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Party of four?

Samantha’s POV

″Listen up, ladies!″ coach Farah yells. ″I have some announcements to make, so I want everyone’s full attention!″

All the girls from the track team nod and I feel Millie squeezing my arm in excitement. She is the only one in the team who knows what the coach is going to say.

″First of all, Samantha Jones is going to start to train with us!″

″Why is she only training with us, coach?″ Isabella asks immediately. ″She can outrun everyone for days and she is the only one that I know who can keep up with Millie!″

″I was getting to that, Isabella,″ coach Farah sighs. ″Let me finish and trust me, it all will make sense. As many of you know Samantha is an independent student. She is not a Riverstone high school student like all of you. Therefore, Samantha can't enter any of our races. The second thing is that Samantha is a professional runner.″

″Wait, what?″

″Like actually running professionally? Like Sara Hall, Allie Ostrander, and Ajee Wilson professional?″ another girl asks.

″Samantha, perhaps you can clarify it for the rest of them?″ coach Farrah asks.

Everyone looks at me and I'm starting to feel really nervous.

″Just tell them what you told me, Sam,″ Millie whispers.

I nod and I take a deep breath.

″Okay, yes, I do run on a professional level. Not like the runners that Roxy just named, but in another league. Maybe you guys have heard of the Golden League?″

Most of the girls shake their heads, but Isabella’s mouth is wide open in shock.

″That’s the league for the best of the best! Like Olympic potential best! Many of the greats started in that league!″

″That’s the league and I will be starting soon with my own races. The thing is that in all the years that I’ve been running, I’ve never been part of a team. So, I would love to train with all of you and when it’s possible, enter the competition as a part of the team. But only if everyone is okay with that!″

″Of course we are okay with that! We would be unstoppable with you on the team, right girls?″

Isabella looks around and everyone nods.

″Well, then I guess I can tell you all my next announcement,″ coach Farah takes over. ″Samantha will be training with us from now on, but she will also train on her own and with her own coach. Coach Kosei Osako to be exact and he graciously offered to also devote some of his time to all of you.″

Coach Farah smiles when she sees the stunned faces. ″Listen and learn from one of the greats is my advice. Some of you are aiming for a sports scholarship and coach Osaka can increase your chances of getting one. Now start warming up, we are going to up our games, ladies! So let’s get ready, on my mark. In three, two, one and go!″

The training begins and coach Farah was not kidding. The warm-up is followed by interval training. Suicides. Running with challenges, which was actually really fun. Skipping, jumping jacks, hopscotch, and then the best part.

Harlem from New Politics is blasting through the speakers and coach Farrah tells us to dance like nobody is watching. Millie sticks her tongue out at me and she gives me this look like you know you want to.

″I’ve seen you dance to this like a million times, Sam! So show us how it’s done!″

″I can say the same thing to you, so let’s show them!″

Millie laughs and she actually starts dancing and I join her. Soon Isabella joins us and the other girls too.

Hands down, the most fun I ever had while working out!

Alexander’s POV

″Man, I can watch this all day!″ Leroy says and he nods in the direction of the girls' track team.

I look and I see the girls are dancing. I smile when I see Samantha dancing with Isabella and Millie. I’m glad that her first practice with the team went so well since I knew how nervous she was about it. Now, she looks like she is having the time of her life.

″Damn, Alexander. Your girl looks fucking hot! If she moves like that, she must be a beast in bed! Am I right?''

My teammates start laughing and I try to ignore what Leroy just said. I’m just grateful that Tyler isn’t here, because I knew it would end in a huge fight.

″I bet she is loud and feisty!″ Kyle smirks. ″With a body and moves like that, I bet she fucks his brains out!″

″Well, captain?″ Leroy asks with a big grin on his face.

″Like I would ever tell you, idiots!″

Hopefully, they will drop it and we can get on with our own practice. Leroy and Kyle were always like this. Bragging about their own sexual adventures and I always just ignored it. What they did in their free time and with who was non of my business.

″Come on, Alex! We saw the two of you making out in the parking lot of Burger Joe. We know that she is not shy, so just tell us something. Like is she better than Trisha in bed?″

″I never slept with Trisha!″ I snap back at Leroy. ″Why don’t you ask Kyle that? The two of you have been with all the same girls, so go compare notes!″

″Sure, but where to start?″ Kyle begins. ″Savannah is really into some kinky things, but she...″

″Screams bloody murder?″ Leroy responds.

″Yes!″ Kyle agrees. ″Rebecca is not very good in bed, but she knows how to give an excellent blowjob!″

″Susan is not the prettiest, but that doesn’t matter if you take her from behind!″ Leroy says before bursting out in laughter.

At least they stopped asking questions about my sex life and my gaze wanders back to Samantha. The simple truth was that we didn't have a sex life. We kissed and made out, but that was it. Partly because Samantha told me about her past with men and she was right, I was disgusted.

Not with her, but because of what those men did to her. It made me sick and furious. Samantha also didn't hold back on the things she did. I almost have a visual of her using her body or charms to get what she wanted or to not be alone. She really didn't hold back and it was definitely hard for me to deal with, but it didn't change how I felt about her.

When she tells me about her past, it's like she talks about a whole different person. The one thing that remained the same was that Samantha still went after what she wanted. Only now she didn't use shortcuts anymore. She worked her ass off for everything!

She just proved that while she trained for the first time with the team and I have to admit, Leroy was right. Samantha looked damn hot in her blue long-sleeve shirt and shorts. It showed her well-shaped figure and I force myself to look away.

That was the other part of the problem of our non-existing sex life, me! Because of Samantha's past experiences, I was extremely careful in that area. Making sure that Samantha never felt like I expected anything, so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable or worse, pressured.

Things were finally good between us and I was actually looking forward to our Vegas trip. I know Samantha was only coming because she wanted to make sure I attended my mom's wedding, but we would be there for a long weekend. We had time to explore and spend some time together, just us two.

''Alexander, I know she is hot and I'm sure she is going to look hot at the wedding. Can you now answer me if we meet at the airport or do you want to pick us up?''

Kyle grabs his water bottle and he looks at me, obviously waiting for my answer.

''What are you talking about, Kyle? Why do you even know about my mom's wedding?''

''Because she is getting married to my uncle, duh! My uncle booked us four on the same flight. So, therefore, do we meet at the airport or can you pick us up?''

''You said us four, so who are you bringing?''

''Well, I wanted to go stag. I always enjoy the chase and it's Vegas, man. Then I thought having a backup was maybe not such a bad idea. So, I wanted to ask Kim, but she is still mad at me.''

''Dude, you made out with another girl at her party!''

''So what? We are not together and since she is acting all childish, I figured I get back at her. So, I asked Trisha and she said yes.''

No! Why did he have to ask Trisha of all the girls at our school?

''Are Trisha and Kim not best friends or something? Why would Trisha agree to go with you?''

''Because Kim made some remarks about Trisha looking fat behind her back, although she never said that. I did, so she would say yes. Girls are so easy, man. Now, can you finally answer my question?''

''At the airport it's fine.''

Kyle slaps me on the shoulder and then raises his hand.

''I'm open, pass me the ball!''

I turn around and look at Samantha.

She is laughing with Millie and she waves when she sees me.

She looks so happy and I don't want to ruin that. Going to Vegas, meeting my mom, and attending a wedding was already a lot to ask. Now I have to tell her that Kyle and Trisha were joining us? The two people Samantha absolutely loathed!

Kyle never stopped hitting on her or calling her babe, but he was careful about it. Never pulled that crap when I was near or Tyler. There was also definitely no love between Trisha and Samantha. What happened at Liam's party and after that in Burger Joe, made sure of that.

Fuck! How am I going to tell her about all of this? She would check herself in at Stonewall again and I would join her after spending the whole weekend with those two!

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