Second Chance

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Chapter 24

I sat in my office going through my online shopping cart, deciding what I should get for Carlton as anniversary gifts. My brain went blank the moment I looked at calendar this morning, tomorrow is our first-year anniversary and I had nothing in my hand for him.

The sudden regret consumed me when I remembered how bumpy I made our marriage life throughout the year. It wasn’t solely my mistake because we never took the chance to get to know each other but every time Carlton made it easier, I turned it to a disaster. Still, it made us real than anything.

I quit blaming myself and resumed to crack my brain.

“Ms. Adele. There’s someone to see you.” One of my staff said pried the door of my room. I took a deep breath wondering who it would be because I hadn’t arranged any appointment.

“Who is it?” I asked, annoyed.

I was forever in the mood to punch in everyone’s face.

“It’s me.” My head snapped toward Kayden’s voice. A subtle smile speared over my lips and let him in. He shut the door then took a seat in the chair.

“How are you gorgeous?” He asked and continued to watch me as I leaned back on my chair with a small smile. His fingers continued to drum gently on the surface of the table. My biggest pet peeves!

“Carlton!! Stop it!” Kayden taken a back when I mentioned Carlton’s name instead of his, he lifted a questioning eyebrow. Then he gave a mockery laugh to me.

“Someone is always in your thought. But sorry to reveal that I’m not Carlton. I’m Kayden.”

“Thanks for reminding because lately you’ve been busy and I almost forget your existence.” I snapped back.

I know he was busy with Carlotta, no complain for that but at least it would be nice if he visits me or even drops a text. We were friends after all. Why not spare some time for me? Rhea was busy with Aryle and I can’t disturb her also. Carlton? Don’t ask me anything! God knows what he was up to for past few days. He and the bonding session with his siblings.

“I’m sorry gorgeous. I brought Carlotta somewhere. We can make up okay. Tell me what you want?” he said with his puppy eyes.

“Go to hell. Those eyes won’t work on me. I am the pro.”

He got up from his seat and walked to my side of desk where I was sitting, leaning there. “Why are you grumpy? Period?”

I took a file from my desk and slammed on his arms, “What kind of immaturity is this Kayden?? Bloody shit, is this what I taught you?”

He stopped me as he held my wrist so I can stop hitting. As he was rubbing his arms, “Jeez mummy. I’m sorry. Let’s go, come. Lot is waiting in the car for us.” He said, making his way to the door with my belongings.

“Kayden. Wait I’m a boss here. I can’t simply go around. Where are we going?”

“Ice cream and gifts for your other half.”

“Excellent. Let’s go.” Without wasting my time, I followed him. As we made our ways to Kayden’s car, I stopped my steps causing him to stop and looked at me. “How’s everything between you and her?”

“Fine. We’re dating and she is interesting. Fun to be around.” He replied, sounded genuine so I didn’t ask much.

“You better take a good care of her, Kayden. I’ll kill you; I mean it.” I said sternly.

He saluted me with a serious face, “Aye, aye captain!”

I clicked my tongue, seeing his childlike attitude. “Kayden, I’m serious. You better don’t mess around.”

He sighed, “How long you know me, huh? Raquel, what’s up with you? Don’t mum please. I promise I’ll not let her down.” I looked at him with a neutral expression and walked to the car. Carlotta was at the front seat, scrolling her phone when I hopped in the car.

“Hey sister-in-law. You look…” She paused then ran her eyes over me and continued, “Cranky.”

“Wow what is it with everyone today for being extremely honest with me?” Carlotta’s eyes widen at my words and averted her gaze from me to Kayden, frowning.

“Ignore her, she misses your brother.” He explained and they both giggled.

I hissed, “Shut up you both." Frustration clawed in me when me and Carlton barely had time together. I really turned clingy with Carlton and Kayden was right, I miss my husband. Without another word, Kayden concentrated on road while Carlotta back to her phone.

I shut my eyes as leaned my back to the car seat. Suddenly, my phone rang made me to jolted up from my small nap. Please don’t be anyone from café, I just need a damn less stress day. I checked the phone screen, it was Carlton.

Well, well look who remembered me!

“Hello.” I answered drily. I heard a chuckle over the line, I could imagine how that face would be. I badly wanted to smack that off from his face even if it will leave scars.

“I miss you too.”

Don’t fuckin’ melt for it, Adele!

“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes. Then, the two humans at the front seat let out a low laugh.

“Where are you? How’s your day, wife?”

“This is it right? You guys and your tactics. Will forget us once get what you all wanted? Right? Correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Carlton Wilbert!”

“WHAT!! Of course not! You’re wrong. I’m nothing close to what you just elaborated. I’m just busy with some projects.” He said playfully and made my reaction as a drama I pulled off.

“What you want now?” I threw glance outside the window. Kayden pulled over in front of a shopping mall. With still on call with Carlton, I left out from the car with them.

“I want you.” He replied in raspy tone, letting me hot especially in middle of a freaking mall.

“Go marry your projects. I don’t want you. Bye!”

I hung up the call without hearing anything from him. He knows the best ways to lift my mood effortlessly and I didn’t want that to happen. I know how special tomorrow is but not until he put a load of efforts whatever the time we missed.

We stopped at a stall that sells ice creams. “One mint chocolate chip.” Carlotta proceeded with her order after mine while Kayden scrunched up his nose.

“What, Kayden?” I asked uninterestingly.

“Since when you started to eat mint chocolate chip?” he asked as he took the ice-cream cup from the seller and handed to me as a smile grew on my face. Without replying to Kayden’s question, I quickly scooped up myself some mint chocolate chip ice cream and fed to myself.

“Since she married to my brother. That’s his favourite.” Carlotta replied with a wink.

We strolled around the mall with ice creams in one hand. The rest of Carlotta’s shopping bags held by Kayden. They gave me few suggestions on what to get for Carlton but nothing seemed special. I didn’t like to buy the usual things people bought.

“How about I get us a plane ticket to Maldives? Let me check.” I said with a smile.

“No! No! That can’t be happening.” Carlotta exclaimed, stopping me from checking the tickets. Kayden nodded his head with anxious too.

I shrugged, “Why not? Is it a bad idea?”

“Everyone goes there. Think something else.” Kayden said realistically.

“What about I just ask Carlton what he wants?” I took my phone and dialled to his number. Kayden and Carlotta walked ahead from me, leaving me to talk alone with Carlton. But he didn’t answer the call.

He really testing my patience, I swear!

After spending the entire allowances of Carlotta to herself, we headed back to my café. Carlotta groaned as we entered the café, “I’m not shopping again.” Kayden laughed at her fake promise.

“You’re laughing at me Kayden?” She raised her brows while Kayden gave her a teasing smile and pulled her into a hug.

Something popped into my head when I about to walk away from them. I turned to face them and said, “Stay here or leave I don’t care. I have something to do. See you guys.” I left the café and drove to Carlton’s office. I didn’t give them a chance to say anything.

The moment I arrived at Carlton’s building, his receptionist that I once attacked greeted me sweetly. I nodded at her with a small smile and went to the elevator. The office area was solemn and everyone’s eyes fixed on me. I nodded at them and entered the elevator.

“Adele, what are you doing here?” Giana asked, approaching me.

“Where’s Carlton?” I asked, impatiently as my eyes danced around the floor.

“He’s in meeting. You can wai-,” I cut her off just like that and strode into the meeting room. Giana was following behind, tried to reach my speed but it was too late. “Adele, wait. Don’t”

Everyone stopped everything they were doing and looked at me, including Carlton. They were clearly astonished.

“Adele what are you doing here?” Carlton’s asked in half whisper

“Ladies and gentlemen, I need my husband for a moment.” I glared at him then turned to the others in the meeting room. They must be thinking how crazy I was to ambush in middle of meeting and ordered them too.

Carlton’s eyes widen but surprisingly his lips curved into a small smile as if he was amused by my actions. “I felt like a déjà vu”

“Oh, me too. But come with me now. I don’t care if you’re in meeting.” I whispered back in demanding voice.

“I’m sorry guys. Please carry on without me. Let’s go to my room.” He brought me out from the meeting room as he placed his hand on my small back while I was sulking with arms crossed to my chest.

He gestured me to enter his room and closed the door behind. “Where’s your phone? What took you so long to answer the call? You don’t like me, anymore right?” My eyes welled up with tears.

“Adele, no. What are you talking about?” He instantly neared me and cocooned me in his warm hug. As my head was on his chest, I inhaled his scent that I missed so much. “Look at me.” He lifted my head to meet his eyes, staring at him melted my anger.

“I’m sorry for not spending time with you. I was extremely busy but I really didn’t mean to ignore your calls.” He apologised. My eyes were still glassy with the tears and avoided his strong gaze.

“Even you saw right I was in meeting and my phone is in silent. Forgive me baby.” He said as his hand around my waist.

“Look at me, Adele. Had your lunch yet? It’s almost lunch hour, let’s go.” He neared the doorknob but I stopped him as I held his arms. He turned around to face me with a frown. “I miss you. I miss your touch. Kiss me.” I said in low tone with a pout too.

He grinned as he leaned down and pressed his lips on my lips. He deepened the kiss by pushing me against the door. It was a moment of passion and lust. The next minute we both were on the couch as he began to unbutton my shirt and worked on to kiss my exposed skin.

I gasped in delight when I tugged off his shirt and pushed it down. My hand roamed over his firm and sexy body. He flipped me over that I was hovering him and I dropped kisses on his well-toned body. I gasped when his big hand squeezed my butt.

The cried of pleasure was definitely loud but thank god it was lunch hour or else everyone will be doomed, hearing how my surprise attack ended.

“If only I know this how it will end, I’ll be busier after this.” He said in playful tone and snuggled closer to me, after wore back his shirt.

“I dare you!” I smacked his arms.

As I checked the time, it was getting late. I stood up hurriedly, “I’ll see you at home okay. I love my lunch by the way.” He was sitting on the couch while I was bending down and grabbing my bag. He pulled me back by my hips and made me straddle on his lap.

“We’re not going back home today.” He said and slid his hand again under my shirt.

“Nope stop it! Where are we going then?”

“I’ll text you an address. Check in there and wait for me.”

“Okay. Do I need to pack anything?” He kissed me passionately without answering me and said huskily against my lips.

“You wouldn’t need it actually. But up to you.”

“I really don’t know what to buy for you. What do you want?” I asked, worried.

He smiled widely, “You are my-,”

I interrupted him by placing my index finger on his lips. “Sshh. I know. You don’t need a gift because I’m your biggest and greatest gift. I know because I’m irresistible.” I fanned myself as I wiggled my brows.

“Ok bye, I got to go.” Carlton gave me an unbelievable look and let out a throaty laugh.

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