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Chapter 1 - Italian Princess


“Oh my God, Jackson. This is so good!” I moaned in pleasure, Jackson’s cheeks tinting a deep shade of crimson.

“Alison! What are you doing?” he whisper-shouted pulling me closer to him.

I licked my lips again, looking up and into his dark brown eyes before replying, “I’m enjoying the best Italian ice cream I’ve ever had, and embarrassing you in the process.” I giggled, taking another generous lick off the delicious frozen delicacy, evidencing the sexual connotation of the gesture, my eyes never leaving his. “So. Good.” I whispered with a wicked smile across my face, just before cleaning the corner of my bottom lip with the pad of my thumb, sensually taking it into my mouth, and gently sucking on it.

“Come on, Alison! I’m a police officer. Do you know how many people can see me here and recognize me?” Jackson said in a faintly annoyed tone, but I could see the heat building as his eyes shone brighter while he unconsciously licked his lips too.

“Oh please… you are hardly a police officer. Besides it’s not my fault you made terrible career choices and even made an effort to be more than just a police officer. Maybe you should be more worried about someone recognizing me. Now that could bring you much more trouble than my fake moaning. A DEA officer and a mafia princess. What a headline!”

He rolled his eyes at my remark, “You know that can’t happen. That’s why we have to keep this very well hushed. Besides, that would be much less of a problem than your brother finding out, right?”

“Is that a threat, officer?” I teased him back. He would never rat us out to Matt, mainly because he would be the one to suffer the consequences, not me. They were on opposite sides of the spectrum now, with Matt being New York’s Mafia Don and Jackson on the force. So keeping whatever is going on between us a secret, was in both of our best interests.

“Not at all, Miss Battaglia. It’s a warning. Just behave so we can fly under the radar as much as possible. Deal?”

“You should know better than to be trying to cut a deal with the Mafia, Sir. I think we need to take this conversation somewhere more private, so we can negotiate our terms properly. Besides, vanilla and chocolate topping isn’t quite cutting it for me right now. I’m suddenly craving Japanese.” I bluntly flirted. It was time to leave, fraternizing wasn’t really ever our thing.

“I might have just the thing, princess.” He smirked before pulling me closer, gently licking the sweetness off my lips. I closed my eyes, leaning into him, rendering my mouth to his will, the heat in the small gelateria suddenly rising enough to melt every damn ice cream in this place in mere seconds. “Yep, it’s definitely time to go.” Jackson confirmed, pulling away from me, a slight hint of the enticing tent already rising in his pants making me smile at the prospect of what’s to come.

The first time we both hooked up was a while back already, but things at work were so out of control that I figured I needed a distraction or I would never get out of the office. So, I found that Jax was a good enough reason to get myself unburied from the pile of work that never ceased to grow.

I worked as a junior project manager at my father’s architectural firm – AD Architects. My other brother Liam was soon to take over the firm, his long-standing dream was finally coming true, but that left me carrying on my shoulders all the weight of the actual job that he couldn’t find time to do. We were understaffed right now, and just landed a huge project on top of everything. So, yeah, saying I was overworked, overloaded, and overtired was the understatement of the century. Jax helped take off the edge, so I decided to booty call him again. This was nothing serious. Nothing ever was.

I had my flings, my occasional hookups, that had become scarce lately, even before Jackson, but nothing past that. I was still to find someone that drove me crazy. Someone who peaked my attention in such a way that I couldn’t devote enough of it to remind me to breathe. I’ve never felt that, and I was starting to think it was truly not in the cards for me. I was peculiar, myself and my taste. Strange even, and I know that it takes a lot to incite interest. I needed someone to break me from this loop, someone who could challenge me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have never loved a man in my life. Never felt the air knocked out of my lungs by anyone. Never felt I could bear more than just occasional dates and sex. So flings alone it was.

I wondered why I had chosen him of all people to be my new fuck buddy. Jackson fucking Naoki, as my oldest brother Matt, would so politely put it.

Jackson and Matt used to be best friends, I mean inseparable best friends, like nuts, where one would go, the other would follow. If I hadn’t seen all the beautiful girls they both always had hanging on their arms, I would have assumed they were both gay. I was relieved to know they weren’t because I had an immediate crush on Jackson ever since I laid eyes on him for the first time, arriving at my house with Matt, for the holidays. I can still clearly remember that day as if it had just happened. I was mesmerized, in a complete trance as he confidently strutted into our house in a leather jacket with a bunch of patches on it. He had jet black hair that matched his torn alluring eyes, a gift from his Japanese father, caramel skin he inherited from his Brazilian mother, with a height and build that could make anybody cower away from a fight. He wasn’t built like a closet, he was lean but muscular. I could see it even through his thick winter clothes.

You must be the little Italian princess Matt is always bragging about. Alison, right?’ Those were his condescending first words to me, toned down specifically to address a thirteen-year-old. But I know that even then, the feist and spark I have today was lying beneath my skin, rising to ebullition point in seconds, as his words wiped away the drool that had formed in my mouth.

Yes, Alison. I’m not a princess. Funny enough my brother never spoke about you. Who is he again?’ I knew fairly well, just desperately needed to land my own blow, hopefully showing him that I was no baby.

Jackson Naoki, at your service, Miss Battaglia. You are Italian royalty in a way, so of course, you are a princess. From what I know you are perfectly aware of that, and always get what you want.’ The glint in his eyes and the sparkle of his smirk sent shivers down my spine and I was completely caught, even though that was not his intention. He bent down and placed a kiss on each of my cheeks, Italian style, my skin immediately erupting into millions of small goosebumps where his lips had touched me.

‘Down tiger, she’s thirteen AND my sister. Completely OFF LIMITS.’ Matt grunted from the door, knocking my amusement straight out of me again.

‘Hey, bro. Meant nothing by it. She will forever be your baby sister!’ Jackson had cleared, his hand held up in surrender, leaving the bitter taste of his words in my mouth.

That’s the first memory I have of Jax. He was my first crush, my first heartbreak, and a few years later my first orgasm. No, he wasn’t the one who popped my cherry, as in virginity, he popped my masturbation cherry. He was the thoughts that were running wild when I first did it at sixteen, and the name I cried when that overwhelming feeling washed over me, like rain in a fucking desert.

Jackson wasn’t tight with his family, like us, he and his father were actually not on speaking terms for years, and his mother had passed before he met my brother, so he spent more time around our house than his own. His father, Hiro Naoki, was a boss in the New York Yakuza, and Jackson had never taken an interest or even approved of his father’s businesses.

It’s bizarre how fucking far that apple fell from the tree!

But ultimately, the bad history between the families had spilled onto the two of them, staining their friendship with rivalries and betrayal. So, saying there was bad blood between Matt and Jackson, was an understatement, to say the least.

In my opinion, it was now a ten-year-old grudge that had no reason to still be standing. A misunderstanding that could quickly be remedied if they weren’t men! There’s something about testosterone, that I am beginning to think blocks out certain abilities, like swallowing your own fucking pride, shutting up, and listening. Oh yeah, and asking for directions!

Jackson was a DEA agent, and had every opportunity to rat us out but didn’t. He even came to our assistance when we needed help a couple of months ago, jeopardizing his job just for the sake of setting the record straight. All that, and maybe the forbidden fruit being sweeter crap, had made that childhood crush come alive and burn hotter with lusting curiosity, once again. Maybe that’s why I had chosen him. A newly arisen opportunity to taste what I had so desperately wanted when I was younger but never got the chance to have. And he was as sweet as I could have imagined. So. Fucking. Sweet.

We called an Uber to go back to my apartment, and I couldn’t help but get the party started right in that back seat. Jackson struggled to keep my shameless hands away from his private parts, and my lips from tasting his. As it seemed, he just wasn’t trying hard enough.

“The driver is getting uncomfortable, Alison.” He admonished me, looking to the front of the car, and into the rear-view mirror where the driver’s eyes were glued, checking out the action in the rear of his car.

“I don’t give a damn,” I whispered into Jackson’s ear, before turning to the driver. “Hey, you! Eyes on the road, today is not a good day to die, and I’m not talking about a traffic accident, so focus on what you’re supposed to do and get us there quickly.”

Jackson hummed in my ear, my authoritative tone making him rise higher than the Empire fucking State Building, and I smiled widely in approval. I was dominant by nature, maybe something I had inherited from my family and probably the reason why I couldn’t hold a guy for longer than a couple of dates. And as far as sex was concerned, it was my way or the fucking highway. I knew what pleased me, how hard and how much, so I did what I had to do to ensure my own pleasure. That’s what men do, right? After a couple of hookups, I got the message loud and clear. They were in it for their own satisfaction, every party had to search and claim their pleasure, or go without. I know I have been left empty-handed, and I was just making sure that wouldn’t happen again, especially when I so desperately needed to relieve the tension. Jackson didn’t mind. He was used to being in control all day and all night, and so, between the sheets - or against the wall, as I was currently planning - he didn’t mind giving up the reins.

We stumbled out of the car, racing up the stairs to my apartment, my shirt already unbuttoned, revealing my almost bare breasts, just covered by my sheer lacy bra. I couldn’t care less about being caught by one of my neighbors, my moral perception of decency was too lustfully clouded. I melted into the ravishing kisses, Jackson’s hand traveling up my skirt and the other down my chest. My mind was already in a blurry haze as my eyes saw nothing but this hot hungry man, trailing wet kisses on my exposed neck, before returning to my mouth and teasing my tongue. His hair was already disheveled as I couldn’t stop my hand from pulling and grabbing to have him closer and everywhere I directed him to. I could feel my core burning, a tingling sensation arousing me with each stroke of his tongue, each squeeze of his strong hand, each bite on my swollen wet lips. I couldn’t wait for him to get to the other pair. Those were more than already soaking.

Almost there!

Between raging kisses, roaming hands, and grinding hips, we had finally made it to the top floor. I was already barely keeping myself from telling him to fuck me right in the hall, that’s how much I needed this fix. Jackson held me against the wall, a couple of feet away from my front door, pulling my bra down, exposing my right hardened nipple, gently biting on it, before completely taking it into his mouth. My head fell back in bliss, as he pushed his erection into my aching pussy at the same time. His hard cock, already delivering pleasure even with my clothes still on.

“Ahem!” I heard someone fake-clearing their throat down the hall, just outside my door. My head immediately snapped to the right while my eyes flew open. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.”

“What the hell are you doing here, Max?” I shouted in disbelief as I covered myself back up. Max was one of my brother’s most trusted soldiers, and he was strangely standing outside of my door. Jackson and I tried awkwardly to compose ourselves, not minding Max’s still oddly calm demeanor as if he hadn’t just witnessed the both of us almost getting it on, right in front of him.

“I came to speak to you.” He replied, looking straight at Jackson before speaking again, his voice deeper and more menacing even in just that lonesome word. “Alone!”

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