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Vegas, part two

Alexander's POV

''We have to share a room,'' I say when we stand in the elevator. ''Is that okay with you?''

Samantha yawns and nods. We arrive on the fifth floor and I open the door of our room with the key card. I hear Samantha gasping when she enters and I get it. This is the most extravagant room I have ever seen!

''Absolutely insane!'' Samantha mumbles. ''Alexander, there is a whirlpool in this room!''

I smile while I walk towards my suitcase. I have to hang up my suit for the wedding and I always liked to unpack right away anyway. Samantha is standing by the window and I see a frown appear on her face.

''Is something wrong?'' I ask while I walk towards her.

''Nothing is wrong, I guess I just prefer camping in the woods over all of this.''

I follow her gaze and I get her. We have a view of the Las Vegas strip. It's impressive with all the tall buildings and the lights, but it feels like the city is screaming at us. Yes, I would prefer camping in the woods every day over all of this too.

''I'm going to shower and try to get the stench of the plane and the restaurant off me. Damn my mom's fiancé and his friends for smoking those cigars!''

I feel Samantha tense up and I can kick myself.

''I know you don't want me to apologize, but can I at least say thank you? Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for putting up with Kyle and Trisha. Thank you for putting up with my mom and my soon-to-be stepdad.''

Samantha smiles and she gently pulls away, walking towards her suitcase. The first thing she grabs is her workout clothes and I know she will be in the gym the first chance she gets.

''Are you okay with sharing the bed? I don't mind sleeping on the couch or in the whirlpool, that thing is huge!''

Samantha looks at me with an amused expression on her face.

''You would be more comfortable in the bathtub than in that thing.''

''That was not the point I was trying to make, Jones. Just let me know what you want. I'm going to take a shower now.''

The bathroom was probably bigger than my bedroom at home. There is a fancy display next to the shower and I press some buttons. Water is shooting from every direction and I groan. This thing reminded me of the car wash, but then I see relax mode on the display and I press it.

The jets stop. The lights in the ceiling change into blue and water is falling down from the ceiling, completing the illusion of rain. Then something changes and it looks like a waterfall is pouring down. After a while, it goes back to the rain mode and I start to undress. Only in Vegas the showers couldn't be just showers!

The relax mode was exactly that, relaxing. The warm water and the blue lights were calming. The changing water mode was amazing. I just let the water fall on my back and stand there with closed eyes.

I freeze when I suddenly feel a hand on my back. Two hands start to massage my shoulders and back. I groan because this feels so damn good! I open my eyes and turn around. Seeing Samantha standing naked in front of me, feels like a dream.

She looks so beautiful and I can't stop looking into her eyes.

''So, you decided you wanted to take a shower too and you didn't want to wait for your turn?''

Samantha smiles as she wraps her hands around my neck. I feel her shiver when my hand strokes her back and she pulls me closer to her. Her breasts are now pressed against my chest and I try my best to not get excited.

''I just felt like joining you, that's all. But I could go and wait for my turn.''

''Try, I dare you!'' I taunt before kissing Samantha eagerly. Her lips part and I let my tongue caress hers. My hands wander down to her hips and land on her tight little ass. I squeeze it firmly and I hear Samantha moan.

I'm losing my last bit of self-control and my member is now rock-hard. Samantha pulls away and reaches for something behind me. I smell something sweet and fruity before I realize Samantha put shampoo in my hair.

She washes it thoroughly, but she forgets that the shower mode changes. The waterfall comes on and the water splashes directly into my face. Soap is getting into my eyes and it stings, but then I gasp. Samantha is no longer standing in front of me.

She is on her knees, holding my member, pumping it, and kissing the top.

''Samantha, are you sure you want to do this?''

I groan loudly when she takes my member fully into her mouth. Sliding up and down, swirling her tongue around the top. I try to hold back because I want to enjoy this for as long as I could.

Samantha ups her tempo and just in time, I pull out of her mouth. I cum hard and I pull Samantha up. Smashing my lips on hers and wrapping my arms tightly around her.


It's all I manage to get out when I'm forced to take a breath.

''Because I wanted to.''

I cup Samantha's face and I stare into her eyes.

''No regrets?''


I let out a relieved sigh and Samantha smiles before she reaches for something. She hands me the sponge and turns around. I put some body wash on it and I start to wash her back. Samantha relaxes and presses her back against my chest.

I wash her shoulders and I feel Samantha's hand stroking my thigh. I place soft kisses on the side of her neck, while I move on to washing her breasts. Her nipples are hardened and her breathing is starting to sound more ragged.

''Can I?'' I whisper in Samantha's ear.


I drop the sponge and I let my hand wander to the inside of her thighs. All I do is caress the soft skin there, while I keep kissing the side of her neck. I don't want to rush anything and I want to make sure Samantha really enjoys it.

This was not something I was very experienced in and I definitely didn't want to disappoint her.

Samantha's POV

I made the decision to join Alexander in the shower on a whim. At first, I was still thinking about his question. We never slept in the same room before or in the same bed. I expected that the idea alone would make me nervous but I wasn't.

Alexander always had this way of making me feel completely safe. I could be myself with him, without ever feeling like I wasn't good enough for him. I felt safe, confident and desired when I was with him. That's why I wanted to tell him that I wouldn't mind sleeping in the same bed.

The problem is that I forget everything when I see Alexander standing naked in the shower. Seeing drops of water on that ripped body of his. I've seen Alexander many times without his shirt, so I knew he was in great shape. But seeing him without any clothes was a whole different story.

I forgot what I wanted to say to him and I started to undress, so I could join him. Being naked didn't make me feel anxious or nervous. It felt good and I could see in Alexander's eyes, that he felt the same way.

So, I didn't freeze when I felt him getting excited. I felt wanted and I wanted him too, so I kneel down. Looking at his member, which was very impressive to see, before holding it. I hear Alexander gasp and that only fuels my confidence.

I take his member into my mouth after Alexander asks me if I really wanted to do this. That was my answer! I really, really wanted to do this. I loved hearing him moan in pleasure and I felt his member trembling in my mouth. He was going to cum, but Alexanders pull out at that moment.

His kiss literally takes my breath away and him asking me if I had no regrets, makes me only want him more. I give Alexander the sponge and he starts to wash my back gently. He knows how sensitive the side of my neck is, but he doesn't stop kissing me there.

I press my back against his chest and I love how his naked body feels against mine.

''Can I?'' Alexander asks.


I feel his hand on the inside of my thighs and I feel nervous, but Alexander just caresses the skin there. Not going near my pussy at all. His hands wander back up to my belly and they stay there. I turn around and when I see how Alexander is looking at me, I don't feel nervous anymore.

I take his hand and lead it to the place where I want him to touch me. Alexander holds my gaze as he starts to make circular movements around my clit. He begins slowly and I let out a soft moan. It feels like he is teasing me and I can't take it for long.

I press my body against Alexander's hand and see the little smirk on his face. I gasp when I feel his finger thrust into me. Pumping it in and out. Then he puts another finger in, but he doesn't continue fingering me.

Alexander kisses me tenderly and I melt into the kiss. Without any warning, Alexander starts trusting his finger into my pussy. Hard and fast. I feel my pussy clench his fingers and a strange feeling is starting to build.

Alexander cups my face and he stares into my eyes. He keeps thrusting his fingers into me, but then I feel his thumb caress my clit.

''Yes, yes, yes!''

My legs start to tremble and the strange feeling takes over. Pure mind-blowing pleasure! I pant and moan, while Alexander continues his thrusts. He only stops when I go completely limp in his arms.

Again he cups my face and kisses me tenderly.

''Does this mean that I can sleep in the bed with you?'' Alexanders asks teasingly, while he hands me a towel.

I just nod. I don't have the strength to say anything or to even dry myself. Apparently, Alexander notices this because he takes over. Even carrying me to the bed when I'm dry.

We lay there in the bed and I smile when Alexander makes sure that the blankets cover me.

''No regrets?'' Alexanders asks, although he already knows the answer.

''Non,'' I answer with a grin and I turn on my side.

That strange feeling blew my mind. It took me some time to realize what it was. I've been sexually active from a young age, but I never experienced this feeling before.

I just had my first real orgasm and it felt absolutely, fucking amazing!

''I'm glad,'' Alexanders whispers in my ear and he kisses my cheek. I feel him slide one arm under me, while he wraps his other arm over me. Pulling me into his chest and I let out a deep satisfied sigh before I drift off to sleep.

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