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In the end

-Alexander's POV

Beep, beep, beep.

''She is going to be fine, Alex,'' Tyler says softly. ''Do you hear me? She is going to be fine!''

Beep, beep, beep.

I barely hear what Tyler is saying and I just keep stroking Samantha's hand. Seeing her laying in a hospital bed unconscious was killing me.

''She hit her head hard and that's why they keep her for observation, but the rest is minor. Bumps and bruises mostly!'' Tyler continues.

''She had to fight off a man that was triple her size, Tyler. She had to do that, because we all said she was being paranoid about Emma's dad. He was back in jail. He was not going to get out soon and if he did, then the restraining order would still be valid,'' I say in a monotone voice.

''She said she had seen him and we didn't believe her. We said she was still on edge because of what that scumbag try to do to her and Millie. We didn't believer her, Tyler. I didn't believer her.''

I press a kiss on Samantha's hand and I try my best to stay calm, but I am losing it.

''She broke her wrist when she tried to fight him off. She twisted her ankle when she tried to lead him away from Mia and Emma. She fought him and he threw her trough a window, Tyler. Trough a window!''

''Don't you think I don't know that?'' Tyler yells. ''I made fun of her when she said guys were looking at her differently. I said it was because she looked descent when she didn't wore my shirts or hoodies. I made fun of her, Alex. That's what I did and I did the same thing when she told me about Emma's dad.

Tyler clenches his fists and he takes a deep breath.

''I told her that Emma could take care of herself, because Emma was in full judo mode all week. I'm the idiot who made fun of her and I was the idiot who didn't walk her and Millie back to the car, because I was too busy flirting with some chick!''

''She already forgave you for that, Ty.''

I look up and I see Mr. Reed standing in the doorway. He was still in uniform and he looked really tired.

''Well she shouldn't have!'' Tyler snaps at his dad. ''I wouldn't.''

Mr. Reed walks into the room and he places his hand on Tyler's shoulder.

''Is there any news?'' I ask weary.

''He was arrested and he is now in the hospital.''

''He is here?!'' Tyler yells.

''He needs medical attention, because Samantha put up one hell of a fight. But precautions were taken, he is cuffed to his bed and officers are standing guard by his room.''

''Not here?'' I ask worried.

''The Marines take care of their own, Alexander. Samantha is my family and therefore she is also theirs. Corporal Jackson and lance corporal Wheeler are standing guard here. A lot of them volunteered when they heard the news, but it's only for one night. The doctor said we could take her home tomorrow, isn't that right, Doc?''

Doctor Laney walks in and she takes a look at the monitors.

''I'm sorry, Thomas. I can't discuss her status with you. I know you are her uncle, but she is emancipated and you are not named in her healthcare proxy.''

''No, but I am.'' another voice says. Gabriel is standing in the doorway and I he looks just as miserable as I am feeling.

''She can go home tomorrow, but she is going to need a lot of rest. No sports, no school and no stress. She has to be back in two weeks for a check up and after that she can gradually increase her activity. Did I miss anything, doctor Laney?''

''No, that is it. The last thing I want to add is that miss Jones is going to make a full recovery, but that her road to recovery can be very hard. As a top athlete and student, she is used to high pressure situations. Taking it easy will be nearly impossible for her, so she will probably take her frustrations out on the people around her.''

''We can count on that,'' Mr. Reed responds. ''I still have one question, Doc. What's the plan for pain relieve?''

Dr. Laney looks at Gabriel and he nods.

''She can have paracetamol or ibuprofen, but I was informed she stays away of all kind of medication because of her history. I would therefore recommend a high dose of TLC. If that's not enough, we can discuss other options.''

''Thank you, Doc.''

Dr. Laney smiles and nods, before she leaves the room.

''I'm heading back home,'' Mr. Reed says. ''I need to check on the girls and the house.''

''Can I come?'' Gabriel asks. ''I would like to see Emma and I could definitely use a distraction.''

''Sam is your best friend!'' Tyler says with a frown. ''Don't you just want to sit with her for a while? I can go and help my dad.''

''We don't like hospitals,'' a voice whispers.''

I look at Samantha, who is finally opening her eyes.

''Hello, Mr. Harrison.''

''Hello, Jones,'' I answer and I press another kiss on her hand.

Samantha smiles, but then she groans loudly. The pain is hitting her and she squeezes my hand hard. Tears start to roll down her cheeks and she is starting to panic.

''You are safe, kiddo. Emma and Mia are safe. That man is going to jail for a very long time, so he will not be able to hurt you. You are safe, so breath.''

I want to stand up and offer Mr. Reed my chair, but Samantha doesn't let go of my hand.

''They are safe?'' Samantha asks. ''They are really safe?''

Mr. Reed sits down on the bed and he nods.

''They are safe because of you. Mia said that the man came after her and Emma, but that you protected them. Telling them to run to the neighbours and call for help. They are both safe and well, but you will see that with you own eyes tomorrow. Rest now, kiddo. I will be back tonight, love you.''

''Love you,'' Samantha mumbles and she yawns.

''Please take Gabe with you, uncle Thomas. Hospitals really freak him out.''

''Seeing you in the hospital freaks me out,'' Gabriel mutters. ''

''Is my gown the wrong colour or does my hair make me look like Medusa again?'' Samantha asks with a grin.

''No, you bruised idiot!'' Gabriel snaps. ''I thought you were gone when the hospital called. You are a pain in my ass, but I can't lose you, S! Got it?''

''Love you too, Gabe.'' Samantha says and she closes her eyes.

''Time to go,'' Mr. Reed says and he nods at Gabriel. ''Tyler, are you coming or staying?''

''Coming, dad.''

''Tyler?'' Samantha says with closed eyes.

''Yes, Sam?''

''That is still my hoodie and those are my Cookie Monster socks!''

Samantha's POV

I stare at the ceiling of my hospital room, while I listen to Alexander's breathing. I fell asleep after dinner and I thought he would be gone when I woke up in the middle of the night, but Alexander was still there. Sleeping on a stretcher next to my bed and I watched him for a while.

He looked so peaceful and after a while that really was pissing me off. Everything was starting to piss me off, because nothing was making sense to me. After Gabe and I came back, I started to get weird text messages.

Beginning with some flirty messages that were soon followed with messages of people asking me out. Then the messages came where people were actually offering me money for spending the night with them. The whole thing was really starting to creep me out, so I told my aunt and uncle.

They were worried, but Tyler said it was probably because my number was leaked and being used on an adult site. He said I should just get a new number and then the whole thing would be over, so that's what I did. The weird text messages stopped, but then I started to notice that people who I didn't know, kept giving me strange looks and smiles.

When I mentioned it to Tyler, he just laughed it off. Alexander was not much better. He said that I was beautiful, so he understood why people would check me out. They didn't take me serious. My aunt and uncle didn't take me serious, until a man tried to force himself on me and Millie.

I forgave them because I saw how bad they felt and I wanted them to stop apologising to me. I understood that they all thought I was still freaked out because of all the weird text messages. Also nobody could have predicted that a perfect stranger would try to force himself on me. I could forgive them for all of that, but not when it came concerned Derek.

Nobody believed me when I said he was here. He couldn't be here, because the social worker called and said he was back in jail. That was that, but I knew for sure that I saw him. I knew he was watching me, but everyone else just kept telling me I was being paranoid.

They didn't believe me and I ended up being the one who had to fight a man that was so much bigger and stronger then me. I was the one who was now laying in the hospital, getting angrier by the second.

I trusted my family. I trusted them completely and that's why I trusted them with the care of Emma. Now, I knew that was a mistake. I could forgive them for not believing me the first time, but not for this. Not when it came down to Emma's safety.

I could not forgive my family or Alexander for that. I could not forgive myself, because I knew all along. In the end people would always let me down and the only person I could count on was myself.

Lesson learned, Samantha.

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