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Vegas, part one

Samantha's POV

''You will be fine, kiddo,'' uncle Thomas says reassuringly. ''Think of this as the ultimate test. You're going to a place that will for sure trigger you because you want to be there for Alexander. You wouldn't do that if you thought you couldn't handle it. So have a little faith and trust me when I say that you are going to be fine.''

I nod, but then I see them. Kyle and Trisha are joining Alexander. He hands them their tickets, before looking in my direction. He definitely still felt guilty and he should! Telling me just before we were about to leave for the airport that those two would be joining us. I could kill him!

''Put yourself in his position, Samantha.''

''Why?'' I ask angrily. ''He should have told me when he knew and not spring this on me right before we are about to leave!''

''Samantha,'' my uncle warns me.

''I know, I know! Don't let my emotions get the better of me, but I'm just so mad at him!''

''That's perfectly fine, dear. Completely understandable under the circumstances, but are you planning on staying mad at him for the entire time?''

''Probably,'' I mutter.

''Ambushing you would mean he didn't tell you until you found out on the plane. Then you wouldn't have a choice and be literally trapped. He did tell you before we headed out for the airport, so you already decided that you were still going.''

''Yes, because I don't break my promises!''

''Because you still want to be there for Alexander, kiddo. That boy is crazy about you and he is always there for you. So, can you please put him out of his misery and...''

''Kill him? Sure, he only has to wait his turn,'' I respond when I hear Trisha make a snarky comment about another girl's outfit.

''Forgive him and move on,'' uncle Thomas sighs. ''But sure, killing them is also an option. Although that would be the easy way out. That way you can stay angry and keep believing that everyone will let you down at some point. It would be so much harder to forgive and give a certain someone another chance.''

I look at my uncle in disbelief.

''Can't you just be on my side? Why do you have to be so damn reasonable?''

Uncle Thomas chuckles and he pulls me in for a hug.

''I'm always on your side, kiddo. Call me if you need help digging a hole or if you need me to drive the getaway car.''

I start laughing and uncle Thomas ruffles my hair.

''Just enjoy your time and don't be so hard on him. He already looks miserable, the poor lad!''

We say goodbye and I join the others.

Trisha tries to hide her smirk when she sees me. She looks very glamorous in her red dress and high heels. Her make-up is perfect as usual and so is her hair. I'm wearing sneakers, beige yoga pants, and a black sweater. My usual meant that my hair was in a messy bun and that I was not wearing any make-up.

''Finally, we're complete! Who is ready for an awesome weekend, I know I am! I'm ready to have a good time and whoever is staying in my room, will definitely be having a really good time!''

Kyle winks at me, while Trisha gives me a warning look.

Like I would ever willingly share a room with Kyle, let alone a bed. Perhaps I could ask uncle Thomas if he could start digging.

''Flight 2849 destination Las Vegas, is ready for boarding!''

Alexander's POV

The flight was uncomfortable on so many levels. Turbulence made the flight bumpy. Kyle was flirting with some girl in the next row, while Trisha tried to ignore it by focusing all her attention on me. Suggesting things we could do in Vegas while giving me meaningful looks. She flirted with me and she kept pulling her dress down, so her boobs were very hard to miss.
Samantha looked out of the window for the first hour, listening to music on her phone. But she finally looked at me, when I handed her a bottle of water. She takes one of her earphones out and gives it to me. After that, she leans against me and I nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck.
''I'm sorry, Jones,'' I whisper in her ear and I plant a kiss on her cheek.
''I know,'' Samantha answers. ''It's fine, so you can stop apologizing.''
''Does that also mean that you're not mad anymore.''
''KYLE! Sit your ass down and focus your attention on your date, before she suffocates us all with her boobs!''
Okay, definitely still mad. But at least it's not directed at me anymore.
I see surprised faces around us and some people laugh. Kyle actually sits down, while Trisha looks like she is about to explode. After that Samantha scrolls down through her Netflix list and she puts Sherlock Holmes on. A show we both loved and she wrapped my arm around her.
She is so comfortable that she actually falls asleep halfway through an episode. Kyle is watching a movie on his screen and Trisha is flipping through a magazine. Finally some peace and quiet. Maybe now I could close my eyes for a little bit.
I actually manage to fall asleep too and when I wake up, I don't know how much time has passed. The screen says we are twenty minutes out, so I wake up Samantha. Soon we are landing and I'm relieved when I hear the sound that means we can stand up.
''I'm going to the bathroom and freshen up,'' Samantha says and I nod.
''Kyle and I are going to change, so meet us at carousel four for our luggage?''
Samantha is already gone, so Kyle and I head out to find a bathroom. The khaki pants and the green polo would have to do for now.
''We look good!'' Kyle says with his usual confidence. ''Let's go!''
Trisha is easy to spot in her red dress, but I don't see Samantha anywhere. It was not like her to take a long time, but then I hear a familiar voice. A girl wearing a black and white jumpsuit is talking on the phone.
It takes me a minute before I realize that the girl on the phone is Samantha. The jumpsuit accents her figure and she looked effortlessly classy. Her hair was now in a high ponytail and her curls fall down like a waterfall on her back.
''Well, hello there,'' Kyle grins and I see Samantha rolling her eyes at him before hanging up.
''Mia tracked our flight and she wanted to know if we indeed just arrived.''
I smile and I just keep looking at her.
''What is it?'' Samantha asks.
''Nothing, you just look beautiful.''
Samantha looks away and points at the luggage carousel. Of course, Trisha has the biggest and heaviest suitcase, but we manage. We head out for customs and I soon hear my mom's voice.
''Alex, over here! Ow, how I missed my precious little boy!''
My mom puts on a whole show and already know why. I see some of her friends and a man standing really close to her. The man greets Kyle, before turning his attention to me.
''You must be, Alexander! Charles Morris, it's a pleasure to meet you!''
I shake his hand and smile, but he is already looking at Samantha.
''Samantha, it's such a pleasure to meet you! Trisha, look at how gorgeous you look. It has been such a long time, tell me how is your mom.''
I glare at my mom and I try to hide my annoyance. She made such a fuzz about meeting Samantha and this was it? It was so typical and it didn't help that my mom's fiancé kept eyeing Samantha.
Dinner at the hotel restaurant also didn't make things better. My mom spends most of her time talking to Trisha, while her fiance asks Samantha all kinds of questions. He is impressed when he hears Samantha is in the GSEP and that she runs competitively.
''Those are some achievements for someone so young! Your parents must be very proud!'' Mr. Morris says while he gestures to the waiter for another round of drinks.
Samantha smiles and nods.
''But you are staying with your aunt and uncle right now?'' my mom suddenly asks.
''I do,'' Samantha answers.
''I imagine that would be very hard for your mother. I know that I miss Alexander like crazy when he is not with me!''
''Wait, now I know why you look so familiar. You are Celeste's kid! Celeste Jones!'' Mr. Morris yells. ''I know your mother, we attended high school together! She always knew how to have a good time and I bet she still does! So how is your mom doing, Samantha?''
''Probably still having a good time,'' Samantha answers and I want to change the subject, but I don't get a word in.
''Probably?'' my mom asks. ''Are you not in contact with your own mother? That would kill me and how about your dad?''
Samantha takes a sip of her water and shrugs her shoulders.
''I'm emancipated from my mother and I don't know my father. But enough about that, we are here for a wedding after all. So, how did the two of you meet?''
My mom starts to tell the story and I lay my arm around Samantha's shoulder. I'm so proud of her! She didn't let anything get to her. She was calm, charming, and making conversation with such ease.
It's almost midnight when we finally wish everyone goodnight and I walk to the reception.
''Harrison, but it also can be Morris.''
''Ah, the wedding party. Yes, Mr. Morris booked two suites. Suite 547 is one of our finest rooms. Double king-sized bed. Full entertainment set-up. Bathroom with a bad, rain shower and sauna. There also is a whirlpool with a view of the city, 24/7 room service and you have full access to all our facilities!''
I stare at the receptionist because that was a lot!
''Here are two key cards, sir. Your luggage has already been brought to your suite. The elevator is on your right, floor 5 and I hope you enjoy your stay with us!''
''Thank you. I just have to ask, did Mr. Morris only reserve two rooms?''
The receptionist looks at the screen and she nods.
''Yes, sir. Two suites, all-inclusive, for three nights.''
I nod and I grab the key cards.

So much for my mom making sure we had two rooms or at least separate beds.

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