See me when you look at me

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-Alexander's POV

What the hell was I thinking?!

Staying away from Samantha was almost impossible when I heard from Tyler that she was sick. I wanted to see her, I wanted to make her feel better. But I have to remind myself that she is not my girlfriend and that we are not dating. We are friends, so that's why I waited three days before I came to check on her.

Now seeing her felt like a very bad idea. She looked adorable in those shorts and in the hoodie that was top big for her. The curls surprise me, but they suit her so well. They give her a playful and sexy look.

Then there was the way she looked at me and I'm glad that I have an excuse to leave her room.

''Hello, Alexander!'' Mrs. Reed greets me when I enter the kitchen. ''How is Samantha doing?''

''Hungry,'' I chuckle.

''Well, she finally stopped throwing up last night. Maybe start with some crackers and an apple?''

Mrs. Reed points to a cupboard and I open it. Salty crackers and an apple it is. I want to leave the kitchen, but then I remember.

''Happy anniversary, Mrs. Reed. How long have you and Mr. Reed been married now?''

''Thank you, Alexander! Two decades together and married for fifteen years.''

''Are you celebrating tonight?''

Mrs. Reed shrugs her shoulders and she smiles. We probably drink a glass of wine tonight and that's it. Thursdays are always chaotic here. Mia has hockey practice and she likes to eat before that. Emma is now at swim practice and she has judo at five. She will eat after that and then we have our patient upstairs.''

I nod in understanding while I slice the apple. Mrs. Reed leaves the kitchen and then I reach for my phone.

''Alex, what's up?''

''He, Ty. Just wanted to run an idea by you.''


''It's your parents anniversary, but they can't really celebrate tonight. Mia and Emma have practice, Samantha is sick.''

''I offered to bring and pick them up, man. Mom said it didn't matter. It was to late to make a reservation anywhere and Burger Joe doesn't really scream celebrating fifteen years of marriage.''

''That's actually why I called you. I wanted to call my dad, because his firm has standing reservations everywhere. So what do you think?''

''I think that's an awesome idea, Alex! Wait, how do you even know that Mia and Emma have practice tonight?''

''Because your mom told me. I was here dropping of some horror movies for Samantha and then I remembered it was their anniversary today.''

''You got her horror movies? Haven't you learned your lesson after that marathon at the drive in?''

''I'm not an complete idiot, Tyler. We made the deal that I would bring her up some food and that we could watch a movie, but horror was not an option.''

I hear Tyler laughing and I shake my head.

''Focus, Ty. Should I make a reservation for your parents or not?''

''Yes, please. They will absolutely love that and they need time away from the madhouse we call home!''

I chuckle and we say goodbye. I push in some numbers and soon I hear the impatient voice of my father.

''What is it, Alexander?''

''Hello to you too, dad.''

''Alexander, I'm a very busy man and I have back to back appointments today. So please just tell me what you want or need.''

''I need a reservation at Bora Bora for Tyler's parents. It's their anniversary today and I thought it would be a nice surprise for them.''

''Clara! Make a reservation for two at seven at Bora and make them put everything on my tap!''

I hear Clara respond, but I can't hear her clearly.

''Reservation for two at seven, Alexander. Anything else?''

''Thanks, dad. That was it, will I see you tonight for dinner?''

Again I hear my dad yell something at his secretary and I sigh.

''No I'm having dinner with the partners and I will be home late.''

''Fine, then maybe I will see you tomorrow.''

''Alexander, I really have to go! We will talk later, okay?''

My dad already ended the call before I could respond and I shake my head. I already know that we won't talk later, so I text Tyler that I was staying over. My phone buzzes and I read the text.

Always welcome! Don't let your roommate get to you! I want Chinese for dinner, don't tell Mia! Sniper marathon tonight?

I chuckle and I just send Tyler a thumbs up. Tyler always called by dad my roommate, because all we did was living in the same house. My dad only took an interest in me when I fucked up or when I accomplished something that he could brag about.

My phone starts buzzing again and this time it's a text from my dad secretary. She confirms the reservations for the restaurant and the car. She also made a reservation at a wine bar if Mr. and Mrs. Reed didn't wanted to go straight home after dinner.

I thank Clara and I then take the food up to Samantha. She is now lying on her stomach, while she scrolls down a list of movies. I can't help it, but my gaze falls on her ass. It looked so damn good in those shorts!

Samantha turns around and she looks at the plate that I'm holding.

''You aunt said that you should start with something light.''

''Very smart after that debacle of yesterday.''

''You and Tyler taking turns throwing up?'' I ask amused.

''Shut up, that was not funny!''

''I will shut up if you decide on a movie.''

Samantha rolls her eyes at me and she then rolls back on her stomach. Again my gaze falls on her ass.

''My eyes and the screen are up here, Alexander.''

Alexander's POV

''I'm exhausted!'' Tyler yawns. ''Who knew judo for four year olds was so intense? Emma is a fricking ninja!''
I laugh and I put away the last of the dishes. ''The hockey practice was not much better. Girls with sticks is a disaster waiting to happen, so I warn you. Mia has a great aim, so don't tease her too much.''
Tyler makes a face and he looks at the clock. ''It's still early, how can we be so tired?''
''Because a bunch of four and nine year olds are exhausting,'' an amused voice said.
''Why are you out of bed and that's my hoodie!''
Samantha takes a seat at the bar and she smirks at Tyler.
''It's not and I only wanted to thank the two of you. What you guys did for uncle Thomas and aunt Laurel was so thoughtful!''
''They deserved a night out and you gave me that hoodie! It was too big for you and you don't even like that movie.'' Tyler grumbles.
''Because you make me watch it every time you get to pick the movie!''
I listen to the two of them bickering for a while, before I walk to the fridge. They only shut up when they smell the bacon and it's like they completely forgot just moments ago they were bickering like an old married couple.
''So new deal! I will make you both a BLT if you stop fighting for the rest of the night. Also, I still don't want to see any horror movies and all of the Maze Runner movies are out too. Deal?''
I see Samantha and Tyler glare at each other, before turning their attention to the bacon.
''Deal!'' Tyler gives in. ''I will pick something we all can enjoy! Just make sure that she doesn't steal my BLT!''
Tyler leaves the kitchen and I look at Samantha. Her gaze is set on the bacon and I chuckle.
''What's so funny?'' Samantha asks.
''Nothing,'' I say with a grin and I start spreading the mayonnaise on the buns. Can you please slice the tomatoes, while I wash the lettuce?''
Samantha gets off her chair and she grabs the tomatoes. She slices them and put them in front of me, before hopping on the counter.
''Can you now tell me what was so funny?''
I sigh and I put the lettuce aside.
''Fine, I will tell you. In your room you looked at me the same way you were looking at the bacon just now.''
Samantha looks at me in shock and I put my hands beside her. We are staring into each other eyes and there is that look.
''Your doing it again,'' I chuckle.
Samantha bites her bottom lip and suddenly she looks sad.
''What is it?'' I ask softly.
Samantha smiles. ''I don't think you stand a real chance when it comes to bacon.''
There is still sadness in her eyes, so I know she is not telling me the truth.
''Tell me, Samantha.''
She lets her head lean against mine and she sights. ''I hate that I'm not ready to let you in, because I miss you.''
It takes all my self control to not just wrap my arms around Samantha. All I want is to be with her, especially when she said that she missed me. But I heard what she said before that. She was not ready and this time she was telling me the truth.
''Can I suggest something?''
Samantha nods and I tuck a curl behind her ear.
''I understand that you are not ready and I will never force you to open up to me, but hear me out. How about we hang out again, just us two? It won't mean that we are together or that we are dating. I will just mean that we hang out and when we do, I get to ask you three questions. However it will be up to you if you answer them or not. Is this something you can think about?''
Samantha leans her head against mine again and after a while I can feel her nod.
''I need a verbal conformation, Jones. Does that nod mean that you will think about it or that you accept my proposal?''
Samantha smiles and she gently pushes me away, so she can hop off the counter.
''Be careful not to burn the bacon, Tyler will never forgive you for that.''
''I know, I know.'' I say while I turn the stove off.
''Yes, Jones?''
''Those were four questions.''
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