Second Chance

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Chapter 23

Carlton’s POV

5 Months Later

“Oh my god! Can you believe next week is our first-year anniversary? How fast time flies!?” Adele and her obsession to storm in room. I don’t understand but this was how I first met her, three years ago. She stormed into Harriet’s meeting room without giving damn about anything or anyone.

Yes, I know Harriet Fredrick very well and in fact he was one of my business partners. The first time I saw Adele Raquel, during a meeting at Harriet’s building and we were signing a contract. She thought it was just a normal meeting with Harriet’s staffs but I was there too, admiring her boldness from the corner of the room.

Harriet was furious about it even I didn’t like the idea but something about her made me to not cancel the deal with Harriet even though his fake fiancé did something inappropriate. Harriet and I were irreconcilable in our character traits something I noticed during our dealings. When he was all about sealing everything in an instant, I will wait for the right time to jump on the target because patience is the key.

The business world describes me as ambush predator or the sit and wait predators. I wait for the right moment.

The moment I first laid my eyes on Adele, she took my breath away. She wore a long mustard coloured dress, looking gorgeous. Her long wavy hair cascaded down her shoulders and back. She looked incredibly angry but masked it behind her sarcasm.

She even casually asked us to wait at outside, probably thinking everyone there were Harriet’s team. Actually yes, except for me. I smiled in shocking and amusement at her audacity to order everyone. I didn’t know what Harriet had in his mind but Adele was adorable which pulled me in even stronger.

I know she was madly in love with Harriet even though they were faking it. I had my ways to find out about them, it wasn’t any easy path but I did anyway.

Without being the creepy stalker, I stayed back and something inside me kept whispering to me to not give up on Adele Raquel. I waited for my lady patiently even when I wanted to move on, I unable to do it. My faith kept growing higher, saying that one day is powerful.

Nobody knows about it except for my sister, Carmela.

“Excuse me, sir! Earth to Carlton, my husband.” Adele snapped her fingers to bring me back to the reality. I watched her intensely while she was talking about how fast time flies and moving around the room.

“I don’t know what else to get Rhea’s baby, Aryle. I got for him a personalised gold bracelet with his name on it. Do you think he liked it?” Her eyes were blinking rapidly.

Wasn’t he a new-born? How would he or any of us could guess it?

I breathed deeply and called her, gently, “Adele, come here.” She turned around to me with plain soft smile and approached me, sitting on my lap.

“I think I should buy something else for him. Oh wait, what do you want for our anniversary? I can’t think of any.” I tugged her hair behind her ear, pulling her by her waist and made her stay quiet for a moment. She was still mumbling in between the kiss but gave in slowly. My fingers ran up and down over her spine.

She arched backward when I planted soft kisses on her neck and she let out a content moan. I continued to lick and suck her neck and moved to her collarbone after leaving marks on her neck. “Carlton, anyone might come. Stop.”

We pulled back, breathlessly. “I forgot everything I was telling. What I was telling?” I laughed at her and continued to admire the beauty of my wife. She called me out a few times, stopping me from zoning out.

“What is it with you today? Don’t like listening to me?” She asked, annoyed.

“No sweetheart. I just want to take a moment to admire you. Look how ravishing you are.” I brushed her hair away from her face and gave a small peck on her cheek. She turned her head sideways to avoid look into my eyes.

“God, you always make me blush so damn much.”

“And you always make me fall for you so damn much.” I gave her an Eskimo kiss, rubbing my nose on hers. She was still on my lap, facing her back toward me and I buried my head on her head. I breathed as I tightened my arms around her waist, “Tell me what you like about me.”

Without turning, she replied, “Why you want to know?” I placed my chin on her shoulder as she flinched when my hot breath fanned the crook of her neck.


“I can’t think of any.” Typical Adele, playing hard to get. I nuzzled my face into the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent.

“Liar. You love and can’t resist when I wear white.” She turned her face to meet mine immediately when I revealed the truth. I raised my brows and winked when her jaw dropped down and slowly a beam appeared on her face.

She got excited, “What else?”

I acted like pretending to think deeply as she slapped my arms playfully. “Hmm, you get turn on when I get angry.” A look disbelief crossed her face.

“Am I right, Mrs. Wilbert?” I asked her as I looked at her adorable shocking face.

She grinned and blushed as she covered her face with her hands.


I was in Adele’s café, waiting for her to finish her work so we could go back together. I badly wanted Adele to continue her previous job as lecturer but she seemed like more interested in running her own business.

I eyed her every movement from my table. She had weekly meeting with her staffs, briefing over the current week’s sales and whatnot. Something knocked my mind. What made her to quit her job? If it’s her past she needs to change the idea. That was her dream job and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if she works as a lecturer and runs this café. She was capable to multitask.

I should find a way to discuss about this to Adele but before that I had to make sure everything for the anniversary celebration going on well.

I checked with Carmela and Carlotta through WhatsApp regarding the celebration. I assigned them to prepare everything just as the way I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to be away from Adele so she won’t find out anything. It was pretty hard to keep things away from her.

My phone beeped with a new message came in. It was from my elder sister.

All done baby brother. The listed you sent, all checked. Except for a niece or a nephew, I requested from you both.

My sister can be unbelievable!

When I about to reply, I heard heavy footsteps stamping toward my way. I put my phone away and looked up at her. Adele and her mood swings, gotten worse. She huffed as she crossed her arms, “I left them to handle for one day and everything ended up like shit!”

“Aww, baby. What’s wrong?” I walked up to her. She was watching the others with a scowl on her face.

“I wish Natty is here.” She gruntingly walked off and turned around to place her head on my chest. Her hands fell to side and continued to grumble. “Why she must take a day off?”

I pushed her by shoulder, gently to let her meet my eyes. “Adele, don’t stress yourself please. Listen up, give them some time to adjust around. You can’t pressure them sweetheart.”

“I’m not pressuring them, Carlton!” she snapped.

I sighed, seeing my grumpy bear. “Alright, alright. Listen let’s go eat something. We can talk about it later.” I spoke softly. She hummed with a small tired smile and went inside her room to grab her things.

I quickly typed a reply to my sister before Adele could see and shoved my phone in the pocket.

We were holding each other’s hand when we walked out from the restaurant. Her mood turned better than before after got her dinner. She didn’t talk much when we drove back to our house. I kept glancing over her but she gave me a reassuring smile when she saw my worried face.

When Adele was unlocking the door, a message chimed in again. Probably from my sisters. I can’t stop smiling reading the reply I received from them. It was a picture from them at the venue I booked for the anniversary dinner with Adele.

They were more eager than me.

“Do I need to worry about anything, Mr. CEO? Especially your smile while looking at your phone?”

Adele was already in the house with a narrowed eye. I cleared my throat and went inside the house. “Nope. Nothing to worry.”

She’s not buying that even a tad.

“Who are you texting with?” She asked with a bored face while pouring herself a glass of water.

“My sisters.”

She pressed her lips together into a thin line and dragged herself to our bedroom after finishing the water. That was close but I should stop before she could sense anything worse.

Adele was talking over her phone when I came out from the bathroom. “Come on, Rhea. Tell me what else he needs?” I chuckled secretly hearing the conversation between them.

I had no idea what else she wanted to buy for Aryle. She never went a day without buying gifts for baby. When she first received call from Aidan that Rhea got her labour pain until this second, she began to shop for him.

“Get lost idiot. Bye!” The girlfriends ended the call after a long hour. I was on the bed typing away some works that was in pending. She was lying next to me, watching videos and giggling and laughing like someone who got possessed the next second.

“Did anyone said anything about the way you laugh?” I asked while eyes glued to the laptop screen.

“Are you complaining now?” she replied drily without looking at me.


She went back to scroll her phone but that was clearly not a good sign. I placed my laptop to the nightstand and laid next to her, pulling her phone away. “Hey! Give it back.” she protested.

“I need attention not your phone.” I snuggled closes to her as I said that even though it was the other way around.

“Haa! Now that’s how you feel when you didn’t get attention. Because I think it was you who busy with your laptop and phone.”

See! Told ya!

“Damn, Adele you’re so cute when you’re grumpy.” My hands cupped her cheeks and pressed my lips against hers.

“Tell me something I don’t know, Wilbert.” She rolled her eyes.

“I fell in love with you three years ago.” I whispered almost inaudibly so she won’t catch my words.

“Huh? What did you say?” she jumped on my arms, trying to open my closed eyelids. She can be really violent at time.

“You’re hopeless romantic.” I mocked.

“Carlton! Open your eyes. Open Carlton! What you said??” She was throwing pillow to me whining and ruffling my hair at the same time. A low scream left her mouth when I grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to my side.

“Let’s sleep, wife.”

“I don’t want to. Tell me what you said. I heard it correctly, right?” she took a closer look. I shook my head and closed my eyes. I was too tired to say anything but Adele wasn’t even though she worked her ass off at café.

“Right or not?” she demanded again.

“Jeez, woman! It was error 404. Sleep now. Good night.” I lied as I pressed her head against my chest and kissed her crown.

“Good night.” She murmured and finally fell asleep.

If only…

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