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Women talk

Alexander's POV

''I thought Sam finding out that Kyle and Trisha were coming, was going to be the worst part of your trip. Good to know that your mom didn't change one bit!'' Tyler says while we put our trays down.

I take a bite out of my sandwich and I shrug my shoulders.

''The only thing that changed was me telling my mom how I felt about everything. She can continue to pretend that she is perfect and that our relationship is too, but I'm done with that.''

''Good for you, man! Took you long enough, but at least you told her! Can you now tell why Trisha is avoiding you or how Kyle got that black eye? Did Sam finally got her hands on him or was it you?''

''Neither.'' I answer with a huge grin. ''After the rehearsal dinner, my lovely new stepdad took me and Kyle to a strip club.''

''Very classy of him,'' Tyler smirks. ''Go on!''

''Kyle got drunk and he put his hand on the ass of a stripper, who was not amused by that. Impressive right hook by the way, but then we were asked to leave. Apparently Kyle didn't learned his lesson the first time. He did the same thing in the hotel, but he didn't realise that the girls boyfriend was standing right there!''

''NO!'' Tyler laughs and I nod.

''Can't wait to see the pictures, but what happened with Trisha? She hasn't tried to sit with us all week and she actually walks away when she sees you!''

I sigh and I grab my water bottle.

''Did Sam threatened her of something? I wouldn't pass it by her, especially since Trisha always acted like you and Sam were not a thing.''

''Trisha has seen a whole different side of Samantha and I think that intimidates her. Although the reason why she stays away is probably because she heard what I said to my mom.''

''What different side of Sam are you talking about and what did you say? I'm not following anymore, Alex!''

I grab a candy bar out of my bag and I slide it over to Tyler, who immediately unwraps it and takes a big bite. It was always better to give Samantha or Tyler something to eat when they were getting impatient. At least then you got the chance to finish your story.

''I was upset after the things that my mom said and then she lied to my face about trying to set me up with Trisha. So my voice was raised when I said that I didn't like her like that or as a person.''

Tyler looks at me and he eats the rest of the candy bar, before pulling another one out of his own bag.

''That would do it, but...''

I just hold up my phone and Tyler doesn't even bother to finish his question. He takes the phone and he zooms in and he shakes his head in utter disbelieve.

''I figured she would wear a dress, but she looks...''

''From beautiful to drop dead gorgeous, I know.''

I smile when I remember the stunned faces at the rehearsal dinner. Samantha took my breath away when I saw her in that wine red evening dress. Her hair was halve braided and then put into ponytail, what only seem to draw more attention to the open back of her dress.

She looked drop dead gorgeous and she knew it. Although she still got shy when I told her that.

''You two look good in this one!''

Tyler shows me the picture and I chuckle. It's probably the only photo of the wedding where I'm genuinely smiling. Samantha looked beautiful in her black floral dress, but she was still herself.

Just before that photo was taken, Samantha kicked off her heels. She ate the food that was on my plate, while informing me that she was going to kill Gabe for making her wear those heels. All I could do in that moment was smile, because this was the Samantha that I knew and loved.

''I'm glad someone took pictures, otherwise I wouldn't believed that she could look like this!''

Tyler nods at something behind me and I turn around. Samantha is walking into the cafeteria with her new coach. She is wearing sport leggings and an oversized sweater. She has an apple in her mouth and she is putting her hair up in a messy bun, while she is listening to her coach.

''Ladies and gentlemen. May I present my cousin, the picture of elegance!'' Tyler laughs.

''That's my best friend you are talking about, so I won't hesitate to show her that picture that I have of you!''

For the first time I see Tyler cheeks turn red and I'm intrigued.

''What picture, Millie?''

''Don't you dare!'' Tyler hisses.

''Or what?'' Millie taunts. ''I already proved that I can kick your ass at Fifa and the same goes for that boring shooting game!''

Tyler cheeks turn into a darker red and he mutters something.

''No, you didn't let me win! I beat your sorry ass fair and square!''

''Millie, lets go!'' Samantha yells.

''Yes, please go!'' Tyler snarls.

Millie makes a face at Tyler and she snatches the candy bar out of his hand, before she runs after Samantha.

''Dammit, she hangs out with Sam way too much!''

I continue to eat my lunch and I look amused at Tyler. Of course he has another candy bar in his bag and he takes a very angry bite.

''So since when is this going on?''


''You and Millie.''

Tyler looks at me and he starts laughing.

''There is nothing going on between us. We hang out, I annoy her and she annoys me. That's it!''


''What, it's the truth! She is always on my case or bugging me about something. That's why she annoys me so much!''

''But not enough, since you spend most of your weekend with her. Hiking together, going to the arcade and the movies.''

''How the hell do you know that?''

''Because women talk and they talk a lot, idiot!''

Samantha's POV

''Still alive?'' Alexander's asks amused when I'm finally ready to go home.
''Barely,'' I groan. ''I think he is still making me regret that I missed two sessions with him.''
''Maybe, but you still love it,'' Alexander says with a smirk. ''You love working out with him and with the team.''
''True, but that doesn't make the pain go away!''

Alexander starts to walk faster and I groan, he knows me too well.

''Pick up the pace, Jones!''

That's it and I try jump on Alexander back, but again he knows me too well. He turns around while I jump and simply throws me over his shoulder.

''Of course I will carry you, my dear! Not a problem at all, although you are heavy!''

I can't stop laughing and I can't release myself out of Alexander's grip.

''Then put me down, idiot!''

''You wanted me to carry you and I am, so who are you calling an idiot?''

''Still you!'' I laugh.

''Well you chose me and you are supposed to be a genius. So what does that say about you, Jones?''

''That I fell for an idiot!''

Alexander tickles my side and the tears are starting to roll down my cheeks from laughter.

''Fine, it means that you are mine idiot!''

Alexander finally puts me down and he wipes away the tears, before he kisses me eagerly. Things were definitely heating up between us, but we still took our time. Although that was more Alexander's doing then mine.

He was the one who said that he didn't wanted to rush anything and especially not us having sex for the first time. So we didn't go all the way in Vegas and part of me felt disappointed. It actually made me feel insecure, rejected even.

But it all came down to the same thing and that was that Alexander knew me. He knew that what we already did in Vegas was a huge deal for me and he was right. When I actually managed to think clearly again, I agreed that it wasn't the right time or place.

I wasn't ready period. Because if I was ready, then I should be able to call Alexander my boyfriend and I still didn't do that. We were together, but I never said that out loud. I knew it was something that bothered Alexander, although he would never admit that. He would always put his feelings aside for me, but Tyler not.

He basically told me to get over myself or that I should let Alexander go, because this was not fair to him. It was probably the smartest thing that Tyler ever said to me and the first time that I had to admit that he was absolutely right.

I pull away from the kiss and I bite my bottom lip.

''What difficult decision are you trying to make, Jones?''

I wrap my hands around Alexander's neck and I smile.

''The decision if I should ask my boyfriend to take me home or to ask my boyfriend if we could go to Burger Joe, because I really want a chocolate milkshake.''

Alexander frowns when he realises what I just said.

''You never called me that before.''

''I know.''

''Then why now and don't say it is because of the milkshake!''

He really knows me too well.

''Because we are together and you are my boyfriend. Also I know that me not saying it was bothering you, I still really want that milkshake and I can't live in a world where Tyler is smarter then me!''

I see a hint of smile and Alexander shakes his head.

''What? I thought it was bothering you that I never said it.''

Alexander chuckles and he wraps his arms around me.

''It was, but I never told you that. Which means that Tyler couldn't keep his big mouth shut and that I was wrong.''

''Wrong about what?'' I ask curiously.

''Tyler asked me how I knew that he spend his weekend with Millie and I told him that was because women talk.'' Alexanders says in an amused voice.

''And that assumption was wrong?'' I ask confused.

''No, I was definitely right about that. Women do talk a lot, but apparently not as much as Tyler and for once I'm thankful for his big mouth!''

Alexander laughs and he removes my hands from his neck.

''So, we are going to get that milkshake now?'' I ask hopefully.

''No,'' Alexanders says with a straight face as he opens the car door for me.

''Why not?!'' I pout.

''Because I know my girlfriend and that's why I bought a bucket of Ben & Jerry's yesterday.''

''Chocolate fudge brownie?'' I ask while I get in the car.

''I really know my girlfriend.'' I hear Alexander chuckle while he closes the door and I smile.

It felt good calling him my boyfriend, but not as good as hearing him calling me his girlfriend!

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