Second Chance

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Chapter 12

Carlton POV

Sighed as I got up from my chair and walked to the glass window of my office. I couldn’t get over the but with a little frown on her face, probably with that question I asked her the other night which somehow, she dodged from answering.

She wasn’t to be blamed here but me. I should’ve known who belongs her heart and will always will be that way. But looking back on whatever happened to us since she skipped her dinner with my parents, everything was turning out differently.

That made me to pull back every time I let her in. I tried to hold back myself from getting distracted but she managed to break it through. Whenever it happened, I could see myself smiling a little brighter than I want to. My phone chimed with a new message came in but the wallpaper in my phone stopped me from checking the message.

Picture of my wife, my Adele Raquel! A candid picture of her in our wedding. She wasn’t smiling happily in that picture, still it made my heart skipped a beat. It sent calmness all over my veins. My unpredictable wife who even could argue in an intense moment.

I chuckled as I recalled the kitchen incident.

Only you, Adele. Only you!

If only you could give us the second chance without any mixed-up thoughts. I constantly dwell my mind in the thought like we can never make it but at the same time your actions will be contrary from the voices that running in my mind.

I raked a hand through my hair when everything attacked me all at once. This has been my daily routine since the very first day she walked in my life. More like an accident which I thought at first. Then I realised it was more than an accident since the path was gaining meaning eventually.

I tried badly to keep her out of my mind but it seemed I can’t be running away from it forever. I invented reasons to not be with her. I convinced myself but it doesn’t seemed work as how I expected to because deep down it was still about her.

There was something about her, it was magnetic much for me. The energy being around her was greater than the voice in my head. I thought I was icy until she melted all that away from the wall I built around my heart and speaking of wall, she guarded herself with a wall too. it was transparent. The wall she built now was stronger than before.

Still, we both didn’t realise that it was unfair for us who trying to break the wall. But I think it would fair if we both keep it while climb up the wall and sit together; enjoying each other’s company.

A week has passed since the last time we both talk to each other properly. We simply avoid each other as tried our best to keep our attention at the right place. I stayed up in my office mostly and returned home after Adele off to bed. I will leave the house before she gets up for work. This what been happening and she didn’t seem like complaining or having issues with these.

I threw myself in the work without checking anything around me. Deep down I was worried about her, still I think it would be for the best if I give her the space and time to ponder about everything.

I didn’t want her to feel like I’m rushing her into something that she’s not really prepared. Feelings held around my head throughout the whole week.

I groaned heavily as I went through the files.

“Where the hell have you been? And what happened to your phone?” Out of nowhere, Carlotta barged into my office with a raging pair of eyes.

“I’m working. What’s so important now?” I gave an exasperated sigh as I leaned back to the chair. My phone was in silent mode and I forgot to check for notification. I wondered why my sister was tensed up and attacked me simply for not answering her calls.

It must be for some silly issues, I swear!

“Of course, it’s important. Your wife is in hospital.”

“Wait, what?? And no one tell me anything? What the hell wrong with you people?” My world stopped for a moment.

“Brother, it’s you who didn’t answer our calls. Stop blaming us.” Carlotta snapped at me. I didn’t wait any longer and rushed out from my room. She was catching my speed from behind.

God, Adele. What happened to you? It was my mistake. I was ghosting you and hardly talked with you.

In nervous, I was stomping the floor while waiting for the elevator to stop at the parking lot. “What happened to her, Lot? Is she fine? She’s alone? Say something, please.”

My sister held my hand tightly, “Calm down, will you? She passed out.”

Without even asking anymore I quickly got into my car and started driving. Luckily my sister stopped me and slide in to the passenger seat or else I would have left her alone at the basement. I drove as fast as I could, “God, Carlton! I don’t wish to die young.”

I didn’t answer her. Instead, only Adele I could think about at the moment and I just want to stay next to her. Serve me right! I clearly don’t deserve her.

Later, we reached the hospital and I saw my family and Rhea were waiting in front of the room, including Tantiana. It was suspicious to see Tantiana there but knowing her friendship with Adele, I brushed it off.

I felt Rhea’s stare burning holes in me. By now she should have known everything that happened and she has all the rights to strangle me to death but not until I see my wife.

“Mum, where’s Adele?” I asked anxiously to my mum who was sitting there with a pale face.

“Carlton, she’s in there. The doctor checking her. Don’t worry alright. She must be fine.” My mum hugged me. I was wringing my hands while waiting for the doctor to update us about Adele’s condition.

“How long is she there, mum? Why are they taking so long?” I asked with a quavering voice without looking at my mum. She made me to sit next to her and rubbed my shoulder. Rhea neared me and I followed her to the corner of the waiting area.

“What happened to her Carlton? Tell me the truth.” Rhea asked in a threatening tone. I sighed heavily, looked up at her, “You may not the like answer but Rhea I’m clueless. All I know that she passed out.”

She scoffed, “Carlton, she’s your wife. How can you be so irresponsible?”

“What’s the matter Carlton? Let me help you at least.” Rhea said, concerned.

My fingers ran through my hair, “Rhea, I’m worried and care about her as you are. But let me fix this. We will go through it together. You should sit and drink something.” Rhea shook her head in disapproval.

I know Rhea care and love Adele where she willingly offers to help us but this relationship concerned both me and Adele. I didn’t want anyone else to interfere in this.

“I trust you Carlton though you’re being asshole like she claims all the time.” A short reassuring smile curved on my lips to her, instead. The doctor walked out from the room and I was relieved seeing it was a good friend of mine, Helena.

We approached him, “How’s Adele?”

She smiled, “She’s fine. You can see her but please don’t disturb her. Adele needs to rest well.” I was about to go her inside, Helena spoke again, “Carlton, can I have a minute?” I nodded at her and followed her.

Once everyone disappeared from our sight, I asked her, “Helena is she really fine? Anything?” I began to sweat when I saw Helena hesitating to utter words.

“You tell me Carlton. How’s your relationship with Adele? Are you both really okay?” Helena questioned me.

“Why are you asking all these? Can you not beat around the bush?”

“Well, your wife was unconscious on the bed this morning. Tantiana saw that and called you but since you’re a busy man, didn’t answer the call. So, she called me. Lucky for you Carlton!”


It was definitely my mistake for not realising anything this morning. I thought she was sleeping. What have I done? I clenched my fist as I couldn’t show the anger on myself. My eyes widen in shock, “But why?”

“Overdosed with sleeping pills.” I terrified and couldn’t grasp anything at the moment.

She continued, “I don’t know what you both having and also not sure if it was intentional or unintentional. But Carlton whatever it is fix it before it’s too late. I told Tantiana to tell your parents that she passed out but you deserve to know the truth.”

She probably had anxiety attack just like before, I muttered inaudibly.

“Helena, is she still unconscious?” My eyes welled up.

“We removed the pills but somehow it would affect her so she needs to stay in for one night probably. Take care of her diet too. She lost weight.”

I breathed deeply and thanked her for the huge help that she done for me. “You’re welcome, buddy.” I rooted in front of the room, couldn’t move a muscle or had the gut to see Adele.

I was merely blank, thinking what might happened and she took this kind of decision. As far as I know, she wouldn’t do such things.

The door swung open when mum and dad leaving her with the others. I saw a glimpse of my wife’s figure lying on the bed. “What Helena said?” it was my dad who asked me that.

“Um- She overworked herself and didn’t get proper rest.” I lied.

“I told you Carlton to take care of her regardless how busy you are. I don’t this to repeat again.”

“Okay dad.” I replied slowly while my dad was shooting draggers at me. “Hun, he’s adult. Don’t treat him like a child.”

It was quite different scenario this time, seeing my dad got really anxious and worried about Adele compared to my mum yet I was sure mum will roast me once Adele returns back to home.

“Stop spoiling him. I want you to take one week off and be next to her. Your work can wait a little.” I nodded and blew out a long sigh when my parents left the place.

The next few minutes, I made call to Giana, asking her to bring my laptop and other things to my house. “Send my iPad to the hospital. I’ll text you the location.”

“How’s Adele?” Giana asked from the other line.

If only Adele knows that Giana asking about her wellness.

Wake up, wife. Please.

“She’s fine. Make it quick, Giana.” I ended the call without revealing the details much. Even though Giana was my ex-girlfriend and still a friend of my sister, I kept everything professional when it was about Adele.

I sent the address to Giana and waited for her at the lobby. I took the chance to talk with Tantiana and asked her whatever happened this morning. She told me few things where I was completely taken aback.

I told Tantiana to take a break since we will be staying at my parents’. Just then, I received a text from my mum, that she will be sending us our meal for later and clothes for Adele. After a while I saw Giana walking to me with my stuffs and she handed them to me.

She insisted to know more that she should know about Adele but I kept the conversation short. Dismissing her, I neared the room and saw Rhea and Carlotta ready to leave.

“We’re leaving, brother.” My sister hugged me.

“Okay then. Thanks ladies.” I said, forcing a smile because the only thing that been lingering in my mind at the moment was to be alone with Adele.

They smiled back and left us alone.

Gathering the courage, I forwarded my steps to her bed and got a closer look of her on the bed with a pale face and iv drip injected on her hand. It was heart wrenching to see her in that condition. I took her hand by mine slowly without waking her up and brought it closer to my heart.

Tears dropped without my realization, “I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let you alone.”

Again, I grabbed her hand and kissed it gently with a big hope that it will make her better and make me feel better a little. “Believe it or not, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you. I can see how much pain you had to endure that made you took such decision. God, Adele. Forgive me please. I should have been there for you.”

I tenderly tucked her hair behind her ears and said, “Wake up beautiful. Please. I miss you and I promise I’ll never leave your side.” Kissing her forehead, I walked up to the couch and opened my laptop.

The room was dark when I opened my eyes. I checked the time and it was 7pm and I didn’t realise that drifted into sleep after completing my work. Adele was still sleeping, probably because of the pills and medication from the drip.

Suddenly, she stirred from her and sighed wearily before opening her eyelids slowly.

“Adele, you’re awake finally.” I caressed her cheeks as she inhaled deeply. Gently, I made her straightened up from the bed and leaned over the bed with a pillow on her back.

It was a huge relief to see her up after those long hours. “Wife. You okay?”

She stared at me blankly for a moment then responded, “Good. What happened?”

“Well, someone ate sleeping pills like candy and ended up here.” I didn’t want to have any serious conversation, at least not until she starts to feel like herself again. Her lips twitched into a small mockery smile and her eyes landed on her hand.

“Damn, what is this? Carlton, I never had all this before. Bring me back now. Let’s go.” She panicked.

“No sweetheart. You will be here for one night. We can leave tomorrow. Now you should clean yourself and eat something.” I explained.

Then I remembered everything Tantiana told me and continued, “I heard from Tantiana that you weren’t eating your breakfast. You lost weight, Adele. Don’t do this to yourself. You’re not a kid anymore.” She didn’t look up at me but fidgeting her hand.

“So, you’re not going to work for a week and rest at my parents’. Or we’re telling your parents.”

“What? Carlton, I’m not 5 for god sake!” she exclaimed.

“Then don’t act like one. Now let’s clean yourself. You stink.”

She whined and I couldn’t help myself from laughing. I missed this, really. “Not funny, sir.” She stated in a serious tone.

“Sorry ma’am.” I helped her to get down from the bed and walked to the bathroom. When she about to close the door, I stopped her and told her, “Call me if you need anything, okay.”

She nodded with sad expression. I know she was really less healthy and didn’t like the idea of staying her overnight but it was for her best. I waited by the door for her and heard her calling out my name.

“Carlton, can I get hand?” I opened the bathroom door and entered in. I frowned a little when I saw her wrapped with a towel and raised my eyebrows to her. Then, she signalled her hair and her scrunchie and understood she couldn’t tie up her hair.

I walked towards her as she turned around and passed her hair tie. I gulped nervously and carefully gathered her hair. She flinched when my fingers touched slightly her exposed skin, I could see her face that was turning red from the mirror. Her eyes remained on me and I stayed still looking back at her.

I wanted to kiss her so badly.

I turned her around to face me and cupped her cheeks affectionately. She closed her eyes as I leaned over and brushed my lips against her tempting lips. I deepened the kiss slowly and passionately. I realised how much I miss the taste of it and also her.

She responded to my kiss when I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. We both ran out of breath when I broke the kiss. My forehead touched against hers as I stroker her cheeks and muttered, “I’m sorry Adele and I missed you so much. I promise I’ll be there for you, wife.”

For a second I can’t believe myself for saying that but I did anyway. She must know how terribly I felt for seeing her aching alone.

Her eyes roamed around then met mine and made me drowned into her eyes.

Others would say I was too dumb to not realise the deepest truth about her look but not until she let me in her small world. But I also know that we can’t be continue to pretend as if this bond is meaningless as I claimed. Something in her stopping her and as a man I shouldn’t be forcing her into something that she had to think twice.

Take all your time and space, wife.

“Uh… Thanks?” She said awkwardly with one eyebrow raised up.

I smirked, “Thanks too.” and licked my lips as I glanced down at her lips with a seductive look. I stepped out from the bathroom with a wide smile on my face.

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