Second Chance

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Chapter 17

“Seemed like you’re back, Adele Raquel.” Carlton’s lips brushed my lips before he led back inside the house.

Let conclude that the kiss wasn’t enough because that brief kiss we shared promised much more pleasure. His stormy eyes that looked into me sent the message through his gaze he gave when we walked back in the house but I hated the part he acted dumb at the same time.

That man he knew what he was up to yet provoking me for no reason. The last thing I want to be was to be show the old me toward him. He had no idea how about the old little temptress aka Adele Raquel. I never want to go back there and bring the old me around him.

Was he on any purpose?

Why I feel like he trying to do something?

I doubted that when he always does the exact opposite of my judgement about him.

A while later, I found myself entering the bedroom with Carlton. I had been tyring to desist myself from saying anything I would regret but he been pushing the wrong buttons correctly.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked.

He frowned as he turned to me. I neared him as I poked hardly my finger into his bare chest, “You know exactly what am I talking about, Carlton. Tell me.”

A playful grin replaced his worried face and when I thought he would say something, he simply pulled himself back and turned around.

God, he driving me crazy!

“Say something, Carlton. What do you mean by I’m back?”

Karma is a bitch, ladies!

I can guess that he didn’t only meant as I’m back after get well from sickness or anything. Something deeply whispering that he meant a lot more than that. I can bet that!

“Carlton-,” He took me by surprise when he spun around and pressed his mouth to mine with hunger. It was dangerously nice kind of kiss when his hot tongue played along my tongue without any intention to stop it. I responded with a staggered breath when he deepened the kiss as he gently laid me on the bed and hovered above me.

My mouth clung on him where in between he whispered huskily as a cocky smirk appeared on his face, “Tell me if I should stop.”

Like hell I will.

Our eyes bored into each other before I replied him in a small voice that sounded like seductive, “Deal.” He didn’t wait anymore and kissed me while his hand moved down to trail my thigh.

I arched my back when he drove me crazy with his slow touch that moved from my thighs to my hips, pressing it harder. It made me to yearn for more and more when his mouth worked down on my jaw then to my neck as he removed my dress strap.

I shivered under his touch and moaned in pleasure when sucked my neck. He definitely gave me hard time when he slid under my dress and teased the sensitive spot with his thumb. As I couldn’t resist anymore the heat and desire, I twinned my fingers in his hair with his torturously slow touches.

“Oh god, Carlton. We should stop.” I was still breathing unsteadily but somehow managed to say it and locked my gaze with him. “Hmmm” He murmured with an arrogant smirk and kissed me again letting me moan into his mouth.

Fuck Adele! You’re fucking waste! You and your hormones!

“Stop.” I mumbled as I gazed back down to his chest.

I just want to run my hand all over his tempting body!

Behave, Adele!

“Do you really want me to stop?” he asked and his mouth moved to my thighs, leaving wet and hot kisses.

“Oh fuck, Carlton!” I bit my lips as I moaned loud.

“Tell me, Adele Raquel.” He asked again with his dark deep voice that clouded with lust. My name rolled smoothly in his tongue and that was it already turning me on.

No, idiot!

“Stop, really.” I lied out with breath that caught my throat.

We stayed on the bed while trying to get our breath even. I saw from the corner of my eyes that Carlton’s lips curled into an arrogant smirk.

Bloody asshole!

“It’s good to know that you can’t resist me.” I gave him a sidekick when he said that. He chuckled and kissed my cheek tenderly as he jumped out from the bed to get his shower.

Probably, a cold shower! I snickered at the thought and took the phone from the nightstand.

I should be calling Carlotta, checking if she got ready for her dinner with Kayden tonight. When I was about to text her, she made a video call and I answered it excitedly. I walked out to the balcony and spoke to her.

“Hey ladies!” She wasn’t alone, Rhea was there too.

“Hi Ele!! We missing you already.” They both said in unison.

I let out a giddy laugh, listening to them. I can’t believe my girls turning to clingy day by day. While making a casual talk among three of us, Carlotta stopped and asked me to show around the room. “You both at Florence? I wanna come too!”

“If you followed us, who will be going to the date with Kayden?” Rhea asked her, her cheeks flushed and she protested, “It wasn’t a date, guys!”

“Yeah right, not a date. But all dolled up. You look beautiful by the way.” I gave a sincere compliment. She fanned herself with a huge smile.

“Thank you! How are you doing there?” She asked, glancing her face toward the mirror while Rhea fixing her hair. I was just them over the camera.

“I’m having a good time here. You owe me something Lot!” I said in stern voice which made her nodding in understand.

“I know. I know. I figured you will be saying this and I’m sorry for not telling you earlier.” She apologised for not telling me anything about her elder sister until I found out today. No fuss actually since Carlton itself never told me anything about her before we reached here.

“What time he picking you up?” I asked.

Only that caught her attention toward the camera, with a joy she replied me, “8pm. And I’m nervous. Ele, tell me something. Magic words perhaps.”

I can’t help but laughed seeing her worried face, “Just be yourself.”

Rhea interrupted, “I was telling the same. This girl is worse than you, Ele.” She clearly annoyed to put up with me and Carlotta who sharing the traits and I think she couldn’t handle this time due to her pregnancy.

“Take some good pictures together and send it to us.” I winked as I said that. A while later I heard the bathroom opened and without turning to look at the person who just got himself out from shower, I continued our conversation.

I snapped my head back when I felt his presence behind me. “Hi brother. You ditched me!” Carlotta whined from the other line with a pout on her face.

“Hey. It was my day with my wife. I don’t want a third wheel.” he said that hugged me from behind, I sighed inaudibly when his cold body touched my back. I tried to get out from his grip without letting these two ladies there to suspect anything but he grasped my hand instead.

“Can you keep your PDA somewhere else?” Rhea said teasingly.

Carlton moved my hair away to side and kissed me shoulder. “Carlton, what are you doing?” I gritted my teeth.

“We can end the call if you want?” It was Rhea again and they both laughed.

I’m going to kill my best friend even if she’s the only one best friend for me!

“Yes please.” He grabbed the phone from my grip and ended the call. His action literally shocked me so much. “Carlton!” I exclaimed at him and pushed him back angrily.

“Yes, sweetheart?” he looked at me, amused.

“I was talking with them and you ended the call. You’re so annoying.” I entered the room to look for the spare cloth I brought along. Luckily, I brought something to change just for emergency reason.

He seemed unbothered but continued to put on the t-shirt he took from his closet. While brushing his hair, “You’re with me which means you have to spend time with me only. You can catch up with your girlfriends once you return there.”

I sighed seeing this clingy side of him and rolled my eyes.

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