Second Chance

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Chapter 2

I was staring out from the huge glass window while sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. I was so excited for today as I planned with Mac to hit a newly opened nightclub owned by a friend of her. I was reluctant at first but since I had no plan today, I agreed anyways.

It had been a week since I received the text that creeped in silently but I tried my best to brushed it off. I chose to not believe the text I received as it could be a trap for me. If yes, they found me, they would be here by now but everything seemed fine until now so I didn’t buy all these craps.

I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter and rushed out to purchase some groceries as the fridge was empty and nothing to cook. As I returned from the store, Mac waited for me near the apartment entrance with the dress she bought for me as a gift.

“Heyy, thanks for the dress. Looks good!” I looked through the dress as soon as we entered the house.

“You’re welcome. Shall we get ready now? We have hunting to do tonight. You better be ready” She sounded super excited as she smiled with a devilish look at the end.

“I’m not up for any hunting by the way.” I replied as walked into the shower. As I walked out from the shower, Mac asked me to check on my phone as it was kept buzzing with messages coming in and I knew who it would be. None other than, my best bitch!

‘New York? What on the earth you doing there?’

‘Babe, you better return back!’

‘You calling your own death now’

This what happened when my best friend got panicked. I decided to tell her about last week’s text and updated her on my whereabouts. She deserved to know – only she had to know about this. I chuckled lightly, threw my phone on the bed and started to get ready.

I wore a deep V-neck golden sequin bodycon dress and let my long hair cascaded around my shoulders. Mac paused her steps and almost jumped on me when I walked out from my bedroom, “OMG, look at you! You going to be such a tempt tonight, babe!!!”

I rolled my eyes while fixing my heels, “Nope, you gonna be one!” Mac merely snorted in response.

We walked out from the house and headed straight to the nightclub. As we walked into the crowded nightclub, Mac found someone for tonight while I got a cocktail for me. While sipping my drinks, I mumbled to myself “Why am I even here?”

I never knew it was audible enough as someone whispered from my back in my ears, “To have fun of course.” I turned to find a man with a coy smile and I knew exactly what was coming next if I let him in. But no, I wasn’t in the mood for all this, I ignored him and continued to sip my drinks. He was still trying his luck and walked away from there.

In the crowd, I saw Mac busy dancing with the same man so I just shot a text to her and left the nightclub. I stayed in the cab for a moment before walked inside my apartment which caused the driver to give me a weird look. I took heavy breaths and thanked the driver after paying him. I never knew I had such a heavy drink which caused me almost stumbled over my steps. ‘Fuck it’ – cursed myself, I paused my steps and took out my heels in one hand. After few attempts to unlock the main door, I walked in silently without realizing that the lights were on until I heard my mum. Wait! My mum…

“What are you doing here? And are you drunk?”

“Mum … I” So I forgot to speak properly now. Great! But still, I can’t process my brain, how can they be here? Nobody knows about this. Fuck. I know exactly who could be the one that sent the information to my parents. ASSHOLE!

“I’m asking you, young lady! I thought you’re at Italy. What are you doing at New York and in this state? Can you explain?” My mum’s stern voice and dad’s glare made me dumbstruck.

“Mum, dad. What are you guys doing here?” That was a brave move, but I need to know.

“You answer me first, you didn’t return back to Italy. Why is that?”

“What kind of foolish stunt you’re pulling?”

Damn, I didn’t know which one to answer now. If only the bloody culprit is here, I would strangle that jerk with my bare hands. I took a deep breath before answering my parents, “I’m …

“I have some business to settle here mum, dad. So, I asked her to cancel her flight and come here instead.”

The voice which broke in caused me to freeze right at the place I stood. I gulped continuously, as he neared me and slipped his muscular arm around my waist. My stomach clenched.

I didn’t bother to look up at his stupid face but remained there without moving. His strong masculine scent pierced through my nostril and I can guarantee any women would go crazy for this man’s scent. I cursed myself for drawing this statement about him and tried to banish the thought off my mind.

He continued, “I have no idea that you will be here. Or else I would prepare the room. How long you all planning to stay here? Because we’re leaving tomorrow, right wife?” He pulled me closer after saying that.

He planned everything out. I nodded without looking at his face because I knew he would be giving me a stupid arrogant smirk. Yes, I’m married and I hate it.

“Oh no dear, don’t bother yourself. Actually, we received a text from her best friend, saying she’s here all alone. So, we got worried, and rushed here. I didn’t know you’re here as well.”

I can’t hold it any longer after heard that my best friend told them about me, I know she would never do that to me. He must be played his trick on her, I looked up at him with a stare that could kill just like that but he was too unbothered with it and kept it his face straight.

After the long interrogation with my parents, they went inside the guest room. As soon as they went out from my sight, I quickly shoved away his hand and continued with my glare demanded an explanation from him. His eyes roamed all over my body made me uncomfortable as he was mentally undressing me.

I cleared my throat, tried to gain his attention but he walked past me, sat on the couch and continued typing on his iPad. I stood there with all emotions running all over my face – especially anger! What was he thinking of himself? He can’t be serious expecting me to obey him.

“What was that? I’m not following you back. Period.” I gritted my teeth as I said that to him quite softly not wanting my parents to hear. But he wasn’t responding to me and busy with his iPad.

“Stop being childish and thinking if complaining to my parents would tie me down under the same roof with you.”

No response, URGHH!! Grunted loudly, of course he won’t be responding. I wished I could say all that I said in my mind to him instead. But no, I promised to myself that I’ll never speak to him.

The last time we both talked was, on our wedding day. ’I do accept Carlton Wilber as my wedded husband’

I wish I could smack his head with the vase and live peacefully. God, I can’t be this mean now! But I still don’t deserve this. ‘I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. THAT’S IT. I DON’T CARE IF MY PARENTS STILL I’M NOT FOLLOWING HIM BACK TO ITALY.’ I made a mental note.

“Sir, car is here” That was Carlton’s driver. Okay seemed like he’s leaving now I can …

“Bury your plans right there, I’ll be back tomorrow to send off your parents and we’re going back.” He can’t be serious for reading my mind.

What the fuck! He wasn’t asking me. But demanding! Threatening! Ordering!

I remained there with expressionless face but got surprised when he advanced his steps to my sides. I ignored his intense gaze and looked straight out to the window but as soon as he leaned down and neared my ears,

“You looking hot tonight, wife!” That was it! His stupid but sexy deep voice almost took my breath away! His hot breath fanned my skin and I closed my eyes tightly after realizing his hand running behind my bare back. I shivered with his action and he aware of this!

He sensed it. He knew how my heart thundering at the moment especially after I heard his chuckle.

No, I can’t prove him right, I turned to face him and returned back with a murderous gaze.

“You can’t be running away from me all the time, my wife.” He winked and walked out from the house but not before kissing my cheek.

The next morning just as expected he was already there with my parents. And of course, he meant what he said last night. I couldn’t find a way to escape from this devil who currently sitting in front of me in his private jet.

We sent off our parents and began our so-called wonderful journey to Italy. I can’t believe the lady who boldly made mental note to not follow him back couldn’t find a way to run away from him. I thought I won’t be obeying him.

What the fuck got into me? Surprisingly there was no answer for this.

We reached his place and the caretaker warmly welcomed me as I was back after some time. “Ma’am, I missed you” I returned Tantiana’s hug. “I missed you too Tantiana and don’t be too formal with me please” as I began to have a sweet talk with her, a devilish voice stopped us, “Tantiana coffee!” Saying that, he slammed the office door really hard!

I smiled at her as she rushed to the kitchen to prepare coffee for him. She doesn’t even care to say anything to me after that.

I had my own room in this house where I can happily do whatever I want to. I didn’t want to share the same room with him of course.

After cleaning up myself, I wore my lounge wear and jumped on my bed. I can’t believe whatever happened. I thought I would manage to go missing and something totally opposite happened and I’m here now.

Italy had so much of memories. I can never return back to this place. I continued to squeeze my brain to plot a plan.

Pretend dying! And he will bring you to hospital, jump out from the building and ...

And he will catch you somehow! How stupid! What the fuck happened to you. After all the stunts you pulled these past weeks, he will never let go of you.

I advise you to continue with your business and pretend as if you’re not married.

A knock on my room door, broke my chain of thoughts and I saw Jermy, “Ma’am sir wants to see you in his office now.”

What he wants now!?

I knocked his office door and entered; he was busy with his laptop. How can one be working heavily but wearing that cool and relaxed facial expressions all the time?

Every time he wore that face, I always had the urge to annoy and frustrate him even more than he could imagine. He had his ways to find out my plans which I hate to the core.

His neatly combed hair, sharply shaved beard, pointed nose, long lashes and


Shit! He caught me staring at me. I’ll never learn my lesson. I averted my gaze from him and licked my lips. Oh no, I wasn’t hinting him anything. God!

He made me waited and now giving me all kind of pressure without doing anything.

Again, he chuckled and took a deep breath as he stood up from his chair. “Look at me” he commanded. I was still fascinated with the poster on the wall.

“I said look at me” he roared.

With a cold face I looked at him, raised my brows and waited for the Highness’s next command. His eyes ran all over my face and stopped at the lips.

He continued to stare at me without saying a word. What kind of game was it? Called me here, made me wait, and now merely staring at me! Am I a joke?

I tried to look away but I can’t do it with him. I shouldn’t be this weak and vulnerable in front of him. No, my dear, you better walk away!

As I turned my back and walk away from him, he swiftly grabbed my waist which caused me to collide to his hard chest. An electric shot went through my veins when his hand made contact on my skin.

Our gaze locked there and I unknowingly held my breath at that moment. “Don’t you dare to turn your back on me, Adele Raquel!”

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