and pushed him softly by his shoulder. He dramatically fell back on his pillow. I giggled seeing him being cute for the very first time. “Drama queen.” He propped his elbow in the pillow and faced me.

“Now that’s not how to talk with your husband.” The room that was hot since earlier shifted to a new environment and welcoming. I felt complete near him. While I was looking deep into his eyes, Carlton hovered over me in a second. “You should be punished, wife.”

His eyes were dangerously dark but suddenly he started tickling my waist. “Dammit, Carlton! Stop it!!” I was laughing hysterically, kicking him and pushing his hand away. He caught my hand with his one hand in between and pinned above my hand in a tight grasp.

“Are you mine, Adele?”

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