Second Chance

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Chapter 22

Carlton’s POV

Adele can be really unbelievable in her own way. The woman that I adore the most opened to me when I almost gave up. Seeing her avoiding me and crying holding Harriet’s sweater, really broke my heart.

I’ve always been thinking and imagining how it would be if Adele opens the door for me to walk in her life and last night was magical for me. My eyes skimmed her and the hardly processed everything she told me. I can’t believe the day finally arrived, the day I’ve been waiting since day one. I was overwhelmed.

She owned everything in me; my heart, my soul, my body, my past, present and future. No one else completed me as she did. She sparked my soul in every touch of her. She made me wear my heart on sleeve and I didn’t complain about it at all. She saw that and did the same in return, eventually.

My wife, the strongest woman I’ve ever seen in my entire especially when she gave us the second chance. On the surface she can be loud and cheerful but deep inside her something had been always setting fire with the memories that she trying to bury.

I want to be there for her. Reawakening every part of her and want her to feel as human. This wasn’t the same Adele I saw three years ago so I took all parts of me to let her feel like herself despite the emotions she been enduring every night.

Thinking that everything had changed and the only option left for her to survive or hang on the edge. I determined to change that for Adele. For my Adele! She should know it was just a moment of her life, a phase that every broken heart had to go through.

I fell for her soul, her grief, her darkness, her sadness and her demons. I have been there even on days she didn’t recognise herself. That was the exact reason for me to unravel her mystery and her darkest part of her mind.

Every kiss she planted made me drunken senselessly. Every insecurity, pain and the dull moment we went through together vanished the moment our body and soul collided. It was replaced with love and excitement.

In the warm night we made love, discovered each other’s world without rushing. If you ask me, it would say we made love and made our worlds to collide.

I woke this morning next to my beautiful wife sleeping soundly. There was a soft smile on her gorgeous face when the sun peeked through the curtains. I wondered what she had in her mind that made her lips to curve up a beautiful smile that radiated my morning.

I kissed her forehead tenderly and got down to prepare breakfast for us. As I was busy in the kitchen, I heard the door bell rung. My forehead wrinkled guessing who would be coming because as I remembered, I let Tantiana took a day off. Also, I didn’t have any appointment since it was all about me and Adele this whole day.

I went toward the main door and answered. It was my mum and Rheala. “Mum. Rheala. What are you both doing here together?”

“You’re not going to let us in?” My mum asked, annoyed.

“Opps, sorry. Come in.” I let them in and shut the door behind.

“It was a coincident. I met her outside. Where’s Adele?” My mum asked, taking her seat on the couch next to Rheala.

“Adele is sleeping. Coffee?” I answered as I made my steps to the kitchen. I began to brew coffee for the two lovely ladies out there.

My mum’s voice can be really loud when she could just walk to the kitchen and talk to me. “Why is she still sleeping? And aren’t you both have businesses to run?” I stayed quiet without answering her until I walked out from the kitchen.

“She’s tired, mum.” They took the cups from the tray.

“Tired? Stayed up till late night?” My mum gave a mischievous smile and caused Rheala to giggle at me.

“Mum!! Groaning at my mum, I took the last sip of the coffee I made for myself.

“What? I was just asking.” She narrowed her eyes teasingly.

“And you still haven’t tell me your motive. Why are you here mum?” I repeated the question. She must have some hidden agenda for visiting us without calling us first.

“What is it with you Carlton? Do I need permission or reason to visit my children?”

“No. How are you Rheala?” I turned my attention to Rheala.

“I’m good Carlton. Before you ask me, Adele and I promised to go out today.”

Well, your best friend still asleep since she had the best night of her life. I wish I could say that to her but let her witness everything with her own eyes. I suppressed the laugh and noticed Adele from the corner of my eyes, stomping feet toward me.

Ok, she didn’t see them! Great!

I sighed in relief when I saw her wearing her nightgown robe, covering her naked body. Suddenly, my mum began to murmur at my back toward Rhea, “See Rhea. I was right. They stayed up.”

“What is it with you and leaving me alone on the bed, hah?” I walked toward her and held her hand, letting her to cool down a bit.

“Good morning to you too, wife.” I kissed her hand. We stood so close to each other but I can’t do anything much than kissing her. I saw her lips formed a smile when I said that. She placed her head on my chest and mumbled, “I just hate when I woke up without you. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be wife. Come let me kiss you.” I cupped her and kissed her delicious lips. Her hand circled around my neck, pulling me closer to deepen the kiss. But sadly, I had to break the kiss because I don’t want my mum and Rheala witness our make out session.

“Why did you stop? Kiss me.” Adele whined.

Oh, I want too, baby but we have guests that went unnoticed by you.

“Do you want to know how naughty I can be?” I whispered in her ears as I bit the earlobe.

She gasped, “Yes.”

I smirked with a hope that she would forgive me for this later, “Then look there.” I slightly moved aside so she could see my mum and her best friend who already grinning at her. Her eyes widen when she saw them and a flush of embarrassment rose to her cheeks.

“What the fuck Carlton?” She whispered while I mouthed sorry to her. Again, I forced myself to not laugh when she gaped her mouth in bewilderment. She tucked the strands of her hair behind her ears and neared them. “Mamma. Rhea w-what are you doing here?”

I can see her smiling from ear to ear, nervously and she was stuttering too.

“We had plans remember? I called you but you didn’t answer.” Rhea’s eyes were clearly filled with amusement but at the same time a look that demanding the details on whatever happened between us. Her eyes trailed Adele from top to bottom then averted her gaze toward me.

She slowly nodded with a knowing smile.

“I missed my kids so thought of spending time with you both but seeing the scene earlier, I think it’s better if I take a leave and come again next time.”

Her words made Adele’s body to freeze and she shifted her glances all over the room, not wanting to meet anyone’s eyes there. But that was enough for her best friend to smell something fishy between us. I mean, eventually she going to find out from Adele so why not now?

My mum kissed us goodbye and left the house. When I returned back to the room, I heard Rheala’s Q&A session with Adele who was squirming.

“Tell me everything, now!” She shook Adele’s shoulder, beaming excitedly.

“W-what? Nothing. Why are you here tell me that first?” Adele stuttered.

“Someone who named Adele Raquel promised to go for a shopping but she was too busy and steamy-,” Adele quickly stopped Rheala from continuing her words by placing her hand on her mouth.

“What the fuck, Rhea? Stop it!” She hissed.

I watched the two friends warmly, shaking my head and went inside the kitchen. I know the one thing Adele want to do right now is to hide herself. I know how awkward it could but it was cute to see her blushing and trying to dodge the questions Rheala shooting at her. After a while, their voices went low but I could hear giggling.

They can be like a complete teenager sometimes.

I brought the two plates of pancakes with honey and butter, just like the way Adele prefers and passed to them. “Here, have this. I’ll be in the room.” The glare that Adele sent me was enough to kill and bury me at the backyard.

I winked at her but she cut her eyes at me. “Thanks Carlton.” Rheala thanked me politely.

Adele began to eat the pancake with a frown on her face. I bent down my head to reach her level and kissed her cheek. “Go away, pig. I hate you.” She said in a little annoyance and lots of love.

I chuckled at her childish behaviour, “I’ll stay, pig's wife. I love you more.” And kissed her cheek passionately again before went upstairs.

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