Second Chance

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Chapter 25

“Good evening, Ma’am. How can I help you?” The hotel receptionist greeted me when I entered the hotel that was located opposite the Trevi Fountain, The Fontana Hotel. After two minutes, the receptionist popped up back to my face with a biggest smile and handed me the room key.

I nodded at her in acknowledgement and made my way to the room with a hand full of shopping bags. I bought some new clothes for myself since I didn’t have the time to go back to house.

I still couldn’t get a slightest idea on what going to happen next but with the gut feeling I unlocked the room door and got the shock of my life. The whole room was filled with red roses, I mean the entire room. I stood there in awe and tears that built up in my eyes, waiting for my signal to fall.

Sniffing in, I took the note that laid next to a rose gold glitter a-line gown. It had a stunning a-line skirt with slit and glitter fabric all over. I mesmerised in the beauty of the dress and gasped in how incredible Carlton was. It was totally insane when he paid attention in every little detail that I adored and the smallest gesture let me speechless all the time.

What I had done in my life to deserve this man? I don’t get it at all.

I read the note card that written;

Wait for me wifey! Hope you like the roses and dress. Happy first year anniversary, love of my life – Your husband since day one!

I teared right after I read the note. Again, my eyes roamed all over the room that filled with roses and laid on the bed, hugging the note that Carlton written for me.

I rose up from the bed when I heard a knock from the door. When I opened it, it was the room service with a cart. She looked at me for a moment then spoke, “Good evening, Mrs. Wilbert. This are the complimentary food specially for you. Hope you enjoy them.”

There was a wine! Just what I needed.

She arranged the food on the table at the balcony. I froze when she pushed the curtain of the balcony door, revealed the Trevi Fountain that could be the most exciting part of the hotel. It was right opposite the fountain, like I can sit there with Carlton and enjoy our dinner.

“Please don’t hesitate to call the front desk if you need anything else, ma’am.” She said politely.

“Thanks, sure will do.” I closed the door and walked back to the balcony to enjoy my view.

A flash of memories inescapably washed over me but this time it hurt less. It wasn’t as painful as last time. At this moment I just want to be next to Carlton and create more memories, just to add new meaning for this fountain too.

The time read, 6pm and I went to clean myself. After spending my alone time in the bubble bath, I covered myself with a bathrobe and got a glass of wine for me. The ‘lunch’ I had with Carlton wasn’t really enough. I laughed at myself for being too crazy about my husband for every reasons.

Man, I can’t get enough of him!

I fished up my phone from the handbag and called Carlton. This time he answered without letting it to ring more than two rings.

“You’re the best husband one could ask for.” I was back on the comfy bed wishing Carlton was here too.

“Anything for you, wifey. More to come sweetheart.” He replied with a small chuckle. I able to picture how cute and hot he would be with that smile on his sinfully handsome face. I remembered how much I despised when he called me wife or sweetheart but everything turned out to contrary. I could hear to that all day long.

“What am I doing here all alone? When are you coming? I have so much to tell you.” My voice was low, not sure if I was trying to be husky or sad.

“Can’t wait to see me already?” He teased.

“Yes. I bought something for me to wear so you can enjoy it.” I half whispered again and there was a silence on the other line. I giggled inwardly when I heard him clear his throat.

“I can’t wait now. Can I get a glimpse? You know just to survive until I reach next to you?”

“Jokes on you sir. Come and get it. No glimpse or anything.” We both laughed then he replied, “You’re driving me wild baby.”

The dress Carlton gifted me was a dress that every woman out there wanted to be. It was flattering. I felt dreamy and feminine once the gown hugged my body. Once I had my makeup and hair done, I decided to send a picture to Rheala and she was over the moon through her replies.

I stood up gracefully from the dressing table’s stool and smoothed my dress as I made my way toward the balcony.

The visitors of the fountain crowded the area when I saw a somewhat spontaneous play going on down there. But still the people gathered in circle around them which made me to sit at the chair with a right leg crossed over my left one with a glass of wine in one hand. It wasn’t a bad idea to enjoy the play while waiting for Carlton.

He might be busy finishing up his works so we could have all free day tomorrow and celebrate our anniversary peacefully.

The play was quite interesting even though I can’t hear a word from here. But judging by the fact of their acting skills I can see how funny the plot was. There were a group of men who dressed up in business outfits, sitting on a round table that was prepared as their prop, I suppose.

It was as if they were having a meeting with man, wearing a dark blue suit, at the corner of table. He must be playing a role of the chairperson. And after a moment of glancing the whole meeting scene, suddenly a girl busted in between, raging, I guess.

As my eyes fixed on the girl who was talking something toward the chairperson. Another man who was at the corner never take his eyes from the girl. He looked as if he fell in love with the girl at the first sight.

For the next scene, a girl with blonde hair came with cardboards of descriptions so the audience could read them before they proceed along. It was a scene where the girl and the first man engaged while the second man seemed heart broken about it. Some of the audience clapped in happiness while the others gave pity eyes to the other man.

Oh, that was sad!

The story went on as the two lovely people was in love with each other fondly but the other man got himself together as he smiled warmly seeing the girl who he fell for was happy with her love of life. The scene ended there as the other man carried on his daily life and the last scene started after a description showed by the blonde. It was a scene where the couple came for a vacation to Rome.

As they went on with their act, my forehead wrinkled when I noticed the familiarity. It was alike with my experience with Harriet. Taking a deep breath, I focused on the play after sipping the wine that I forgot.

When the play progressed, I began to fiddle the necklace around my neck and moved to the edge of the stool because at some point the whole act was as if based on true events that took place in my life.

You’re crazy, Adele. That can’t be happening, I whispered.

Every part of me wanted to go down there and question them the idea of the play but wouldn’t that be a dumbest move of mine. So, I forced myself to not act on my feelings and create a scene but I knew something going clearly weird.

The girl was giggling as her partner had her around his arms and stood right in front of the fountain. The whole area was crowded with people where I couldn’t see exactly see what was happening there but something caught my off guard. She wasn’t holding her boyfriend’s hand when she threw the coins.

My eyes trailed softly towards the person next to her. A gasp escaped my mouth when I saw the man next to her, it was the same man from the office.

Holy cow!

My heart was pounding like a drum in my chest and my eyes stayed put. I also didn’t miss the words she shouted back when she grasped that her boyfriend was standing at the side. “That wish is invalid. Invalid. Invalid. Error 404.”

I was witnessing literally the same thing that happened to me right before me. I still couldn’t wrap around my head, shaking my head rapidly in disbelief, “No, no. Tell me I’m dreaming.”

Not waiting anymore, I ran out from my room as my head was screaming and my lips allowed my heavy and raging breaths to escape. Carrying my dress with one hand so I won’t trip, I ran as fast as I could and reached the elevator. I pushed the elevator button not once but multiple times and cursed under my breath when it took some time to open.

As the elevator door opened widely, I didn’t waste a second there and entered in. After a while the elevator reached the ground floor, and I ran down again like Cinderella ran back to her house from the palace before the spell wears off.

I definitely caught people’s attention as some were throwing me weird stares while others hissed when I pushed them off so they could create a path for me to reach my destination. Even though my leg was burning in pain but at the main motive of mine right now was to find out the truth.

Glancing around frantically, I got disappointed when nobody from the act wasn’t there anymore. Breathlessly, I neared a lady who was standing there with her family, “Excuse me, did you see the act that happened here?”

“No, we didn’t.”

“Jesus, the thing just happened.” I raised my voice but she shook her head and walked away from there.

I sighed heavily and asked the others but they said the same. I saw with my own bloody eyes; how can this people didn’t see anything. I threw my head back groaning and sat on the stairs, staring at the fountain and closed my eyes.

Just then, a little girl wearing white gown neared me with a bright smile on her face and few balloons and an envelope attached to the balloon string. I frowned at her but her eyes set on mine. Hoping that she would leave, I looked away but she didn’t. Raising my eyebrow, I questioned her with a small smile from my lips.

“This is for you.” I hesitated at first but took it from her hand.

“Thanks, but from whom?” She smiled, showing her teeth and leaned closer to kiss my cheek. I chuckled softly at the adorable girl when she kissed my cheek and ran away from there. My eyes glued on her until she disappeared.

I shifted my gaze to the balloons and the envelope. My jaw slightly dropped when I opened the envelope and there was a piece of photo. My heart began to pound in eagerness and edginess. Only for a few second, I didn’t have the courage to see the picture but pushing it away, I took out the picture.

The next thing happened to me was, I froze there and stared at the picture in dazed manner. Hugging the picture, closed to my chest and I let out a breathy giggle. Without me realising, the balloons that I was holding in one hand, flew highly since I couldn’t contain the happiness flooded in me.

I couldn’t hold myself from beaming at the picture. “Told you it wasn’t anyone close to my ex or Giana.” A voice startled me from behind. I spun around, saw Carlton standing there dressed in his suit with hands to the sides of his pant pocket.

“It was you.” I came low as I neared him with shiny eyes.

He smiled dreamily, “Yes, it was you.” He said that as he stressed the word ‘you’.

I leaned closer toward him and looked straight into his eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Our lips were inches away when I breathed out those words. His eyes went from my eyes to my lips continuously. “Waiting for the right time.”

My eyes remained on his face as I cupped his face and brought him nearer to mine. I locked my lips on his, affectionately. I felt like kissing him for the very first time and it was totally different from before. The kiss was filled with love and it was the kiss where I can figure everything, he feels for me. Slowly, he deepened the kiss before nibbling my lower lips that sent a little pleasure through my veins.

Passion clouded our eyes when we pulled apart as stood there as our forehead touched. A few seconds later, our breath became even and we smiled at each other with butterflies settling in my stomach.

“It was me.” I showed the picture to Carlton.

“It was you and always has been you, Adele Raquel. Since the first day you walked in or stormed in that room.” He chuckled and I grinned widely, remembering how magical our story could sound if I tell anyone. I mean can you believe that you have crossed your man without even realising.

Then he continued, “There is something in you keeps me fall deeply. The way you make me feel, damn Adele I can’t explain at all. I want to be familiar with all the little things about you and every significant detail about you.” Our fingers intertwined.

“Why me?” I asked softly.

“Because you’re you. The beautiful soul and your heart, I fall for that even you without doing that.”

I stood there motionless, unable to say anything when he spoke everything that I didn’t expect. He left me speechless. Studying him for a moment, “I don’t know what to say Carlton.”

He reached my hand and kissed it. “You don’t have to say anything, wife.”

I took a deep breath, “Thank you so much, Carlton. You have no idea how my heart fluttering with your own way. Without even me realising, I fall for you Carlton and I know why. Because all of the little things you have done for me, you healed me mentally and it meant so much for me.”

I touched his cheek. “You awaken the hopeless romantic little girl that I shut off long time ago in me.” His intense eyes looked at me, put his arms around my waist and pressed his lips against mine.

“I’ll choose you over and over again, husband.”


In him, I found my home and the silver lining that one searched behind the clouds. Carlton Wilbert always took me in surprise no matter how much I tried to figure out. I wasn’t complaining but indeed found it a biggest pleasure of mystery that I would like to discover every edge of him.

Carlton made me realise the love that my heart and soul deserves. He continuously put effort and worked his way to fall for him and myself every day.

After our long confession with the fountain as our witness, he gave me another surprise with tickets to Maldives.

“How did you know?” I exclaimed in surprise.

“I have my ways.” He replied with his signature smirk.

“Oh, shut up. I know your source. Must be Carlotta and Kayden.” I rolled my eyes.

When we were on the plane, Carlton asked me an unexpected question. “Why were you so grumpy lately?”

“A wise man once told me; women get attitude when they miss someone. I’m not pregnant if that’s what everyone wondering.” I replied dryly and placed my head on his shoulder as I covered my head with a blanket.

I never thought the decision I made for my family once turned out the best decision I made for my life. Carlton and his love became something that every girl pray for. I can never thank enough the universe to bring him in my life.

He became my positive influence. Whenever things go wrong, he made it right as we sat together and looked for solution without letting it over my head.

He sat down with me and explained without getting tired of my rebellious side simply because he knew my quirkiness and made mental notes to remind him.

A simple touch of him meant so much for me as how his hand trailed over my bare back and pulled me closer to snuggle. All I could hear at the moment was the sound of his soft breath and the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean billowing rhythmically.

He opened his eyes and I met a mesmerising pair of eyes. “Happy anniversary husband. I love you.” I kissed his lips.

His fingertips all over my skin and replied in his deeper voice. “Happy anniversary love. I love you more.”

God, save me!

Time is everything when it is about your soulmate.


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