Whispers Of A Ghost

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After 2 years I realized I was starting to form feelings for my best friend Luna. Luna had helped me through everything the past three years, and she was always there for me and Juno. She came over every day to help around the house and to keep me company since the house was so quiet without Maddox around. I tried to push away my feelings for her but I just couldn’t. Her deep blue eyes, long blonde hair and amazing personality kept pulling me closer. I wished I could just tell her how I felt but I was too afraid that she would stop visiting me. After I thought about it for a while, I decided to write a letter.

It said;

“ Dear Luna,

I have wanted to tell you for quite some time.

I realized that I really care about you, I enjoy when you come over, and I love having you by my side. But, I feel like there could be something more here.

I mean, I am insanely in love with you, and wish I had the courage to tell you sooner.


I read the letter over and over and decided I wasn’t ready for her to know, so I put the letter in my night stand beside my bed. I went to see what Juno and Luna were up to, I walked into Juno’s room and saw Luna reading Juno a story. I smiled and gave Juno a kiss on the head. When she was finally asleep, Luna and I went to the living room and sat on the couch, we talked for a while and I was starting to get tired. Luna and I walked to my room and I got ready for bed, when I was done I went to make sure Juno was still asleep. When I came back to my room Luna was looking at me and smiling, a few seconds later she asked if she could stay the night. I said yes, she went to my closet and got out one of my oversized T-shirts. We sat on my bed for a bit and I asked her why she wanted to stay over. She stared at me for a second then kissed me. I was so confused when she kissed me. I backed away slightly. Luna opened the drawer in my nightstand and pulled out the letter I had written. She looked at me and said she was sorry for looking at it and explained that she was just putting her glasses in the drawer and saw a letter with her name on it, and after she had read it she knew that she had to tell me that she felt the same way. I grabbed the letter and set it on the nightstand. After we talked about it we decided that it would be nice for both of us if we were together.

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