Second Chance

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Chapter 5

Rheala lost her patience and frustration was showing on her gorgeous face. I told her everything that happened between me and Carlton, especially the way he slammed the room door on my face. It was surprising when he didn’t return back to the room after the war. Even this morning, he left the house earlier without having breakfast with us.

I had to make up a story when his parents asked me. Thank God they didn’t question much after that. I texted Rhea immediately after reached my café and currently wasn’t sure of how and what she would react but definitely a bad one.

“Are you mad, ADELE RAQUEL?” I shuddered with her sudden response but quickly took a deep breath, knowing very well that this going to be a pretty long lecture. She kept going on and on, pointed out every fault of mine and the way I talked to Carlton.

“I can’t imagine you could say all that to him, Ele. He is hurt. That lady will have all the chance to snatch your husband from him.”

I closed my eyes for a second and replied, “I don’t care because I don’t like him. This is a loveless marriage, Rhea. So, let’s stop expecting much from this and me. I can’t do anything.”

She flared her nostril, “I don’t think so. It wasn’t like loveless marriage for me, you should have seen the way drooled over him during lunch the other day. And how he returned your look. Put away for your ego and be nice to him. Why so rude?”

I remained quiet as I remembered last weekend. My actions didn’t sync in with my words, I was acting the other way around. My lips pursed trying to avoid Rhea’s all-knowing-expression. “I was right, didn’t I? You checked him out!”

I straightened-up with a widen eyes, “Nothing to do with liking him”

Her sour expression dropped, “So, you’re not denying that you checked him out?”

It took me a moment to register that and before I could say something, “Ele, you can lie to me but not to your feelings and your hormones, at least!” Then she laughed it off while stuffing a muffin in her mouth, earned a scowl from me.

I paused, tried to figure out this lady’s eating habits as my thumbs circled my forehead. “Rhea, why are you eating as if you’ve been starved for days?”

She chocked and quickly grabbed the glass of water to gulp it. “So, Aidan not providing you any food? Shall I talk to him? Is this how he taking care you?”

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and giggled which sounded creepy as hell to me. I shrugged and threw my hands in the air when she wasn’t telling me anything but continue with her weirdo looks, “Oh god, cut it Rhea. You’re creepy.”

“I’m pregnant bitch.”

“Oh” with that I stood up from there, wait! ‘I’m pregnant’ I spun around fast enough to almost tumble the waiter. “What? OH MY GOD!!! RHEA!!” I crashed her into a biggest hug in excitement. I can’t be happier than this, the gladdest news for me.

“Thank you. We checked last night and confirmed this morning.” I listened to her while imagining how their little family going to look like. I’ve been witnessing Aidan and Rhea’s love story and literally can feel how Aidan would be pouring his all love towards Rhea and their child, the symbol of their love.

“And I’ll be the godmother. Rhea, I’m super excited now. I’m sure your baby going to have the same curly like yours!” I almost jumped out from my seat in excitement.

“You both will be the baby’s godparent” I was confused with her words and crocked my brows. “You and Carlton.”

She wasn’t giving up, at all! Fine, pregnant lady’s wish.

I huffed out and nodded lazily. While we were talking enthusiastically, a car screeched in front of my café caught everyone’s attention. Before I could see the owner, my staff hurried to me, “Prince charming is here.” I turned to look at her, my eyebrows fused in a questioning frown.

Then she continued, “Your husband.” She grinned from mouth to ear and continuously stole a glance to the entrance. My gaze shifted from her to my best friend and she was giving the exact reaction, which wasn’t anything unusual. I was contemplating in my mind if I should move to the front and Rhea’s death stare made me to move my ass from the chair. As I neared the counter, I saw him queuing up as the rest and looking straight to the front with a relaxed face, masking all of his emotions. Rhea trailed behind, chanting at me, “Don’t be rude, talk properly”

I tapped on his shoulder as I neared him and battled with my soul and hormones when his cologne tickled my nose. He turned around to look at me and wore the same expression but instantly reformed when he saw Rhea next to me, he nodded and smiled politely to her.

“Look, who we have here! What brought you here?” I whispered audible enough for us.

“Not you of course. Coffee, I’m here for coffee.” He replied casually. I could guess he was playing too hard and that was reminding of myself a little. I tugged his arms and pulled him out from the queue. I called one of my staff and placed the order, “One almond milk latte.” He was astounded when I said that, “How did you know that?”

“I may not say much but I notice. You have lactose intolerance.” I winked. His face lit up when I answered him. “Oh, she’s pregnant” I pointed at Rhea who standing there witnessing our strangely nice conversation that happens only once in a blue moon.

“Heyy, congratulations!” he stretched out his hand and congratulated her. “We should celebrate.” He said that with a bright smile plastered on his face.

“Right, I said the same say.” I replied.

He spoke again, “But once I return from my business trip.” My world stopped for a moment, ‘what was that, dude’

Not again! Rhea was already with look where she could guess what going to happen next. My eyes widen a moment.

“What? Business trip? Why only now I’m knowing about this?” I asked. Before he could speak, my staff brought his order, “Thanks! See you Rhea. I’ll catch you later.” He said that and walked out from the café.

Rhea’s smile dropped as she looked at me when Carlton left the cafe. I didn’t wait anymore over there since I deserve a bloody explanation.

I pulled by his arms when he wanted to open the car door, “Hey wait! I’m asking you Carlton. Care to explain?” He kept massaging his temple as if my question was extremely hard for him to answer.

“Well, I’m telling you now.” He stated leaning against his car.

“Giana?” I hesitated.

“She too.” We both kept staring at each other for a few seconds before I spoke. “I’m coming with you!”


“Well, I made a promise to your mum, remember?” I replied, simply stressing the word mum! Just in case he thought I’m too excited to spend time with him and his ex-girlfriend.

“Since when you started to give damn about promises, Adele? I’m curious to know about it.” His words came off as an insult and it pricked to the corner of my heart.

“Always, Carlton. You don’t know much about me.” I snapped.

He averted his gaze to the side and shook his head with a fake small laugh, “Impressive. Pack your things and we’re leaving tomorrow.” I gave him a nod of agreement and smiled.

Something crossed my mind and an evil smiled played on my face.

Before he got into the car, I stopped him by his arms again and said, “I won’t be home tonight. I have a date.”

He wore his shades which gained extra attention from the group of ladies at my café, “So?” With that he climbed in his car and drove off from there.

Huh?!!! Only that was the reaction I got from him!? Then it was clear wasn’t it, that he dislikes me as well?

What you were expecting from him, Adele? You both have no feelings for each other and especially you. Then why bother?

My subconscious mind reminded me. I brushed off the thoughts and entered the cafe.


ASSHOLE! - still couldn’t get over his reaction, regardless! I was cursing under my breath while drinking the wine my staffs ordered. It wasn’t any sort of dinner date but a small party to celebrate my wedding which I promised them.

I lied to Carlton, to see his reaction and totally disappointed.


We picked a bar to enjoy the night and unexpectedly Alfredo was here too. To avoid any sort of conversation from him, I moved to the bar counter and ordered a drink for myself.

“Adele! I didn’t expect to see you here?” He found me.

Then where did he expected to see me? Zoo?

I smiled politely, “Hi Alfredo. Well, we came to celebrate my wedding.” A flash of sadness ran on his face but he quickly masked it with a nod and smile.

“He’s lucky man, Adele. Still, I wish we could go for a date.” His words seemed as gibberish and before I could reply, “But that’s impossible, right?” He really tried his luck tonight.

“Obviously!” I let out a nervous laugh.

“Hey but a drink together wouldn’t a harm” He raised his glass to mine and we sat there, shared bunch stories about us.

Out of nowhere, a chill ran down my spine! While, Alfredo was talking excitedly, my eyes roamed around the crowd. I felt as if I’m being watched but who!

My breath hitched when I spotted a calm yet cold eyes watching me from far.

Carlton Wilbert, my dear husband!


I was about the celebrate my victory but soon had a mini heart attack, when I saw the bimbo next to him. They were not alone but with some men at their table.

I glared at him and turned to face Alfredo. As much as I tried to concentrate, I couldn’t. My eyes shifted back to Carlton and he was doing the same.

He was nodding for whatever they were talking there but his eyes fixed nowhere else but on me. Something ignited in me with that look of him. A smirk played on my lips slowly.

“You listening right?” Alfredo’s voice reminded me his presence and his slightly touched my arms. I removed it and I can’t think of anything to reply him. I nodded slowly and stood up “I’ll be right back.”

I walked in to the ladies and stayed there for few minutes. I opened the tap and let the water to run freely. Thank God, the restroom was empty. I placed my hand on the sink and breathe deeply.

What’s happening to me? The only question playing in my mind. The fact of seeing him with Giana really stressing the hell out of me.

I washed my hand and turned off the tap. I walked out from the restroom and a deep voice from my behind, startled me. “He wasn’t that interesting I suppose?”

I turned around and saw Carlton leaning against the wall with his hand shoved in his pockets, “I can say the same. Since you couldn’t get your eyes off me” I smirked arrogantly.

“But it’s different for me. I’m here with my friends and you’re here for a date. He should keep you entertained but you were looking at me all the time” he replied.

“Well, you got distracted easily with me. Am I right?” I wanted to smack off the smirk.

“Don’t think high of yourself. Admit it, I’m too attractive since you ignored your friends and even your dear secretary!”

He seemed entertained and played along with a chuckle, “I’ll get going Mr. Husband. I don’t want to keep him waiting. You too or Giana will be sad. Bye” He stood there smiling as watching me twirled a strand of my curled long hair around my finger.

When I back in the crowd, I saw Natty sitting next to Alfredo and they looked good together and happy. I had no ideas which lame joke of him made her laughed so hard until she threw her head behind. I didn’t wanted ruin their happy moment but it wouldn’t seemed nice if I leave without saying goodbye.

“Guys, I should leave now.” I told them and grabbed my stuffs from the counter.

“Prince charming didn’t let you stay out for so long?” She asked, winking at me.

‘Lol, as if! He’d always prefer Giana over me, look at there, blind lady. He out with Giana!’ I thought in my heart and half smiled at her. Alfredo hugged me and it was not really a friend-like hug. I pulled out immediately when I could smell both his strong alcohol and cologne together, that made me felt sickened. He insisted to company me until the car but I refused and left the bar.


I opened the house door slowly and sawn there was darkness everywhere except the kitchen. I tiptoed carefully to find the intruder in my house. And it was a beautiful sight for sure when I saw Carlton stood there with just his sweatpants. When exactly he left the bar? I barely stopped my hand to near him and run my hand all over his toned back. I felt like a creeper as I watched him making coffee attentively.

Again, I sneaked in the kitchen to near but he twisted around quickly and caught me off guard. He raised his eyebrows then looked at me knowingly. “You’re a creep, Adele!”

“Excuse me” I scoffed then looked away from making eye contact with him. He took the cup and sipped his coffee and I could feel his intense gaze on me. My heart was racing faster.

He has a hot body! The scream in my mind getting louder and louder as he walked towards me. Involuntarily, I bit my lower lip and moved backward until I hit the kitchen counter. As he leaned in, I grasped the counter hardly and felt his warm breath fanned on my cheeks. I shivered a little, “Go get a shower. Preferably, scrub it off!” He said firmly and pulled himself back.

My eyes opened widely when I heard that and at the same time he walked out from the kitchen. Surely, I heard it right!

“What the fuck, Carlton?” I shouted loud enough and paced toward him. I spun him around to look at him, “What’s wrong with you?” The bored look on his face appeared and walked past me instead of answering.

“Carlton Wilbert! Stop right there and answer me!” I said through gritted teeth.

“I thought my language was simple enough for you to understand!” he replied curtly. I glared at him as his act was plainly weird. He continued, “I don’t like the smell on you.” I furrowed my eyebrows and my mouth was opening and shutting.

“I want you to smell like my wife not like a drunken nasty guy!”

Right, he meant Alfredo! He saw the hugging incident then! As he said that, he slowly climbed up the stairs, also left me in dumbfound. No, I can’t let this conversation end like that! I followed him quickly and grabbed his wrist before he entered the study room.

“Wait, what’s the matter with you actually?” I asked him. His eyes studied me before answering, “Nothing!” and he folded his arms over his chest.

“You went out with Giana as well!” I barked, seriously he getting on my nerves.

“Dammit, Adele! She’s my secretary! He yelled back.

“YOUR EX! SHE WAS YOUR EX!” His eyes were burning and pierced into mine as if trying to understand me. Then he turned to open the doorknob and entered the room, I followed him and waited for him to say something. He placed the cup on the table and without looking at me, he said, “You’re driving me crazy, Adele!”

“I didn’t do anything, Carlton!” I murmured, unsure of what he meant.

“Yes, you did and you are!” he stated, slamming the table hardly which made me jolted up. “What you want, Adele?” I remained static while figuring his words. A few seconds later, he advanced his steps toward me, “Tell me Adele. What do you want? You care nothing about this marriage since you’re not that possessive lunatic wife.”

I gave him a questioning look and looked away. “I can say the same when you were busying looking at me earlier. Why you did that? And so, what if I smelled like someone else? Now you tell me, Mr. Carlton! What you want? You don’t get to order me around like we own to each other. So, stop with your bossy attitude.” I poked his chest when said that.

We both froze there, staring at each other without noticing the gap between us. He was only a hair’s width away from mine. I breathed in the smell of his cologne and his heat got into myself. I held myself so hard to not grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him.

‘Get a grip, Adele!’

I felt his lips brushing against mine which was enough to tempt me. He closed his eyes as he caressed my cheek. I gulped nervously when realised he can really make me feel vulnerable. I cursed myself in mind but enjoyed the moment. I leaned in for his touch.

Suddenly, he pulled himself and left me in shock. He said, “You should sleep. We must leave early tomorrow.” Then returned to his table without looking back at me. It was as an attack of cold water for over my senses.

Did I just yearn for his touch and kiss?

But why he always in distant with me? Giana? He still in love with her maybe that was the case. But I didn’t want to jump in conclusion. Feeling rather stupid, I walked out from the room.

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