Second Chance

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Chapter 20

I was having the bed all for myself in my pyjamas after so many days being a nomad. The break was badly needed for me and it would be a biggest lie if I say that I wasn’t having a good time at Florence. I was more than blessed with the way his whole family care for me.

Carlton’s words roamed in my head. He wanted a second chance for us, for me. I wondered for the reasons. Words failed me and paralysed, when his eyes were sparkling with emotions as he confessed his feelings. My heart was drumming throughout the night, replaying the words in my mind.

But there were unanswered questions for him and also how about my feelings. I couldn’t figure anything at the moment. Burying my face in the pillow, I let out a small scream out of frustration. I need to get everything out of my head before it eats my alive.

Damn, man! You’re driving me crazy!

I curled myself into a ball, staring at my wedding band. Whoever chose this as our wedding band, I really thank them from bottom of my heart because they picked just like I wanted. I crawled out from my bed and began to pace back and forth.

I was still cracking my head when the bedroom door opened and I was quite surprised when I saw Carlton. I silently observed him as he walked in and coolly hopped on the bed. “Hello, sir. What are you doing here?”

“This is my room as well.”

I sneered and walked toward him, “Really? I never seen you before, sleeping next to me. What changed your mind now?”

“Hmm, I suddenly in love with the idea of waking up next to you.”

“You made me sleep alone and wake up alone all this while and now you want to sleep here. Go back to wherever you sleep before this.” I gave him a dry reply, standing with hands on my both sides of hips, clearly annoyed with his sudden behaviour.

“As far as I remember for past few days, I was sleeping next to you and you were not complaining. What happened now?” I stammered, no idea of what to reply him.

He continued, “What happened? Cat got your tongue?” He had a mocking smile when I unusually fell silent when I didn’t reply him and gave in.

Rolling my eyes, I walked to my side of bed because it wasn’t a bad idea too because my body was too excited to sleep next to me but after the stunt I pulled at downstairs, I got nervous now.

We stayed on the bed silently. His back was turned away from me when I called him out softly, “Are you asleep?” hoping he hadn’t fell asleep yet because I had something to ask him.

“Nope.” He replied after a whole minute breaking the complete silent of the room. A while later, he turned, facing me with an arm underneath his head and the other one held my hand. “I want your opinion about something.”

“What is it?” He asked softly.

I pressed my lips together before began, “You know right that Lot went out with Kayden?” He nodded lightly, signalling he knew about his sister and Kayden.

“Well, there are something about me and Kayden. Things happened in past.” He assessed my face while I was telling him everything about Kayden.

I continued, “Well you see Kayden was my student before and before knowing about him, I kinda flirted with him. Everything turned completely weird when the following day I found him as my student.”

I paused, studying his expression that remained unaffected. “I acted professionally, with somethings came in between which was an interesting plot twist of my life. We had rough time when he confessed his feelings but I didn’t reciprocate it and about the plot twist I was mentioning, I’ll tell you when I’m ready to talk about it.”

“Just when I thought he moved on, he came back since he knows how things were between us before this and he thought why not try now but even now I don’t feel the same way as he does. He is my friend and will always remain as my friend. I’m quite happy when he agreed to go out with Lot. Right now, I’m wondering if I should talk about it with Lot. And nervous about her reaction.”

He spoke after patiently listened to me, “Wait, you said that he knows how things were between us before? Is that mean things change between us now?”

I narrowed my eyes when that was the one, he got from everything I told.

With a poker face, “Seriously? With all that I told you, you only noticed that?”

“Tell me Adele please?” He did his puppy eyes, cute.

“No, no, this conversation isn’t about us. Stop it and answer my question.”

He sighed deeply. His expression also changed as he had his serious face since it was about his sister’s dating life.

“If he really a good-hearted man he would come off clean with Lot. What kind of person he is, Adele?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Kayden is nice boy actually. And Lot knows me first, I think it would be appropriate if she know things from me. How she would feel if she thinks I hide the truth about her? I don’t want her to get hurt.”

Carlton heaved a deep sigh, “Adele, Carlotta isn’t like how you’re thinking. I mean she can be very easy and simple unlike Carmela. You have nothing to worry about Lot or her reaction. I’m sure she will take it lightly and she will even appreciate that you’re being honest with her. Trust me, she won’t be giving you hard time.”

I didn’t realise I was gazing at him until I jumped when I felt his hand on my arm. “Carlton. How you can be so calm in every situation?”

I drew in, seeing Carlton who actively stayed calm and collected. It was highly impossible for me to have such calmness. Trust me, his words were so comforting and considerable.

He always in control of his emotions in every difficult situation. Never once I saw him going crazy over emotions like I do. Living with me was enough for him to lose his temper but no, he stayed calm and handle situation wiser than I do. He gave out a calming aura in his presence around me.

“Let me help you. All you have to do is express your mind clearly and don’t wind yourself into frenzy things that not under your control. Live the moment without overthinking. Life is going as how it is and not about the way it should be so don’t waste time trying to change your past and worry less about future. You’ll be having a peaceful life.” He explained.

I processed his words and nodded, understanding. He absolutely made sense as I realised some of this trait in him which affected me when I had anxiety. He eased away everything with his presence and not forgetting, his hugs and kisses.

Only to pull his legs, “Does it mean I should leave the girl in that picture since it was your past?” Saying that, I sat on my knees and faced him.

A smile lightened up his face, “Adele, I know you will not drop this topic even if I ask you to.”

“Why do I have to drop?” My heart and head began to hurt when he had this idea for me to drop the topic. It made my curiosity even higher than before.

“Then give me some time if you have patience to know it from me. I’m not ready yet.”

I think it would be fair if I didn’t rush him to know about the girl just like the way he didn’t question me about ‘the plot twist’ aka Harriet. I settled back on the bed lazily with a pout then abruptly craned my head toward Carlton who was about to fall asleep.

“Carlton. Carlton. One last question.”

“Yes, Adele.” He muttered sleepily.

“Were you spending your nights at her place?” His eyes widened as he surely surprised with the question.

“Jesus, Adele! What you mean?” He asked.

I blinked, “I mean you left me alone here on your bed and I just don’t know where you’ll-,” He stopped me as he placed a finger on my lips.

“Sshh, Adele. Listen to me, nothing happened and if you really wanna know where I’ll be sleeping, check your room. Now can we sleep? I’m sleepy.”

He looked indisputably cute with his frown and sleepy eyes as I found it easier to lose in his mesmerizing eyes.


The next morning, I woke up earlier than usual to start my touch to the breakfast. I had to pick a casual grey short sleeve jumpsuit with wide leg. I put my hair into a messy bun and got down to the kitchen after screaming good morning toward Carlton.

“Good morning. Wake up!”

I heard him groaning, “Adele!!!”

I realised I was in good mood or too excited to begin my day. Entering the kitchen, I saw Tantiana whisking eggs in the bowl as I tiptoed to her, I shouted, “Good morning beautiful hooman!!”

She jumped in shock, “God, ma’am! You scared me! And you’re early today.” she rubbed her chest up and down while I was laughing hysterically.

Tantiana looked closely at me as she neared me, half whispering, “Did something happen between you both?”

My jaw dropped, “Tantiana, he’s your boss! What are you talking?” I mumbled and drank the orange juice from the fridge.

“Ma’am I know everything when it’s comes to him. I know things between you both too.” I twirled happily and tapped the side of her nose.

“I missed you ma’am. I was really worried about you.” She said in concerned. I should thank her, if she wasn’t there in the first place to save that morning, I can’t imagine what would happen to me. I didn’t want to die young.

“Thank you, Tantiana and I missed you too.” We hugged.

After a while she asked me again, “Did you kill anyone? Maybe Giana? You are happy and it’s scary ma’am.” Her question really cracked me up.

“What? Do I need a reason to be happy?” I asked her while sitting on the kitchen counter.

She had a clueless expression when I was beaming and even offered myself to prepare the breakfast. “Tantiana, what say you rest and I’ll prepare the breakfast?”

She shook her at my request, still not understanding anything regarding my behaviour for this morning. I might wake up to right side of the bed. I chuckled inwardly when I remembered the today’s morning view. A sight for sore eye!

I was standing by the stove, flipping the omelette and asked Tantiana, “Speaking of knowing everything about your boss, do you know any other exes of him except for Giana?”

I forced a smile showing my teeth when there was a genuine shock on her face. “No one else, ma’am”

I don’t buy it!

“Fine. Who else he brought here before?”

“No one ma’am.”

I can’t believe my ears, “Are you by any chance backing up your boss?”

Crazy. Totally senseless because I saw the way he looked at the girl and how on the earth he didn’t bring her here? I can’t believe it at all. It was either they lied to me saying it wasn’t Giana or Tantiana had no idea about it but still she had been working for quite long. I sure she knew everything about Carlton.

“No ma’am. Why would I do that? I’m being honest with you.”

Why am I like this?

Why am I getting anxious?

I blew loudly and approached Carlton in big steps when I saw him nearing the dining table. “’You’ve never brought any girls here before?”

Carlton narrowed his eyes and looked at me more sharply. “You want me to?”

He had time to joke around, I see.

“I dare you, Mr. Carlton Wilbert!” Saying that, I stomped back to the dining table and he trailed behind me as he sat next to me.

I cursed under my breath when I realised no one helping to find out about the girl. What was too hard to anyone just drop the details about her and him.

Tantiana came out from the kitchen and asked, “Ma’am, are you still making the breakfast?”

“No! I lost my mood.” I snapped at her and crossed my arms over my chest.

“What’s wrong angry bird?” Carlton greeted and I glared at him.

“I don’t have any patience in me and asked Tantiana but it was such a waste of time.”

Tantiana came in with our coffees and omelette in the plates. We took them from her and thanked her politely. Carlton took a sip of his morning boost and intertwined his hand with mine. With a sour face, I looked up at him and he said with a smug face, “Wife, like I said you should be patient if it’s about me. Slow and steady.”

For some reason, I can say that it has other deep erotic meaning too!

His hand slowly ran across my cheek and settled at the nape of my neck, giving a good little massage. I shuddered at the contact of his hand on my skin. My morning can’t be starting like this because I can’t be spending my time at café thinking about his hot touch on my body.

An eye for an eye, husband.

I leaned forward, almost brushing my lips against the corner of his delicious lips, “Well I don’t do slow and steady. Not my league.” I pulled back with a self-satisfied smirk as my eyes trailed slow paths over his lips. I grew bolder as my other hand went under the table and trailed his thighs.

Witnessing, his small whimper escaped from Carlton I winked at him, “Have a good day sir. See you.”

Aww, my poor husband.

“Bye, Tantiana.” I waved and sang happily as I off to work.

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