Second Chance

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Chapter 15

The next day, I woke up with a small note from Carlton; saying he went for a jog. I smiled widely and jumped out from the bed. After getting my shower, I dressed up and jogged down to the kitchen. The house was still silent since it was still early for the day to start.

I started to make breakfast for others with a company of my favourite instrumental music playing at the background. I still couldn’t find out where Carlton will bring for later yet I was fine as long as I go somewhere else instead of rooting here with his parents.

“You’re up so early?” I stopped whisking the egg when I heard Mamma’s voice.

Smiling at her, “Good morning mamma. I can’t sleep any longer so I decided to prepare the breakfast.”

“How are you today?” I was tired of answering the same question ever since I got back from hospital. When I realised how tiring it was, I regretted to consume the pills just to escape from reality. This reality way suck than the previous one.

“I’m good, mamma. Do you want coffee?”

“No darling. I’ll have later with the others. Where’s Carl?” she asked as she peeked at the backyard that can be seen from the kitchen.

“Ah, he went for a jog. Will join us later.”

While setting up the table, I had this idea to ask his mum if she have any clue about the place, he going to bring me. I asked her hoping she would at least drop the hint but I was wrong. A voice came in ruined my plan, “No cheating, Adele Raquel.”

It was Carlton.

I rolled my eyes at him and took my seat at the dining table. His mum laughed at us and went to call her husband and the others. He smiled as he sat next to me even when I gave him a deadly stare.

“What is it? You will know soon. Learn to be patient tiger.” My jaw dropped when he called me that with his seductive tone. He didn’t imply anything else, right? He took the coffee cup without looking at me and sipped the coffee. A grin appeared on his face when he placed down the cup. I pursed my lips, refraining myself to say anything I might regret later.

“You’re not going to say anything? I thought you always have something to say.” He said audible enough for me to hear his words because his family was already there enjoying the breakfast I made.

I turned my face to him and studied his face. He can be so bloody unpredictable but I still kept quiet without replying him. It was so hard to stop yourself from saying anything, believe me. I tore my gaze from his gorgeous face and reached for the coffee.

“Adele who managing the café since you’re on leave now?” His dad asked.

“Hmm I asked Natty to manage for some time, papa. I trust her so nothing much to worry.” I replied him. He nodded his head to my answer. Natty is trustworthy and the only person I can rely on when it’s about my café.

I saw Carlton leaned back while scrolling his phone in one hand. I relaxed for a while since he was busy with his office stuff.

“I’m going out for dinner, mum. Don’t wait for me okay.” Carlotta told her mum. I saw her cheek that was turning to a tomato when she mentioned about tonight. She must be really excited for tonight. Now I had the thought in my mind, how things would be if she knew about me and Kayden. It was nothing for me but I worried about her reaction.

I snapped away my thoughts that was filling my head slowly. I took a spoonful of cereal after pulling my hair into a bun, exposing the nape of my neck.

The next moment of it I felt a slow and torturous sensation in myself. Carlton trailed his fingers on the nape of my neck with his eyes fixed on his phone screen.


When the heck he noticed since he was busy with his phone?

I shivered under his touch and felt weird to this PDA that was happening in front of his family. It seemed like that was the last thing he going to be worried about. I exhaled deeply as he continued to trail his finger around my neck and slowly slide his hand under my blouse; roamed my back.

“Adele, eat more please. Here have this.” His mum passed the Italian sandwich to me.

“No, mamma. I’m full.” I managed to reply with my trembling voice but Carlton didn’t stop whatever he was doing instead said, “Eat baby. Here take this.” He put the sandwich on my plate, ignoring my stern look at him.

When he leaned closer to me, he whispered in my ears, “You challenged last night, remember?” I moved his hand from my back without letting anyone to notice but he was too strong and caught my hand.

“Carlton, we’re with your parents.” I gritted my teeth.

“Like I care.” His voice was calm but still seemed like a predator waiting to devour.

Before anything got wrong or worse, I excused myself from the dining table. Back there at the table, I heard a throaty chuckle.


I hardly believe whatever just happened but it was a waste to refrain from saying anything now because it was who got too smart and brave to challenge him last night. As much as I enjoyed us but I had million questions towering in my mind. The ultimate was; ‘What are we?’

What are we doing? And most importantly, what am I feeling when it comes about you?

I can’t help but started to feel butterflies when I think about Carlton. His touch that sent chill over my spine and still make me feel better. The way he cares for me especially when I was at the hospital. Who knows that getting sick would make him vulnerable?

“Ready to go?” Carlton asked when he entered the room. I was standing at the balcony, enjoying the view and playing around with my own thoughts and feelings.

“Now? I haven’t dress up yet.” I was still in my blouse and short pants. He can’t be bringing me out in this outfit.

“You look nice in this, Adele. Let’s go.”

“You can’t be serious now. I’m changing first.” I went inside the wardrobe but turned to face him. He raised his eyebrows with a questioning expression.

“Where are we going? At least I’ll know what to wear?” I asked again about his plan with a tiniest hope that he will tell me. This time I wore a pout and my puppy eyes.

He laughed, “You know it won’t work on me, right?”

Yes, everyone says that but eventually will give in, my dear.

“Fine, is dress fine?” I showed one of the floral long dress to him. He looked at the dress for quite long and replied with a wink, “Fine for me. Will be easier to take it off later.”

My eyes widen in shock, “What the fuck?”

He laughed with my reaction. I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue at him before closing the walk-in closet door. When I came out, Carlton was on the bed, in call with someone. I frowned a bit wondering who it might be but ignored and continued to wear my watch and stood in front of him as I twirled my dress.

He bit his lower with a smirk and pulled me by my waist which made an instant action of mine to place my arms on his shoulder. He ended the call, “I’ll talk to you later, Giana.”

Fuck, this name is real fuckery!

“I can guess that look.” He said in amusement.

“Whatever, not in mood to spoil my mood.” I practically rolled my eyes and scoffed. His gaze bore into mine as my hand worked on his collar with a bitter face. “Trying to show your anger to my poor collar?”

“Shut up!” Carlton chuckles.


“You look stunning in the dress.” A small smile started to appear at the corner of my lips but turned my face away before he can notice it.

“Well, you don’t have to hide it from me.”

Nice! Top-notch of observing skills, Mr. Carlton Wilbert! Congratulations, Adele! Your husband can see through everything when it’s comes to you.

“Please let me stay mad at you.” I pinched his both side of cheeks but he simply laughed again when I did that.

“Why are you even mad at me? Because of Giana? She called me to update about office affairs. And you know something, she really got worried when you were in hospital.”

I scoffed, “Nah, must be one of her tricks. It won’t work on me.”

“I expected this exact answer from you.”

Yeah right!

I pulled away from him, wanted to walk out but he followed behind me and pulled me back when I wanted to open the room door. “You going to have a best day ever, I promise you that.” then he kissed my forehead.

Something I love about him, his forehead kissed that always give me reassurances and wash away my insecurity. And I really can’t wait to see what he having for me later. I nodded with a huge grin.

“But I’m still mad at you.” He looked amused as he chuckled again which I wasn’t or can never complain about.

“I doubt that once you bring you to the place.”

My curiosity got bigger and bigger now. We walked out from the room as he held my hand with interlocked fingers.


After three hours drive, we arrived at Florence. One of the most beautiful cities of Italy where I got the chance to create my own memorable moments with Carlton. I can’t believe I just arrived at Florence with him.

I never had the chance to visit this city the last time of my visit at Italy with Harriet. Even after married to Carlton, we stayed at Rome and well, we didn’t go anywhere else excluding New York. I was in awe when Carlton made his first stop at Piazzale Michelangelo. We climbed up the stairs patiently to reach the hilltop.

I squealed in excitement, “Oh my God, Carlton! Thank you so much for bringing me!” I jumped on him as he caught in a hug.

“You liked it?”

“Haa, woah! I loved it!” I ended it and pulled him along to enjoy the most breath-taking view of the skyline. And the best part of this place was a rose garden where made me to admire the beautiful roses.

Carlton was looking at me in delight while I was jumping and running like a kid who just got her first ice-cream as reward. I stood against the railing and took a deep breath as I admired the beauty of the city.

It was so relaxing when I stood there with nothing lingering in my mind. When I turned around, Carlton was standing there and said, “Still mad at me?”

I laughed, “Nope. You’re so unfair for not giving me a chance to stay mad at you.”

“You can say I’m good at convincing you.” He neared me and ran his thumb on my chin. “You’ll have the best day here. Something that no one else could give you.” I blinked at his words as I sensed something there but dropped it off.

I looked up at him and gazed his lips. He got the cue as he leaned down to kiss me. We had a long kiss with the city of Florence witnessing us.

“Where are we going next?” I asked.

“We’re going to have lunch then we’re visiting my grandma.”

“Lovely. But wait your grandma? I don’t really know her. You know she didn’t attend our wedding.” I said in hesitant. They had family issues which made his grandma to not attend any family events including her favourite grandson’s wedding.

“That is why we’re visiting her later. She going to love you, Adele.”

I had my proud moment when he said that to me. Smiling proudly, I flipped my hair and winked at him. We had our lunch at restaurant and I had the best meal of the day. I mentally made a note to suggest this place to Rhea if she wanted to visit Florence while she still around here.

Carlton made the order us; it was an authentic Florentine cuisine with a traditional setting. The restaurant called as Osteria Nuvoli. Once had the delicious lunch with the wine they offered, we headed to his grandmother’s house.

The road to his grandmother’s was unbelievable. It was far away from the city and replaced with green shady trees. Carlton was right, I really love this trip. Just like the way, I liked it. I was quite surprised when he knew about things I like especially when it comes to nature.

We reached the place where he spent his childhood at. It was an amazing house across the river!

How on the earth this rich people ended up here? May God bless them!

“Holy shit! Carlton! Is this place for real? Your grandma staying here all alone? This place is insane!” I said when I got out from the car and admired around the surrounding. It was in somewhere in middle of trees with a view of a river.

“Told you, Adele. Now let’s go inside.” We pressed the door bell as we waited for anyone to answer them. While waiting, I took pictures and sent it to Rhea.

‘Bij, this place is magical. You must visit with Aidan.’

She replied; ‘Fuck! So beautiful! Enjoy your trip, Ele! And please GET LAID!’

Fuck you, Rhea! I mumbled under my breath but somehow Carlton heard it. “What she said?” he was smiling as if he could guess what the reply could be. Come on, he can’t be reading Rhea’s mind also.

I shrugged and averted my gaze.

The door swung open, revealed a young lady “Carlton! What a pleasant surprise?”

They both hugged while I stood rooted there not knowing anything about the lady. I waited for them to notice me after their hugging ceremony.

“My wife, Adele Raquel.” He introduced as he placed his hand on my back. I extended my hand to the young lady.

“Obviously I know her. It was so nice to meet you, finally.” She smiled and welcomed us in. I still unable to guess who she might be. Can’t be his grandma, for sure.

“Who is that?” I whispered to Carlton.

“Shit, I forget to introduce myself. How rude of me. I’m this idiot’s elder sister, Carmela.”

“Huh!? Elder sister?” My jaw dropped and closed back when I heard that. I never seen her before or even heard about her. Carlton never told me either.

I had tons of questions at the moment. This family full of secrets and it was scary!

They both laughed slightly at my expression. Then she said, “Yes I’m his elder sister and sorry for not attending the wedding.”

“Oh, never mind.” I replied in short without asking her much because I was still processing the truth about her.

“Where’s nonna?” Carlton asked to his elder sister.

“I’m here.” His grandma came in with a bright smile plastered on her face when she saw her grandson. “Oh Carlton. I missed you so much. You just had time to visit us.” He pulled her into a hug, “I’m sorry I caught with work.”

She pulled him closer and kissed his cheeks. My eyes were blessed seeing Carlton with his grandmother. I was shaking when her gaze moved from him to me. I swallowed in nervously and smiled at her.

“You must be Adele. His wife.” I relieved when she had the same bright smile. “You look beautiful, my dear. Just like how he described you.” She gave me a lovely hug where I felt too good in her arms. I missed my grandma when she did that.

But wait? Her words rang in my ears; just like how he described you.

“How are you…” I paused and looked at Carlton, “What am I supposed to call her?”

Three of them laughed again as Carlton pinched my nose playfully, “Nonna for you too. Or you can call her beautiful. She wouldn’t mind.”

His nonna tapped him light-heartedly. I registered his words and continued, “How are you, nonna?”

“I’m fine darling. Sorry I wasn’t there for your wedding. I got something for you. I’ll give you later.” I nodded happily with a little anxious that obvious with my reaction and not talking much.

“What you both had? I’m preparing for tea-time. Two of you relax for a while okay.” His nonna said that.

“Do you need help?” I offered politely.

She smiled, “Nope. I want you to relax and spend time with your husband. But maybe you can bake for your signature cheese cake, I heard a lot about it.” As she said, she looked up at Carlton and winked at him.

Carlton darling, you better tell me everything these ladies know about me.

“Adele, loose up yourself. We won’t bite you.” Carmela said and followed behind Nonna.

When they out of sight, with hands on my hips and glared at him. “Now spill it! Quick!”

He raised his eyebrows as if he couldn’t understand what I meant, “Oh come on Carlton! Quit acting. Doesn’t suit you at all.”

“What? I really don’t understand.”

I gave him an annoyed face, “They know everything about me including about the cheesecake and I know nothing about them. It was embarrassing.” I supposed I sounded sad with my pout because he came closer to me and tried to hug but stopped him.

“No! You’re answering me first then can continue with your hugging ceremony.”

“Hugging ceremony? You’re funny, Adele.” He pinched my nose again.

“Stop it and tell me already.”

He sighed, “They both are my human diaries and yes they know everything about you. Not only about cheesecake, but also the part you escaped to New York.”

“What the fuck? You’re so mean. What they would think of me? How you described me then?”

He pressed his lips together and answered, “Well, they find you adorable because they know I somehow will find you but still you escaped. Then, for the second question; I think you know the answer. I gave you at New York, remember?”

Yes! How can I forget that?

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