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Change of plans

Samantha's POV

''What did you do?'' I snarl at Tyler.

''Not a damn thing!'' Tyler snaps back at me.

''Are you sure, Tyler? Most of the time you don't even know how annoying you can be!''

''Right back at you, cousin!''

I groan and I lay down on Tyler's bed. This week was already overwhelming enough. The social worker called me with some worrying news. Apparently Emma's dad was back and involved with our mother again. That was not a real surprise, they had an on and off relation for years. The surprising part was that this time, Emma's dad was reaching out.

Miss Evie told me that she didn't told him anything, because that information was confidential. Unfortunately there was still a big chance that my mom would tell him, so miss Evie wanted me to be prepared for that. Jackson didn't had any parental rights, since he left before Emma was born. He never acknowledged Emma as his and his name was not Emma's birth certificate.

Legally speaking, I didn't had to worry. It was the fact that Jackson was an impulsive, abusive drunk that worried me. He could just show up one day and demand to see Emma or worse. He could decide to just take her and disappear.

''Are you done packing already?'' Tyler asks and I snap out of my thoughts.

''Packing for what? A girls weekend with Millie doesn't require a a lot of luggage.''

Tyler chuckles and he plops down on the bed next to me, while he grabs his phone.

''Change of plans. We're camping this weekend, so start packing!''

I grin, since I know how Tyler feels about camping. Walking or hiking in the woods was fine. Spending the night in a tent was most certainly not.

''Have fun!''

''PS. Tell Samantha to answer her damn phone. Millie is pissed and heading to your house right now!''

''I'm charging my phone and she never replies back right away, so what's the big deal?''

''The big deal is that we are camping too!'' a very annoyed voice shouts.

Millie looks at my confused face and her cheeks turn even more red. She is really mad.

''You would know that if you would answer your phone! I tried calling, I tried texting you and I called the house, but nobody was answering!''

''I told you that was the phone and not your stupid game!''

''You only call it stupid, because you suck at it.'' Tyler grins.

''You suck!''

''You both suck!'' Millie growls. ''Now get your asses up and start packing. We're leaving in fifteen minutes!''

''Why are you yelling at me, I'm almost done!'' Tyler mutters.

''Why on earth are you packing so many clothes?''

Millie starts taking everything out of Tyler's bag again and I take that as my cue to leave.

I go to my room and I grab a backpack. Packing takes me only five minutes, but I think Tyler will be needing more time. He and Millie are still bickering. I find it amusing, because normally that is me and Tyler.

I check my phone to check the weather and I grin. Ten missed calls and four voicemails from Millie. Followed by a lot angry text messages. The last one literally just says that I'm a dead man walking.

Although I think Millie killed Tyler first, because it's suspiciously quiet now.

''Don't use that crap on me, Tyler! That's literally what you said to Bianca to make her do that project all by herself! I showed you how to pack, now do it yourself!''

''I was already packed!'' Tyler shouts back. ''You were the one who decided I didn't do it the right way.''

''Because you didn't do it the right way!''

''That's why I told you to do it!''

I hear angry footsteps and Millie storms into my room. She walks straight to my bed and she grabs a KitKat from under it.

''Please tell me that you are ready?''

''Yes, mam! Packed and ready to go, mam!''

''So you are going camping in shorts and with pink fluffy socks on?''

''No, mam,'' I sigh and I walk to my wardrobe.

''I thought we were going to have relaxed weekend at your house, what happened to that lovely idea?''

''The fact that my entire family is staying there right now. So my place is anything but relaxed. Then I overheard Alexander talking to your aunt. She wanted Tyler to stay with him, but he was planning on going camping. You're aunt basically told him to take Tyler with him and then she hung up!''

I frown while I put on some actual pants and I grab my hiking shoes. What was aunt Laurel up to?

''So I told Alexander that I thought it would be fun if the four of us went camping.''

''And what did he say?'' I ask while I tie my shoes.

''That it would be a lot of things, but not fun. Tyler hates camping and the two of you fighting all the time didn't sound very appealing to him.''

''So why are the four of us going camping together?''

''Because you and Tyler can't stay here. I can't stay one more minute in my house and I told Alexander that if we didn't go camping, we would have our girls weekend at his place.Make-overs, mani-pedis, watching all the Twilight movies. The whole shebang.''

I chuckle and I make a mental note to never get on Millie's wrong side. The girl looked shy, but she was a damn boss!

''I'm ready, mam!''

Millie smiles and she gets up.

''Good, now I will check on Tyler and then I will text Alexander that he can pick us up.''

''You said we had to be ready in fifteen minutes!''

''Did I?'' Millie smiles sweetly at me, before she leaves my room.

I take it back. That girl was not a boss, she was the devil!

Samantha's POV

''Take it back!''
''Take what back?'' Alexander asks confused.
''For saying that me and Tyler fight all the time.''
Alexanders grins and he slams a pin into the ground.
''Do you want me to lie, Jones? You and Tyler do fight all the time, like last night. You kept killing his sniper, while the two of you were on the same team!''
''Because he kept yelling at me!''
Alexander looks amused at me and I let out a deep sigh.
''Fine! We do fight a lot, but not like that!''
I point in the direction of Tyler and Millie. At the moment they are not speaking to each other. They just take turns giving each other dirty looks, while they try to set up the other tent.
''Are they also like this at school?'' I asks curiously.
''They have been like this since freshman year. Tyler said during PE that Millie's red cheeks made her look like a tomato. Next thing, Tyler is hit with a volleyball in the face. Guess who did it?''
''Millie,'' I chuckle.
''Yes, she smashed that volleyball in his face and said that they now matched. In that way you and Millie make a lot of sense, you both don't let Tyler get away with anything!''
''He would be insufferable if we didn't,'' I say while I hand Alexander the last pin.
Alexander smiles and he secures the last rope with the pin.
''So I guess you and Millie will be sharing a tent?''
I bite my lower lip, before I realise that Alexander is just teasing me.
''Well, this is our girls weekend.''
''Well, I was supposed to go camping by myself before someone started making threats about mani-pedis.''
''That's true,'' I mumble. ''Aunt Laurel and Millie really screwed up your plans.''
''They did, but I'm not complaining. You know I grab every chance to see you, Jones.''
''Accept last Friday.''
Alexanders looks tense all of the sudden and I immediately regret my words.
''Sorry, I didn't meant it like that. Things come up, I understand that.''
''Help me get the last of the stuff?'' Alexander asks.
We walk back to the car in silence and I stay quiet, while Alexander unlocks the car and grabs the bag with the food.
''I should be the one who is apologising,'' Alexander begins and he puts the bag on the ground. ''I was really looking forward to Friday and I hated that I had to cancel so last minute. My mom came to visit, unannounced of course. So when my dad came home, they got into a huge fight.''
''I'm sorry that happened,'' I say softly. ''It's sucks when you get dragged into the drama of others.''
''Tell me about it,'' Alexander grumbles.
''You can tell me about it, but only if you want too.''
Alexander smiles and he pulls me close to him.
''I appreciate that, but all I want to do is to survive this weekend and to ask you for a favour.''
''Name it!''
''I need a reminder of Wednesday.''
I smile and I reach for the other bags. ''Did something happened Wednesday?''
Alexander turns me around and he cups my face with his hands, before he stares intense into my eyes. All I see is love in Alexander's eyes and I melt in his arms. I pull Alexander closer to me, but I still have to step on my toes. He is so much taller then me, something I completely forget that when we kiss.
We always seems to fit perfectly when we hug or when we kiss, just like right now. It's new to me and I still getting used to it, but right now? Right now all I want is to enjoy that feeling and stay in Alexander's arms for as long as possible.

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