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At the restaurant, part two

-Samantha's POV

I put in the order for the wine and I walk back to my section, when I see that Mr. Dumont is standing at Mr. Harrison’s table and he waives me over.

″Samantha, a word.''

Mr. Dumont sounded disgruntled and I brace myself. I knew that what I did was bold, but I didn't regret one thing.

''I'm glad with your help tonight, but you can't tell my guests to leave or scold them. You also don't walk away while a guest is ordering, that's just rude!''

Think before you act, Samantha. Think before you act!

″Here are the appetisers! The drunk chicken and the greasy duck are coming right up.″

Chef Antoine winks at me and I can't help to smirk a little. Both Mr. Dumont as Mr. Harrison look completely stunned.

''It's good to see you William and Alexander. I hope you both will enjoy my new creations!''

Mr. Harrison smiles at the chef, before turning his attention back to me.

″Drunk chicken and greasy duck?″ Mr. Dumont cringes and I chuckle.

″Doesn’t sound so good in English does it?″

″Don’t push it, Samantha.″

″Let the girl be, Henry!″ Mr. Harrison says firmly. ″She saved you money and annoyance by telling those kids to leave. Those businessmen were becoming a real problem, but she handled it without disturbing the other guests and making you a lot of money at the same time.''

Mr. Dumont looks puzzled, but chef Antoine takes my tablet and he scrolls down to my last order.

″She sold a bottle of the 2005 and the 2006 Barolo, Henry″

Mr. Dumont and chef Antoine exchange a look, agreeing on something without saying a word. Mr. Dumont walks to the bar, writes something down and he comes back. I shake my head when Mr. Dumont tries to give me a cheque.

″I came here to help Millie and you, Mr. Dumont. I don’t want to be payed for helping a friend.″

″Samantha, you deserved to be paid for your work tonight!″ Mr. Dumont begins.

″Yes, Samantha.″ chef Antoine agrees. ″You worked hard and you prevented me and the rest of the kitchen staff, from killing those girls. I swear if they made one more request!″

I chuckle, but I still don’t take the cheque.

″Just make me a grilled cheese sandwich and we’re even.″

″Don't offend me, Samantha. I'm a awarded chef and I can make you something far better then a grilled cheese sandwich.''

″Yes, but nothing I can pronounce.″ I say with a grin.

″Unbelievable,'' chef Antoine grumbles. ''Fine, a grilled cheese sandwich it is. Would you like anything else with that?''

″Yes, a slice of that apple pie thing!″

Chef Antoine rolls his eyes at me. ''One slice of tarte tatin coming up!''

″Ow, chef?″


″Could you remove the apple, so it won’t taste too much like apple?″

″You’re dead, Samantha!″

I chuckle and I see that Bertrand is finally back.

''It was interesting meeting you Mr. Harrison. Bertrand will be taking over for me and his French is exceptional. So enjoy your dinner and evening! Mr. Dumont I will be taking my break now.''

I smile and I walk in the direction of the kitchen.

Grilled cheese sandwich here I come!

-Alexander's POV

I smile when Samantha turns around and walks in the direction of the kitchen. I knew for sure she wanted to make sure that the chef didn't do anything fancy with her sandwich.
''Interesting indeed,'' I hear my dad say.
I grab an appetiser and I let my gaze wonder around the restaurant.
''I know Thomas doesn't have any siblings, but Laurel has a older sister. Celeste was her name, crazy woman.''
''What makes you say that?''
My dad grins and looks amused at me over his glass.
''Because she was, son. The beautiful ones most of the time are, Celeste was no exception. She always said she was going to be famous and marry a very rich man, so she didn't had to work. That's why she didn't bother in school and then she met a talent scout that made her all kind of promises. Celeste left school, left Riverstone and years later she came back. Pregnant and calling herself a free spirit.''
Bertrand brings us our main dishes and we eat in silence for a while. This was normal for us, because we never seemed to have a lot to say to each other. After some time I see that Samantha is back and that she is talking to Millie.
''That Samantha sure is a pretty one, but don't get distracted now. Your priorities should be your grades and soccer if you want to get those scholarships, Alexander. So don't let any pretty face distract you from your goals!
''Maybe you should check in more often, father.'' I'm annoyed with my dads assumptions, although I didn't expected anything else from him.
''My grades are more then good and my team is doing great this year. We haven't lost any games and we already qualified for the tournament. Finally, not that you care, but Samantha and I are just friends.''
'' Friends with benefits I bet! Alexander it's perfectly fine to have fun. As long as you don't lose sight of what is important. Getting into law school, so you can join me in the firm.''
''We should really do this more often, father.''
My sarcasm doesn't bother my dad at all. We continue to eat in silence and I feel my phone buzzing. I take it out, especially since I know it will annoy my dad.
''Do you need a sharper knife to cut the tension?''
It's Millie's number, but I know for sure she did not send me this message.
''Just put me out of my misery'' I reply back.
''Alexander, can you please put your phone away?''
''I can,'' I respond. My phones buzzes again and I smile when I read the text.
''Surely your booty call can wait until we're done with dinner.''
I look at my dad and I try to remain calm.
''You just told me that having fun was fine, so I will follow your advice, father. So forgive me, but I will be having my 'dessert' somewhere else.''
I stand up and I leave before my dad can say anything else that will piss me off.

-Alexander's POV
This is awesome!
''Get ready!'' I hear Samantha say.
I'm ready and I swing the baseball bat. Going to the baseball cages was the best idea ever. I was having fun and I could literally slam my frustrations away at the same time.
''Very impressive, Mr. Harrison!''
I turn around and I point my bat at Samantha. ''Don't call me that!''
''Or what?'' Samantha taunts.
''Or I will not share my dessert with you. Mr. Dumont was so kind to wrap my dessert up for me. You took our order, so you know what's on the line for you.''
Samantha looks at me and she bites her bottom lip. A thing she always did when she was weighing her options.
''Fine, I'm done teasing you.''
''Good, now show me how good you are.''
I put the cap on Samantha's head and I hand her the bat.
''No, but there is a chocolate souffle at stake!''
I laugh and I press the button. Samantha misses, but she is stubborn. After a few tries she gets the hang of it and she's killing it!
''Can we take a break?'' Samantha asks after a while.
I nod and pause the machine. We sit down on a bench and I grab the package Mr. Dumont made for me.
''Why didn't you text me from your own phone?''
Samantha eyes widen and she groans.
''Because it's hooked to the speakers in the restaurant, where I forgot all about it. Great, now I have to go back!''
I hold up the souffle in one hand, while I hold a spoon in the other. Again Samantha bites her bottom lip, but I know how she is with chocolate.
''You don't play fair, Mr. Harrison!''
''That's it, no dessert for you!''
I want to get up, but Samantha is fast. She jumps up and straddles me, before grabbing the box out of my hand.
She takes a big bite and I see chocolate is sticking to the corner of her mouth.
''Taste it and then you will understand.''
Samantha holds up a spoon for me and I open my mouth.
''Well, was I right or was I right?''
I wrap my arms around her waist and I shrug my shoulders.
''Couldn't tell you from that tiny bite.''
''Still not playing fair are we, Alexander?''
I chuckle and with my finger I remove the chocolate on Samantha's face.
''Now I tasted enough and the rest is all yours.'' I say, while licking the chocolate of my finger.
Samantha looks very pleased with that and she wiggles a bit, so she is more comfortable.
''So that was your dad?''
''The one and only.''
''Good, I still got it.''
I smile, but in my head I still hear the comments my dad made.
''Can we talk about something else then my dad?''
''Sure, do you want to talk about mine and Tyler's impending death?''
''I forgot about the Reed's family vacation! Do you already know where you are going?''
''No,'' Samantha grumbles. ''All I know is that we will be gone for a week and everything else is a surprise.''
''You will be fine, Jones. I bet you actually will have fun and that you wish that the time wouldn't fly by so quickly.''
''Don't know, I've never been on vacation before.''
I frown, but I don't ask further. I don't want to risk upsetting Samantha, especially not when she tried to cheer me up tonight and it worked. We were both having fun and we still had an hour left.
''Ready for another round, Jones?''
Samantha hops of my lap and she puts the helmet back on, before grabbing the bat. She gives me a cheeky little smile as she turns her attention to the pitching machine.
''I'm waiting, Mr. Harrison!''
''You are going to regret that, Jones!''
''Still waiting, Mr. Harrison.''
That's it! I stand up and I grab Samantha. I lift her up and just when I want to kiss her, I hear a whooshing sound.


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