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Vegas, part three

Alexander's POV

''How did you sleep, honey?''

''Fine, mom,'' I answer and I take a sip of my coffee. Waking up with Samantha in my arms was amazing. Since we had no plans, I thought we could sleep in. Order some room service and maybe walk around the city a little.

Then my phone started buzzing and I want to turn it off, but then I read the message. My mom asks me to join her for breakfast and I sigh. I want to stay in bed with Samantha, but my mom and I never spend real time together. I couldn't blame that all on her, so I replied that I was on my way.

''Is Samantha still sleeping?''

''No, she is in the gym right now.''

My mom only nods and she smiles when she reads the text message that pops up on her phone.

''What is it, mom?''

''Nothing, honey. I'm just happy that we get to spend some time together before all the craziness starts. Final fitting, a spa appointment, lunch, and then we have the rehearsal dinner tonight! Trisha, darling!''

My mom waves and Trisha walks over to us.

''Good morning, dear. You look gorgeous as always. Alexander, don't you agree that Trisha looks stunning? Are you all alone, dear? Where is Kyle?''

''Good morning and thank you, Camilla. You look radiant if I may say so, must be the pre-wedding glow! Kyle is never up before noon, so it's just me for now.''

''Well, then please join us! The buffet is over there and the food is excellent!''

''Great! I will be right back.''

Trisha walks away and I glare at my mom.

''Come on, Alexander. She was all alone, it would be rude not to invite her to sit with us. Besides, you know that I adore her and I always thought the two of you would end up together. You would make such a cute couple!''

''That is never going to happen, mom.''

''Darling, you are young and naive. Falling for a girl who spreads her legs for everyone. Like mother like daughter. You should have heard the stories Charles told me about Samantha's mother. It's no wonder that the poor girl doesn't know who her father is!''

I take a few deep breaths and shake my head.

''Perhaps you should take a good look in the mirror, mom. You're not unfamiliar with sleeping around also.''

My mom's face turned white as a sheet, but I don't regret my words.

''You are telling me that Samantha is not good enough for me because of her family. Well, she could say the same thing about you! You cheated on dad and you left us for almost a year. You came back only to cheat on dad again! Ruining our family again! So, who are you to judge Samantha or her mom?''

''Alexander!'' my mom utters.

''What, mom? Everything I said was nothing but the truth. It only took me like ten years to finally say it out loud, but I said it! I'm done pretending, but you are getting married and I don't want to ruin your wedding. Therefore I will walk you down the aisle and I will smile for the pictures but don't expect anything else from me.

I see Trisha is coming back and I get up.

''You can make your assumptions about Samantha, but it doesn't change a thing. I'm with her and if you want to stay involved in my life, you will respect that. Also, believe me when I say that Trisha and I will never happen. She is not even a friend or someone I like. She is just a girl that I go to school with and that's it. So, stop giving her false hope!''

My mom is quick to hide her shock and she even has the audacity to look genuinely hurt that I dare to accuse her of something like that.

''I would never do such a thing!''

''Really, mom?''

''Alexander, you are accusing me of a horrible thing, and without any proof, might I add!''

I snatch my mom's phone from the table and touch the screen.

''Then why did Trisha text you that she was almost here?''

''The food looks delicious!'' Trisha smiles and she takes the seat next to me. ''I saw they had Danish pastries, so I grabbed one for you too, Alexander.''

I give my mom her phone back and I have to take a few deep breaths again.

''You should share that one with my mom, Trisha. You already seem to share so much with each other anyway. Just so you both know, Danish pastries were my favorite. We used to make them together every Sunday for breakfast, mom. I can't stand them now since they just remind me of you leaving.''

After that, I walk away and I walk back to my room. Samantha is still in the gym, but she left her phone and it's ringing. I see the name Gabe on the screen and I frown. I never heard Samantha mention someone with that name.

The ringing stops and a moment later a text message pops up.

''Can't wait to see you, gorgeous! Meet me at our usual spot?''


Alexander's POV

This can't be happening! She can't be involved with another guy, she is not like that!
I feel like I'm going to throw up, but then I hear the sound of a key card and the door opens. Samantha walks in and she seems surprised to see me.
''That was a quick breakfast.''
''That was a quick workout,'' I respond.
She probably cut her workout short because she had plans with that Gabe guy.
''I know, but I think I ate something last night that didn't agree with me. I almost threw up when I was doing sit-ups. I'm sure I will be fine, so how was breakfast?''
''A complete disaster. Samantha, who is Gabe?''
''What happened with your mom?''
''Doesn't matter, who is Gabe?''
Samantha opens her mouth, but then she closes it and she runs to the bathroom. I can hear her throw up and I'm actually starting to feel worried.
Samantha flushes the toilet as I enter the bathroom and she genuinely looks miserable.
''That's it. I'm never eating something again that I can't pronounce!''
Samantha rests her head against the tiles and smiles at me.
''Can you tell me now what happened at breakfast?''
''If you tell me who Gabe is.''
''Alexander, I'm not cheating on you,'' Samantha says in a very calm voice. ''Gabriel is the friend that send me that contract, the one your father helped me with. He is here and he wanted to go through the contract, although that is a flat-out lie.''
''Why do you say that?'' I ask, still not completely convinced.
''Because Gabe hates to talk about business or contracts. He just wants to meet you.''
Samantha gets up and grabs her toothbrush.
''So, do you have time?''
I see Samantha looking at me in the mirror and I nod.
''Great, can you now tell me what happened?''
I turn the shower on and I sigh.
''Let me guess. She thinks I'm trash like my mom and she thinks that you could do a lot better?''
''Basically.'' I mutter.
''And what did you say?''
''That she is not in a position to judge others. She cheated on my dad twice and she is the one who left without saying a word. I told her I would stay for the wedding and play nice, but she shouldn't expect anything more from me.''
Samantha turns around and she still has toothpaste in the corner of her mouth.
''You said that?''
Samantha walks towards me and hugs me tightly.
''I'm sorry, Alexander. I really hoped that this could be a fresh start for you and your mom.''
''It's fine. I didn't get my hopes up for a reason.''
Samantha looks at me and shakes her head.
''You were hoping that things would be different this time and you will always keep hoping that because she is your mom.''
I just pull Samantha back in the hug and I plant a kiss on her head. I don't want to talk about it anymore. My complicated relationship with my mom was just that, complicated. I needed time to process, but not now.
I had my day back and taking a shower with Samantha sounded like a very good idea. Staying in this room and ordering room service sounded like a very good idea as well, but then I remember I agreed to meet up with Gabriel.
''When is Gabe expecting us?''
Samantha chuckles and to my surprise, she turns the shower off.
''Go change,''
''Into what?'' I ask confused.
''Into your workout clothes, you're coming with me to the gym.''
That was definitely not what I had in mind!
''Do I have to? We can't just stay here for a while and then meet your friend?''
''No, because the boxing ring and the punching bag are in the gym!''
I'm stunned, while Samantha is literally jumping up and down in excitement.
''You want to go boxing?''
''Because I find it much easier to deal with my feeling or thoughts after I beat and kick the hell out of that thing. Although a few rounds of one-on-one work too!''
''Is that your way of trying to cheer me up, Jones?''
''I'm not trying, I know it will cheer you up,'' Samantha says with a huge grin on her face.
''And how can you be so sure about that?''
Samantha gives me this cheeky little smile before she throws some gym shorts in my direction.

''Because I always pretend that the punching bag is Kyle, that's why!''

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