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The hike/run

-Samantha's POV

''You must really like running if you put yourself trough this two times a day!'' Millie pant. ''I'm beat, can we take a break?''

I turn around and see that Millies cheeks are bright red. Sweat is dripping of her face while she tries to catch her breath.

''I think a break is a great idea!''

''Liar!'' Millie vaguely gestures in my direction. ''You are not even out of breath or close to death like me!''

I chuckle and I offer Millie my water bottle since hers is already empty.

''I can understand this kind of training when you run professional, but you do this for fun? That's insane, Sam!''

Millie takes a big gulp of water ans she gives the bottle back to me.

''Can't it be both?'' I ask with a grin. ''Maybe I'm insane and I like running.''

''You must be insane and apparently so am I, because I agreed willingly to run with you!''

''Do I have to remind you that you chose this trail?''

''Yes, for hiking. Not for running!''

I smirk and I shrug my shoulder. ''Fine, then we hike. I don't wan't to risk that I have to carry you home.''

Millie chuckles and she nods to the right. ''The waterfall is that way. It's a great place to have lunch and to clear your head, but I guess Alexander already told you that.''

''Why?'' I ask curiously.

''Well he hikes and camps a lot around here. So I thought since the two of you are couple, that he would have shown you some of his favourite spots.''

''We date, but we are not a couple.'' I say and I let Millie take the lead.

''Are you sure?'' Millie asks.

''I think I would know if I was in a relationship, Millie.''

''To be fair, I think you would be the last person to know that!'' Millie says cocky.

I want to respond, but then I hear the sound of running water. We must be close to the waterfall! Soon enough we are there and I understand why Millie said this was the perfect place to clear your head. It was so peaceful!

The waterfall was streaming down into the creak that is surrounded by threes and rocks. It was so beautiful and I'm glad Millie choose this place to have lunch.

''So are you really sure that you and Alexander are not together?'' Millie asks as she gives me my sandwich.

''Why don't you tell me why you think we are together, since you obviously don't believe me.'' I grumble.

''Because of the little things, like the way he looks and smiles at you. Then you have the fruit bowl thing. Yours never seems to contain pineapple, although they don't sell it like that in the cafeteria. But the most adorable thing is that he sits with you in the library after school, even when he has no reason to be there.''

''Whh dwo you...''

''What did you say?'' Millie asks with a grin. ''I couldn't really understand you with your mouth full.''

I swallow and I take a sip of water the flush away the crumbs.

''What do you mean he sits in the library when doesn't have to?''

Millie smiles as she opens her juice box and she looks at me amused.

''I'm in four classes with Alexander, so I know how much homework we have and it's not enough to stay after school three times a week. So I think it's safe to say that he stays for you.''

For the first time I feel my cheeks turn red. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I swore to myself that I would change my ways. That I prove to myself that I could be on my own and what did I do? I literally fell for the first boy that I met.

Fuck, Samantha. How could you let that happen? You had a plan, a plan for yourself and Emma. Fuck, Emma!

''Why do you look so mad all of the sudden? Alexander is a great guy and he really likes you, so what's the problem?''

'' The problem is that I don't want something serious, what would be the point of that? We are both finishing high school and then we both go our own ways. So I'm mad for putting myself and Alexander in that position. We should have just stayed friends!''

Millie gaze is set on the waterfall end she sights. ''If you explain that to Alexander, he will understand and I'm sure that you guys can stay friends. The question is if you really want that, Sam. As your self declared best friend, I believe that you don't want that.''

''My self declared best friend?'' I ask and a smile appears on my face.

''Yes, well I consider you mine.'' Millie says with grin. ''But don't change the subject. I told you all the things that tells me that Alexander really likes you. But you have your own things that give you away.''

''Such as?''

''You smile when you get a text from him or when he calls you. You always seems so relaxed when he is around and then you have your own way of looking at him.''

''Do I want to know what you mean by that?'' I ask with a sigh.

Millie smirks at me and she trows me a juice box.

''Well most times you just look happy when see him.''

''And those other times?''

''You look like a starving woman and Alexander is your dinner.''

I squeeze the juice box to tight and it pops. Grape juice is dripping from my hands as I looked shocked at Millie.

''I look at him like he is dinner?''

Millie laughs and she get's up. ''I don't know how else to say it, but I stand by it. So think about what you really want and talk to Alexander about it, Sam. Now let's finish this hike and I mean hiking!'

''Fine,'' I mutter. ''If you are that scared of a challenge, then I suppose we can hike the rest.''

''I'm not going to fall for that, Sam.'' Millie smirks at me and I'm counting down in my head.

In three, two, one.

Dammit! Last one by the stream get's to decide what we are doing tonight!''

Samantha's POV

''I won, I, won, I won!'' Millie cheers.
I'm completely out of breath and I look at Millie in utter disbelieve. Damn, that girl was fast!
''You complained during the first part of the run. You said that I was trying to kill you and suddenly you are faster then the fricking Road Runner!''
Millie laughs and she keeps cheering.
''Argh! The water is still cold, idiot!''
''Yes and you stopped cheering, so know can you explain what the hell happened?''
Millie smirks at me and she shrugs her shoulders. ''Simple, I'm a sprinter. I can outrun most on short distances, but I suck at marathons. Although I can't say that the relay race is my strong suit either.''
I wash my face with the water of the stream and indeed the water feels really cold.
''Well, you don't have to be good at all those things. You are a sprinter and a damn good one, so who cares about the rest?''
''The coach, my teammates and me. The relay race is mandatory and the coach wants us to be able to take each other places if needed. So I might be a good sprinter, but I still feel like the weak point of the team.''
I look at Millie and I can see that it really bothers her. The old me wouldn't care one bit. Millie was competition and I could take advantages of her weaknesses.
I'm not that person anymore, that person is gone.
''Do you want to change that?''
Millie looks at me confused.
''Come running with me and I will help you with building up stamina. I can also help you with your technique if you want?''
Millie's face lights up and hugs me tight.
''Really? You actually have the time to train me?''
''Yes, I mean it and I will make time. So are you in?''
Millie releases me out of the hug and she gives me a sweet smile, which makes me weary.
''I'm in, as soon as you promise that you training me won't kill me.''
''Can't kill my best friend,'' I mutter. ''Then I have find a new one and that sounds like a lot of work. Maybe it will be easier if I start wearing make-up and I find some new clothes.''
''Don't you fucking dare!'' Millie yells. ''Then you would be like all those other snobby girls! I love the fact that you are confident enough to just be you! So, don't you fucking dare, Samantha Jones!''
I chuckle, but then I freeze and I point startled at something behind Millie. She turns around to see what startled me and I make a run for it.
''Damn you, Samantha! That will not work for a second time!'' Millie yells and like that our training has begun.
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