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So many disappointments

-Samantha’s POV

″You’re grounded?″ I ask confused.

″Yes! Millie grumbles. ″Missed my curfew, so that’s it. For the rest of the month my life will be school, practice and working in the restaurant. No late nigh runs or girls night for the next two weeks either.″

″That sucks!″ is all I manage to get out.

″I know, but I have to hang up now. I was allowed to call you and explain why I couldn’t run or hang out tonight. Now I have to actually hand over my phone. I’m sorry, Sam!″

Millie hangs up and I just stand there in the rain. I don’t know what I should do or want to do. Alexander caught me completely off guard with that kiss, making me realise how much I missed him and how exhausted it was to hold on to my anger.

I hear a beep and I see that I have received an email from my agent. Probably to inform me about a job that I don’t want to take.

Your contract with WBM agency is dissolved. Since you lost your contract with Titans and you refused to take the jobs that were...″

I don’t bother reading the rest. I take a seat on the porch and I stare at the rain. The agreement that I had with my sponsor and agency stated that I would no longer do lingerie shoots or any other shoots that forced me to be scantily dressed. They didn't hold up their end of that agreement, because those were exactly the work they were offering me.

Suing them or making a big scene wouldn’t work. They would just say that they gave me plenty of jobs to choose from and that I was being unreasonable to refuse all of them. At least I should be grateful that they didn’t make a big deal of it. Dissolving the contract was in both our best interest, but it still fucking hurts.

Titans was my sponsor for years and they didn’t even had the decency to tell me in person that they wanted to end my contract. The same thing goes for my agency. I was so long one of their most wanted models and I made them a fortune, but now I was worth nothing to them. Only an email that told me it was all over.

″They can go fuck themselves!″ I say. ″I gave them literally everything and now I’m not good enough? Because I don’t want to take my clothes off anymore? Well, fuck them!″

I'm so disappointed, but I'm even more angry. Angry about the way they treated me and everything else. I look at the email again, forcing myself to read the whole thing.

''Argument 2 for dissolving the contract is the fact that miss Jones is at the moment unemployable due to the fact that she is not meeting the high standards of WBM agency.''

I throw me phone away when I realise what they are referring to. They actually used the fact that I was beat up and thrown through a window as an excuse to dissolve the contact! I'm shaking with angry, but I refuse to fully give in.

Instead I stand up and I walk into the backyard. There is a gazebo and under it are two rocking chairs. I always loved watching a storm, because it oddly calmed me down. From here I had the best view and I was hoping that this storm would calm me down. After feeling so angry and disappointed all the time, I could really use some calmness.

-Alexander’s POV

″Samantha, what the hell!″ I yell.

When I got home all the lights in the house were off, so I thought that Samantha decided that she didn’t wanted to stay. Then I saw that the side porch was open and just when I want to lock it, I hear the sound of the rocking chair.

It was probably the wind, but to my surprise I see Samantha sitting. The storm was getting really bad and she should not be outside, that was insane!

Samantha looks at me and I can tell that something happened. something bad.

″You can tell me,″ I say in a much more calmer tone. ″But can we please go inside and...″

Samantha smashes her lips against mine as she jumps into my arms. I’m confused and worried, but this feels so good! Having Samantha in my arms and her kissing me like this. I can’t even remember the last time we kissed like this.

I hear her moan loudly when I start kiss her the side of her neck and I can feel her fidgeting with something. Samantha takes of her coat and she unbuttons her blouse, before she kisses me again.

″We could go inside,″ I mumble in her ear as I set her down.

Samantha looks at me and I see a cheeky smile appear on her face. She takes of her bra, revealing her perfect breasts and making it impossible for me to think straight. I let one finger follow the contour of her right breast and I can see her nipples getting harder.

I force myself to look Samantha in they eyes, but she doesn’t give me that chance. Instead she pushes her breasts in my face and I forget everything. I hungrily start sucking on the nipple of her left breast, while I squeeze the other with my hand.

Samantha moaning only makes me suck harder and I take my time. Kissing, licking and sucking every inch of her breasts.

″You still want to go inside?″ Samantha asks panting.

I bite softly on her nipple, while I start to pull down her pants. I throw them over my shoulder, while I pull her close to me for a kiss. My tongue caresses hers and I hear her gasp when my fingers wonder to that place between her legs.

Fuck, she is already so wet!

I push Samantha against one of the pillars of the gazebo, before I kneel down and pull her panties down. I start with kissing the inside of her thighs, before I drape one of her legs over my shoulder.

Now I have all the access that I need and I let my tongue slide between her lips. Samantha's breathing is becoming more ragged and I hear her let out soft whimpers. When I enter her pussy with my tongue Samantha moans.

Her body starts to follow my movements and I can tell she is getting there. She screams when I drape her other leg over my shoulder and stick my tongue deep inside. With my hands I keep her in place and all she can do is surrender.

I pull my tongue out and I let it circle around her clit, making Samantha scream again. I give her clit little fast licks and Samantha grabs my head. She starts riding my mouth and I can feel her trembling.

''Fuck yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!''

I just keep going with the little fast licks, until Samantha goes limb. Only then I put her back on the ground and I smile.

''You look so fucking beautiful when you come,'' I murmur, before I kiss her hungrily. Samantha moans and I can feel her hands loosen the belt of my pants. Next thing I know she pushes me in the rocking chair and impatiently tries to pull down my pants.

I help her and I groan when Samantha doesn't waist any time. She kisses the top of my member, before she takes it into her mouth. Making me almost come when her tongue swirls around the top of my member, but I can hold it.

Samantha sucking my member is like a dream that I never want to wake up from. She is so gorgeous and it's like she knows that I'm watching her. She looks up and her gaze meets mine, almost pushing me over the edge

Samantha let her tongue slide of the length of my member, before she starts pumping it and I know I can't hold on much longer. Samantha suddenly stops and she gets up. She straddles me and I lean in for the kiss, but then I feel it.

Samantha's pussy sliding over my member. She feels so tight, so wet and warm. I let out a loud groan when I'm completely inside her and I freeze

No, no, no! This can't be happening!

I see Samantha's face as she realises what just happened and I see the look I never wanted to see in her eyes when it came to sex.


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