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At the drive-in

-Alexander’s POV

I pay for the food, but Samantha insists on buying the tickets for the drive-in. To my surprise, the drive-in is actually packed, and it takes me a little to find a good spot.

Who knew that horror was so popular?

Samantha’s phone rings and I smile when I see that her phone case is personalized with a picture of her and Emma.

″Yes?'' Samantha asks.

″Sammy, when will you be home?''

″After your bedtime. Why do you ask, lovey?''

″Because I wanted to have a sleepover with Mia. So, can we build a fort in our room?''

″Yes, but only if you promise not to make it too late. You both have school tomorrow.''

Excited screams and Samantha shakes her head.

″Have fun you two! Wait, Emma?''


″Can you please give the phone to uncle Thomas or aunt Laurel?″


Samantha removes the phone from her ear.


″Aunt Laurel, it’s me.″

″Hello, dear! What can I do for you?″

″Two favours I hope.''

‴Name it, dear.''

″Well can you please make sure those two don’t break down the room? My wardrobe is already at risk as it is.″

I hear Mrs. Reed laugh.

″I will do my best and what is the second thing?″

″Will you please hide the bag of KitKats that’s under my bed?″

Again, I hear Mrs. Reed laugh.

″I will keep it out of the reach of the girls, don’t worry.″

″No, you have to hide it from Tyler! Remember last time when he found them in the drawer of my desk?″

″Yes, the house suddenly felt very small and fragile,″ aunt Laurel responds. ″I will hide it in a place where Tyler will never think to look.″

″The third drawer in the bathroom?″


″That will work. Thank you, aunt Laurel.″

″Anything for you, dear. Give my regards to Millie and have fun at the movies. Text me when you are coming home, please.″

″I’m not with Millie, aunt Laurel. I have plans with her tomorrow. I’m with Alexander at the drive-in, there is a horror marathon tonight!″


″You know Alexander, aunt Laurel. Tyler's better half who makes sure that he doesn't do stupid things every five minutes.''

″I know who Alexander is, Samantha!'' aunt Laurel laughs. ''I was just surprised to hear that he went to a horror marathon. He and Tyler were always terrified of those kinds of movies. Doesn't matter, have a great time and I will see you when you get home.''

Samantha hangs up the phone and I purposely look the other way.

″Terrified?″ Samantha asks with a smirk.

″Only because Tyler and I watched the Ring when we were eight years old!″

″You do know that they are showing the Ring as the second movie, right?″

″No, I didn’t know that!″

I turn to face Samantha and she starts laughing.

″Idiot, why didn’t you say something? We didn’t have to go here.″

''Because planning a date is not hard but taking you on one is!'' I answer. ''You never texted me back about last Friday and you had your exams after that. I was already happy with taking you to Burger Joe, but you sounded so excited when you saw the sign for this event and that made it very easy for me.''

''I'm the worst,'' Samantha groans. ''I completely forgot with everything that was going on.''

''Don't worry about it, Jones. As I said, I'm already happy to get to spend some time with you and I'm not eight years old anymore.''

Samantha smiles as we get out of the car and then I see her checking her reflection in the side mirror.

''Well, perhaps I will be the scariest thing that you see tonight. Can't believe that want to be seen with me in public looking like...''

''Samantha, you could wear a garbage bag and I would still think that you look beautiful. However, I don't think that you need this in your hair,'' I interrupt her as I remove the pencil and hand her the sleeping bag.

''Are you always this prepared for a drive-in?'' Samantha quickly changes the subject as she tries to hide the fact that she is blushing.

''I go camping a lot and it is easier for me to keep most of my gear in the trunk of my car. Now, hop on, and then I will hand you the food.''

''I always thought that you were supposed to watch the movie from inside the car, but this is so much better!'' Samantha says as she sits down. This is very comfortable, and we have the best view!''

I join her and I start to get the food out of the bags.

''You never saw a movie in a drive-in before?'' I ask as I give Samantha her cheeseburger menu.

The movie starts and the first up is The Conjuring. I'm trying to focus my attention on the movie, but I rather watch Samantha eat. She was enjoying every bite and she actually moans when she starts with her cheeseburger.

''That good?'' I tease.

''Try and decide for yourself,'' Samantha smiles as she holds up her burger for me, so I can take a bite.

''I'm sorry, Homestyle still wins. Nothing can beat an Angus burger with steak sauce.''

''I knew you were too good to be true,'' Samantha grumbles and her comment almost makes me choke on my fries.

''I'm sorry to disappoint you, Jones. Can I change your opinion of me by offering you the coffee with caramel sundae or would you rather have the one with KitKat and chocolate?''

''The KitKat and chocolate one please and Alexander?''

''Yes, Jones?''

''I hope that the movie is not too scary for you.''

-Alexander’s POV

I make it through the first movie, but then there is an announcement.

″Sorry, folks. It appears the movie IT was damaged, but do not worry. We have one hell of a backup for you. In fifteen minutes, we will start with the Ring!''

″Let’s go for a walk!″ Samantha says and I nod. We walk in the direction of the toilets, where I wait for Samantha.

″Five minutes, folks.″

I groan and in my mind, I curse at my bad luck. Samantha was joking when she said the Ring was the second movie they were showing, but now it was a reality. I had to watch the movie that gave me nightmares for years!″

Samantha returns and we walk back to the car.

″You don’t have to see this one if you don’t want to,″ Samantha offers. ''We can go somewhere else and do something that we can both enjoy.''

''We are blocked in, and I already told you that I'm not eight anymore.''

I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but the damage is already done. Samantha looks tense and very uncomfortable, which makes watching the movie very awkward.

Seven days!″

My stomach turns and I feel warm. I'm so warm that I actually starting to sweat. Fuck!

I suddenly feel Samantha squeezing my hand and she moves towards me.






I look confused at her and then it hits me.





″Are you making that up?″

Samantha shakes her head and chuckles. ″No, it’s an Australian animal. Looks like a squirrel, but with stripes on the back.″

″Fine, then you win this round.″

Samantha smiles and takes a sip of her Coke. ″Wanna go another round?″

″With you, always. But first I want to apologize. I had no right to snap at you like that. You were just trying to help and I let my ego get in the way.″

″It’s fine, Alexander.″

I turn to face Samantha and I shake my head. ″It’s not fine, so don’t say that it is.″

I see the surprise in her eyes and for a moment we just look at each other.

Seven days″

Samantha buries her face in my chest and I can hear her muffled laughter. The woman in the movie is screaming and the people around us gasp. Something scary must have happened, but how can I take the movie seriously when Samantha is laughing against my chest?

Eventually, Samantha stops laughing and she turns her attention back to the movie, but she is still leaning against me. I wrap my arm around her and I hear a satisfied sigh.

I smile and I gently kiss her on the head, before I also turn my attention back to the movie. The girl with the long black hair still freaks me out, but I can handle it. What can't I handle with Samantha in my arms?''

It just feels so nice and comfortable, like we have been together forever. Then I realize that I still barely know Samantha and that we are not officially together. She could still go out with whomever she wanted, and that last thought really pisses me off.

What was it about this girl? From the first time we met, I felt a connection with her. It wasn't just physical, although we were clearly attracted to each other. It was more because I thought about her all the time. I wanted to be with her, I wanted to take care of her and make her happy.

''Are you okay?'' Samantha whispers. ''You tensed up all of the sudden.''

''Sorry, I think I need to stretch my legs.''

Samantha chuckles and she hops off the car and I follow.

''Don't you want to watch the movie?''

''I have seen it many times and a walk is not a bad idea.''

We walk in the direction of the shop, where Samantha buys Twizzlers. We walk some more while we eat the candy and end up at the old playground, where it is just me and her.

Apparently, we have both been waiting for this moment because Samantha immediately wraps her around my neck when I pull her close to me. For a moment all I can do is look into those beautiful azure eyes of hers and then I lean in for a kiss.

We start tender, but then Samantha parts her lips and my tongue find hers. I pull Samantha closer to me and a moan escapes her lips. That sound drives me mad!

I lift Samantha up and press her against the old playhouse. Her legs are wrapped around my waist and again we kiss. Both of us are not holding back anymore and I know that I have to make a decision.''

I kiss Samantha one more time before I put her back on the ground.

''Why did you stop?'' Samantha asks out of breath

''Because we both wanted more, and this is not the time nor place for it.''

''That's...'' Samantha begins and then she buries her face in my chest. ''Completely true, but I blame you for that. I look like a mess, but you look really good in the sweater that I happened to have picked out for you.''

''I know that you don't believe me when I say that you look beautiful to me. Do you believe me when I say that you look better than the girl from the Ring?''

Samantha stares at me in disbelief and then she starts laughing. Like tears rolling down her cheeks laughing and I knew I was right.

This girl could wear anything and I would still think of her as beautiful.

Especially when she laughed like that!

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