Second Chance

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Chapter 19

Carlton’s POV

It was our second day at Florence and we incredibly had good time together with my sister and Nonna, except for the unresolved puzzles. Puzzles that deserved to be solved for my wife before she kills me, for real and I wasn’t kidding.

I knew I kept some affairs regarding my family, privately even toward Adele with no intention to let it as a secret. I surely wanted to talk about the problems between my sister and our parents but I couldn’t find a right time so I figured it would be even better I introduce them and save the stories for some other time.

Trust me, I felt really bad about it.

Overall, last night was insane especially when I had to control myself before I act stupidly with Adele. It wasn’t easy for me but I surely tried my best to keep my hands decently on her.

Jesus Christ, she wasn’t in any favour too! But she can be unexplainably hot and adorable in all way. Very exclusive of Adele Raquel Wilbert!

I just want her to not rush me and allow me to answer all of her millions of questions. Perhaps, later when I able to find a time and way to speak with her. I just wish she knew that I have no desire to hide things from her.

“How was last night? Survived?” My sister asked once she got back from gym. I was by the river, pondering about my whole thing with Adele.

I turned to my sister and gave a small smile as I shook my head at her, “You know anything that happens in my room shouldn’t in your concern list.”

“Excuse me, dumbass. I didn’t mean like that.” she rolled her eyes.

“Then?” I raised my brows with a questioning look.

“Did she ask about the picture?”

“You actually showed the picture to her, didn’t you?” I asked, unbelieve that my sister would do that to me. I was planning some other way to talk about it but my sister gave me hard time where I had to play along and kept my answers subtle.

Carmela laughed hysterically, “Aww my poor boy. She found the picture. What am I suppose to say? I even asked to keep it but she refused.”

“Yes. I feel bad about it, Car.” I groaned.

“What are you still waiting for Carlton? Tell her already and give a fresh start.”

“Well, you know sister!!” I exclaimed.

“You’re not blind, I guess. Can’t you see the way she reacts whenever you mention any other girls’ name. I really didn’t get the whole picture when you were telling her beef with Giana but last night, I would grab a popcorn for the show. She is totally into you. You both such a waste.”

Hearing my sister’s words, was totally convincing. She tapped my shoulder as she walked back entering the house, “Hey Car, can you call Adele for me?” She nodded and disappeared.

I was standing, facing the river when Adele called out my name. When I turned around to respond her, my mouth fell open and too startled as I saw her in a white long lace dress. I breathed out when with her ‘Oh Carlton I have no idea I’m taking your breath away look’ or one would say, she was acting cool.

I was dazed because I still couldn’t believe that this beauty who standing in front of me was my wife. The dress fitted on her perfectly, showing of her slender body. I wasn’t aware for how long I was staring ever since she walked out in that dress looking drop-dead gorgeous.

Her hair, the hair that I love the most about Adele was waving gently by the breeze. Now Adele, you might know the reason I averted my gaze from you because my eyes landed on you, I can’t them off from you and fell in love even more than the day before.

She cleared her throat, “I know I’m attractive and alluring, but will you tell me why you need me here?”

My brought my lips between my teeth as I chuckled, amused and went to her. “Well, I don’t only need you here but everywhere else. And how about sunset and wine?”

In an instant her cheeks were rosy and she couldn’t utter the next word. So, she nodded enthusiastically and we walked to my car. I opened the door for her and closed the door once she got in. I drove to one of the best and my most favourite sunset spot, The Arno River.

One thing about Adele, she wouldn’t talk much the place around her was worthy of attention. She would sit quietly and enjoy the scenery and her silence always been comforting for me. I mean, there won’t be any awkwardness throughout the car ride.

As for now, she was enjoying the evening breeze with the rooftop opened widely for her as she threw her head out.

Once we reached the river, I booked a boat ride for us to guide us and also admire the serene of the sun that was setting down.

“Oh my god! This is insane.” She gasped as she sat on the boat.

My heart contented when I got such reaction from her. It was like I successfully made her happy because I never let down my woman. My precious treasure that deserves nothing but happiness and love.

Dude, listen up! Woman doesn’t ask much from us. Pay attention to her and shower with little things, she will talk about it for eternity.

I watched her as I sat next to her on the boat while Adele’s was moving around to admire the exquisiteness of Arno River. Meanwhile I was savouring the intimate early evening with Adele as I was dipping into the wine I arranged earlier.

She took a sip of wine and again gasped with the taste. “This is the second-best thing for this evening.”

“Can I know the first?” I asked, softly as we both stepped out from the boat and stood at the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

“Mini cruise across this river. Watching sunset with…” her words trailed, increasing the curious in me.

“With?” I asked suggestively.

“With… wine.” She winked as her cheekiness made me let out a hearty chuckle.

“Really? Only because of wine?” My hand slipped around her waist, pulling her to me while being aware that we were in public and I can’t do anything much, I guess.

“What else you think?” She tried despite her panting that was little sexy that followed by soft sighs when my hand squeezed her ass.

“I don’t know, Adele. You tell me or I won’t stop.” I whispered with a naughty grin and grabbed her firm ass cheeks, pressing myself against her.

“Carlton, what are you doing?” She murmured as she looked around if anyone looking at us.

“Just what you need.”

“Fine, fine. I admit that it was delightfully romantic to watch sunset with you.” And she blushed.

“I know.” I kissed her forehead after giving her a self-satisfied smirk.

Before we could realise the time seemed to speed up. Realising, it was nearly our dinner time we both drove to a nice restaurant to feed ourselves. While we were having our dinner, I had this gut to open up about something to her. My hand slowly reached her when she placed back the wine glass on the table.

My eyes fixed on the stunning woman as she was stiffening with my touch. She glanced down at my hand that tracing her finger that circled with our wedding band. Then her frown turned to a faint of smile, “You want the ring? I can’t give you that.”

I scoffed, “Oh, Adele. You are expert in ruining the moment.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Adele, give yourself a second chance. Give us a second chance.” She fell silent, undoubtedly getting lost in her own thoughts or my words. Her smile flattered, “I don’t know what to say Carlton.”

“Heyy Adele, I’m not rushing you or something. I kept this with me for long time and I afraid my feelings would overwhelm me if I keep them to myself any longer. You deserve to know whatever I’m feeling for you. I don’t want to confuse you or something with my actions.”

She remained quiet, listening to me and I continued, “Think about it. I give you all the time and can wait if it comes to you.”

Her tongue ran over her lips before she managed to utter her words, “Thanks, Carlton. I appreciate it. And I think you deserve to know that my days I at Florence something unexpectedly wonderful. You just gave add a new meaning to Italy for me.”

Her words made my night where I took her hand and kissed it, sending delightful shivers under her veins.

And I know who gave the first meaning for you Adele, I thought.

The following day we returned back to our home. Nonna was sad when we announced that we will leaving back to Rome. In fact, Adele got emotional and even said she had no desire to leave too soon but had to with the duty calls. We promised Nonna that we will visit often after this.

I stretched my hand a little while driving and when I glanced to Adele, she fell asleep. I closed the rooftop and covered a small blanket that she carries with her all time.

As I pulled over in front of our home, before I could carry her in my arms she woke up from her nap. “God, we’re home finally.” She said drowsily, stretching her hot body and continued to rub her eyes.

“Don’t rub your eyes, Adele.” I held down her hand from her eyes. She whimpered and stepped in when I unlocked the main door.

“Oh, I can stay here forever. Home sweet home.” And I can hear forever when she finally accepts this place as her home. I love every time she called it as home and this place couldn’t be a home without her presence.

I yawned as I covered my mouth with one hand. Adele who was ready to climb the stairs, turned to me, “Do you want something to drink? I can make it for you.”

I threw my head back on the couch and replied with closed eyes, “No sweetheart. I’m good.” My tired body went rigid when her hand touched my shoulders, took away the sore and replaced it with some miracle that I can’t explain. Slowly, her hand ran over the nape of my neck and moved to my scalp, continued to massage it.

I relaxed under her touch and wished to have for more but in a swift she broke the spell and whispered seductively in my ears, “You should be sleeping. Good night.” I heard a chuckle from her when she bit my earlobe and continued her steps to our room.

Karma, Carlton!

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