Whispers Of A Ghost

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The Letter

A year passed, and I hadn’t heard from Maddox at all. A month after Maddox left our baby girl was born, and I named her Juno. Every night I would tell her stories about her dad. then I would walk to the mailbox to see if Maddox wrote to me. During the first two months I would check the mail everyday to see if Maddox wrote to me, but there was never anything there. so, I stopped checking everyday because I started to give up on waiting. Then one day when I went outside there was a letter. I quickly ran inside to read it. I ripped open the envelope, and took out the paper. I started reading, the first words scared me. “We are sorry to say,” the letter read. I kept reading, and they explained that Maddox went out to fight and protect the base, and he didn’t return. And they don’t think he is still alive. Tears rolled down my face. I got up and walked into my room. I picked up a photo of Maddox, then fell to the floor and started crying. Fifteen minutes later I got up and walked to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down on the couch. Days passed and I was still upset. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. After three months I still looked at photos of him, I just couldn’t let him go. three months then became four, then five and I still hadn’t let go. I decided I was going to write letters addressed to Moddox and keep them all in a box, then I would read them in the future. I started my first letter, it read;

“Dear Maddox,

It has been 5 months since I got the letter from the base.

I still think of you every day and I will always remember the great times we had together.

Our daughter was born on april second and she is now one year and four months old, and her name is Juno.

I wish you were still here with me and that we could raise Juno together, when she gets old enough I will tell her all about you. She will grow up to see her father as a hero.

Your love; Nora”

I put the letter in a box and put it under my bed. A year passed and I had finally moved on, I still continued to write letters every month.

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