Second Chance

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Chapter 13

Carlton’s POV

Adele released a lengthy sigh once she saw the porridge my mum sent over. My mum insisted to cook for Adele as she didn’t want her to eat hospital meal. Muttering inaudibly with a long face, Adele finished the porridge.

After her night routine, she plopped down in the bed and covered herself with the blanket. Massaging the forehead by herself with one hand, she turned to me and cleared her throat.

“You’re not going to ask about whatever happened?” she asked slowly. I was sitting on the chair next to her bed, took a while to answer her question.

“I will, don’t worry but once you feel like yourself again.”

The room fell silent.

Adele swallowed in with a faintly smile. “Don’t think about anything, wife. I want you to rest and don’t overthink about anything.” I brushed her hair as my gaze met her brown eyes and lingered on her face.

“Good night, wife.” I kissed her forehead and adjusted her blanket, letting her sleep comfortably.

“Where you’ll be sleeping?” Adele asked a bit confusedly in a small voice. She looked very much not fine and she had a mild fever when checked earlier by the nurse. My heart ached when I saw her in such condition and dragging me back to my guilt.

“I’ll take the couch.” Her brows knitted and hesitated to say the next. I was about to leave, she said something leaving me in stun, “Do you want to sleep here? On bed. With me.” She moved to the edge of the bed, giving me space so I could lay down next to her.

I hopped on the bed and we stared at each other. Pulling her body toward me, she placed her head on my chest as I continued to play with her hair and with the other hand, I was trailing her arms up and down slowly. The next thing I knew that she was sleeping like a bear.

What are we, Adele Raquel? One moment we’re like cat and dog and the next minute you’re being a kitten around me.

I breathed deeply and decided to enjoy the moment.

The next moment I woke up with a gasp and sequel from Carlotta, Rhea and Helena. “Aaaww, look at them.” I groaned and opened my heavy eyes. These ladies seemed like didn’t had any better time to visit.

I turned my head slowly to look at my beautiful angel but she was still sleeping soundly. I checked the time from the phone and it was still 8 in the morning.

Ugh! So early.

“Adele, wake up. Rise and shine darling.” I whispered in her ears as I tried to wake Adele up but she lazily stretched and buried her face in the crook of my neck. I pulled away from her without waking her up and got up from the bed.

She making everything hard, I mean everything.

Three of them cleared their throat and mumbled among them inaudibly. I ignored their eyes as I checked for any new mails from work.

“Good morning sister-in-law.” Carlotta greeted Adele and hugged her.

“How are you feeling?” Rhea asked, concerned.

Adele sighed, “Good morning. I’m fine guys. Why are you all so early?”

“I have appointment later so I thought of visiting you before going there.” Rhea explained.

“I believe you slept well especially with the view we had just now.” Helena teased. Rhea and Carlotta gave her a cocky grin while she blushed without making eye contact with me.

I went to the bathroom to fresh myself, leaving the girls alone. When I came out, I saw Adele was alone with Helena while she was checking her temperature.

“Was it intentional, Adele?” She asked. I turned to face Adele with a curious expression plastered on my face.

“No, doctor. It wasn’t. I couldn’t sleep that night, I tried but it was hard for me. I took the pills just to sleep well.” She replied instantly. I searched for the truth in her words but deeply knew she wasn’t telling the whole thing.

She turned her gaze from Helena to me and looked back to Helena. The doctor nodded, “Alright then. I’ll take the words and if there’s anything else you can talk to me even if it’s about kissing his ass.”

Adele chuckled, “Thank you doctor. I’ll keep that in mind.”

After completing the processes of discharging Adele from the hospital, we both drove back to my parents’ but the journey was awfully silent. Adele sat next to me as she leaned her head to the window. She had a blank and lost look on her face as she spaced out.

I was bothered about her silence, “This is longest time of you not speaking a word.”

Without facing me she replied me, “Says the one who ignored me for a week straight.”

Ouch! I knew then we definitely had something to talk about later. Without arguing or provoking her, I closed the topic.

“I got it.” We remained silence until we pulled over to my parents’. She got out from the car and slammed it harder without acknowledging me back there. It was like punishing the innocent car door since she can’t slam me on the door.

Her blank eyes replaced with a surprised and amused when she saw my family. “Adele, I was worried about you.” Her voice was shaking when she said that and took Adele by her arms.

“I’m fine mamma. I’m strong.” She forced a bright smile and held mum’s hand. Seeing the way my parents treat Adele can be a pleasing view for one’s eyes. I never knew how they got so attached to Adele or maybe her nature that simply drawn people in.

“Are you hungry? I can make for you something. Okay what say, you rest in your room and I’ll send-,” While my mum was being overprotective, my wife interrupted in between.

“Mamma. I’m good. Don’t trouble yourself please. Calm down.”

With that, my mum started her lecture which directed to me. Yes, I saw this coming since yesterday and was waiting for the right time. We sat there motionlessly listening to her. Adele looked down without tilting her head up as she was fidgeting the hem of her dress. Then, she nodded understanding after my mum ended her speech.


“Can’t we go back to our place?” Adele asked slowly after pacing around the room while I was working out at the balcony of my room.

I stopped when I heard her voice. Her face was cute while she waited for me to respond instead, I neared her and caressed her cheek, “You don’t like staying here?”

She shrugged her shoulder, “No, it’s just, um- I don’t want to trouble them and also I wanna be alone.”

I smiled and felt better when she spoke her mind to me comfortably. It made me felt special. “Don’t worry okay. We will leave tomorrow.” She agreed in an instant without talking much and sat back on the bed.

I scooted closer to the bed when I saw her thinking about something badly. “What happened, Adele?” She shook her head in denial without answering me but her eyes welled up with tears. I held her hand and used my finger to lift her chin.

“It was a lot for me to handle the other night, Carlton. I just wanted shut off everything that climbing up on me. Past and the pain was attacking me.”

She paused her words while she recalled everything happened. I really can’t stand seeing her in pain especially when I wasn’t there next to her.

Fuck you, Carlton!

“Will you believe, I even swam that night so I would relax but no. it didn’t work. Probably that was the reason I had fever. I tried Carlton; I really did but nothing helped. Not even yoga.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as she said all that. I pulled her into my chest as she cried out.

I didn’t stop her from crying. She allowed herself to let out the pain and tortured she been through the other night.

“I didn’t want to rely on the pills but I had no choice left Carlton. I took them.” She said in between her sobs.

She continued, “I felt like I wasn’t good enough. And I don’t deserve anything good. That I’m unworthy of love.”

I moved back as I cupped her face, “I’m sorry baby. I should have been there for you. My bad. I promise I won’t let you in pain anymore.” She seemed stunned with my words and simply stared into my eyes. I wiped off her tears from the cheek and pressed kisses on her forehead.

“Don’t blame yourself, Carlton. it’s just my faith. Destined to be this way. Suffer alone with this endless pain.” She said.

“I promised. I vowed, remember? That I’ll take care of you. Be there you in happiness and sorrow. I should keep my words, Adele.”

“Don’t worry now, please. I’m getting better.” She replied with a shaky breath and smiled wearily as she cupped back my face with her hand.

“Get well soon quickly, please. I miss the feisty side of you.” I changed the topic and earned a chuckle from her. I let her rest on the bed while I continued to work out and got my shower. Once out from shower, I saw her sitting on the edge of bed and a sweet smile appeared on her when she saw me but immediately dropped when I asked her a question.

“Hungry wife?”

It was a wrong question.

“Yes, I’m starving. But you took forever in there. What you were doing?” She groaned.

Adele Raquel is back!

“Fine. Take it, all yours. You can sleep there even if you want to.” I replied her while drying my hair with a small towel.

“Shut up, pig.” She hissed and went inside the bathroom.

I heard Rhea’s voice from downstairs when I was getting ready for the dinner. I wore a black t-shirt and black jeans. My sister probably invited her to join us for the dinner. It was a good idea indeed. Adele can get to spend time with her best friend and lift up her mood.

I made my way down and joined the others. “Hi, Rhea. You came alone?”

“He’s out there with your dad. Where’s Ele?”

“Getting ready. You can go and see her.”

“Nah let her get ready first.” I smiled at her and approached my dad and Aidan at the backyard. I greeted Aidan with a brotherly hug. The first he asked was about Adele. They really cared for her.

Who wouldn’t?

She was something special.

Everyone will have a special place for her in their life. I felt proud for having her as my wife.

My dad’s voice snapped out me from my thoughts. We talked about the usual business stuffs while waiting for my mum to call us for dinner.

“Dinner is ready gentlemen.” A sweet voice chimed in. I saw my wife standing beautifully dressed in an elegant black dress. It was a long sleeve and loose dress. She let down her hair which made my breath to hitch. She looked really sexy in that dress, also no trace of any makeup on her face.

“Adele. You still look bad. Are you sure you’re fine?” Aidan hugged her. She hugged him back and replied, “I am. Don’t worry please. I missed you anyway.”

“I’m sorry I was busy with work. Hardly have time with Rhea. But I promise we will spend more time after this.” She smiled at him and looked at me.

“Let’s go boys.” My dad and Aidan walked in first leaving us behind. My heart raced faster than usual when she neared me. Without tearing our gaze from each other, “Are you coming or not? You’re not hungry?” she asked softly with a teasing tone.

“I am.”

“Come then.”

I smirked and whispered huskily, “Not for food.”

She blinked at me up, adorable. Then a small smirk spread across her face, sexy. “Oh. Then?”

I took a strand of her hair and sniffed it. My favourite scent where I would die for it. “For you. You look stunning, Adele.” She exhaled and bit her lower lip.

“Food first, sir.” She smiled coyly at me.

I groaned heavily, “Fine. But wait if food first then is that mean I’ll get my dessert later?”

“You’re a flirt, Carlton Wilbert.”

“You’re a tease, Adele Wilbert.”

She blushed like a teenager and swatted me playfully before dragged me to the dining room.

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