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The ....... weekend

-Samantha's POV

I look for my coat, while Alexander is already putting his pants back on. He looks deep in thought and the only thing I can tell from his expression is that he is definitely not happy. Did we make a huge mistake?

''Here it is,'' Alexander says and he holds up my coat. ''The rest of your clothes are soaked, but I can put them in the dryer for you and in the mean time you can borrow some of my clothes.''


Alexander nods and he grabs my hand before we run towards the house. Inside Alexander hands me a towel before he walks away with my clothes. Only to come back with socks, sweatpants and a sweater.

''I don't have Cookie Monster socks or pj's, but I can offer you a hot shower and these.''

''Alexander, why do you look like you deeply regret what just happened? I know that I threw myself at you, but you could have said no!''

Alexander stiffens and he opens his mouth, but then everything turns dark.

''Power is out,'' Alexander groans.

''Do you still have reception on your phone?''

Alexanders takes out his phone and he checks.

''I do, but barely.''

''Can you call Tyler or my aunt, saying that I'm here. They are probably wondering where I am, since I didn't came home to change into my work-out clothes.''

Alexander calls and I hear him talking to aunt Laurel, while I change into the dry clothes.

''Where is your phone?'' Alexanders asks when he hangs up.

''Somewhere in your driveway,'' I mutter and I walk into the living room. ''What did my aunt say?''

''That she is glad that you are okay and that you should stay here, because it's not safe out there. Apparently halve the town is without electricity and a three is blocking the main road. Can you now explain why your phone is in the driveway?''

''Because I threw it away,'' I answer while I sit down on the sofa.

''Why did you do that?''

''Stop asking me questions if you don't even bother to answer mine!''

Alexander sighs and he crosses his arms.

''Isn't that obvious, Samantha? I didn't even lasted five seconds and that's embarrassing! I'm also worried because we didn't use any protection and that I disappointed you. I really thought that even for my first time I would last longer then that!''

Alexanders shakes his head and he clenches his fists.

I stare at Alexander and I feel so relieved. I feel relieved, incredibly stupid and guilty. I was angry with him and I hold on to that anger. Not willing to accept his apologies and forgive him. I was horrible to him and he just took it. Always making sure that he was still there fore me, while I just kept pushing him away.

I stand up and I wrap my arms around Alexander's neck. Hugging him tightly.

''Don't, this only makes me feel worse,'' Alexander says and he tries to loosen my grip.

''It's not a pity hug, you idiot. It's a I don't know what I did to deserve you and I fucking love you hug!''

A smile appears on Alexander's face and finally he hugs me back.

''But you were disappointed, I saw it in your eyes.''

''I wasn't disappointed, Alexander. I was sad. It was the first time that I wanted to have sex, because I was with someone that I loved. You just happened to come when I realised that, so stop thinking that you let me down in any way.''

Alexander cups my face and he kisses me tenderly.

''I love you, Samantha.''

Alexander smiles again and he presses a kiss on my forehead.

''Do you want me to get you a morning after pill tomorrow?''

This is why I love him, because he is the most caring person that I know.''

''That will not be necessary. I have been on birth control for years. Right now I have an implant in my arm that makes sure I can't get pregnant.''

Alexanders nods, but then a frown appears on his face.

''You still need to explain what happened to your phone or why you looked so miserable when I found you.''

I groan and let myself fall on the sofa, burying my face in the cushions.

''That won't work, Jones. Start talking, please.''

''Fine, I received an email from my agency that they dissolved our contract. That contract stated that I could refuse jobs that made me feel uncomfortable, like lingerie or sexy wear.''

''But didn't they keep asking you for those kind of shoots?'' Alexander asks confused and he sits down next to me.

''They did,'' I sigh. ''They used it as an argument that I didn't hold up my end of the contract, by refusing to take any jobs. Another reason was that I lost my contract with my sponsor. I didn't know that they ended my contract, so that was a nice surprise. But they really outdid themselves with the second argument.'' I say sarcastically.

''They said I was unemployable because I don't meet their high standards. Translation getting beat up, gave them a reason to get rid of me.That's why I looked miserable when you saw me.''

I turn on my back and I stare at the ceiling.

''I was anything but a good person before I got here. A manipulative bitch, just as mommy taught me and she taught me well. Never show your weakness or feelings, Samantha. Only show them what you want them to see.''

I laugh humourless, because I can still hear my mom giving me her advice.

''They are not your friends, they are the competition. We don't care about the feelings of our competition do we? We have to look out for ourselves, because in the end your always on your own. So get the best jobs and take care of yourself in any way you can.''

I let out a deep sigh and I shake my head.

''The truth is that I was arrogant, manipulative whore. I got the best paying jobs, by screwing people over of to literally screw them. I swore when I was in the YCF program that I would never go back to being that person. I said goodbye to Red, my mom and my old life. I had new contracts, a new life to start with Emma and hope. Hope that I could still be the best, but that hope vanished tonight.

''Because they didn't let you reenter that competition and now this on top of everything that already happened.'' Alexander groans and it remains quiet for a while.

''Samantha, is that...''

''Is that?'' I repeat and I sit back up again. Alexander is struggling with finding the right words and I roll my eyes at him.

''I didn't have sex with you because of that, Alexander. I kissed you because of that and because you made me realise that I missed you like crazy. The rest was just because you are fucking hot, especially when you are mad and wet!''

Perhaps this is the first time that I see Alexander blush and I chuckle.

''Don't get shy on me now, Mr. Harrison.''

Alexander's POV

''Don't get shy on me now, Mr. Harrison,'' Samantha teases.
Well, she couldn't say that anymore. I smile while I stroke Samantha's back. That comment pissed me off, but it also made me horny as hell. I only had a taste of having sex with Samantha and I was craving more.
So I let her think that I let her comment slide and I walk into the kitchen. Samantha follows and before she can open the fridge, I have her pinned between my arms. I kiss her hungrily as I lift her up and walk her over to the dining table.
Kissing turned into full on making out and then I'm between her legs again. Licking and fingering her, while Samantha moans and pants. I let my member slide into her tight pussy and we both moan. I start slowly, still getting used to the feeling of being inside her and making sure that I don't come so quickly again.
I hardly realise that I'm starting to move faster and harder, because hearing Samantha moan in pleasure was driving me mad! I'm now pounding into her relentlessly, while I start to suck on her left breast.
''Yes, Alexander. Like that, like that, like that!''
I pull Samantha's ass up and I can feel my member sink even deeper in her. Samantha screams and I feel her fingernails graze the skin on my back. I stop sucking her breast, moving to that spot on the side of her neck.
''Alexander,'' Samantha whimpers and I grin.
I let my hand wonder between her legs and I watch Samantha come. She screams, pants and her body is shaking uncontrollably, making me come too.
''That was fucking hot!'' Samantha whispers and she smiles, before she gives me a peck on the lips.
It was, but then the moment was officially over when Samantha's stomach started to grumble. I knew the fridge was basically empty, because I said that I would order take out tonight. Now that was not even an option because of the storm.
''Chips and salsa?'' I ask and Samantha laughs.
''Sounds perfect!''
It was actually perfect. We ate the chips in the living room and since we didn't have any power, I pulled out some old board games. Lesson learned, don't play Monopoly or Ludo with Samantha. It was embarrassing how easily she won at the first game and how frustrated she got at the second game. Scrabble was a much safer game.
Safer, but it also made clear how much smarter Samantha was then me. Luckily I could distract her with some leftover Ben&Jerry's. Just before midnight the power came back on we decided to take an shower. Only halfway through the power went out again, but we didn't even notice.
By that time we were already stumbling out of the shower and soon after Samantha was riding me. We actually made it the third time in a bed and again it was absolutely incredible. Although I also enjoyed this part very much.
Samantha snuggled against my chest, sound asleep. I was still wide awake, but I didn't mind. I listened to the rain and I kept stroking Samantha's back. My phone buzzes and I hasty grab it to turn the sound off.
''Survived hurricane Sam?''
I smile and I reply to Tyler's text.
''All good here and there?''
''Mom and Mia hate storms, but the five year old loves it. Go figure! BTW Fifa, pizza and arcade tomorrow?''
I feel Samantha's leg slide over mine and I hear a very satisfied sigh.
''Can't, already made plans with Samantha. Next weekend for sure!''
I want to put my phone away, but Tyler has already responded.
''Plans with Sam for the entire fucking weekend? Your so whipped, man!''
I chuckle and I shut my phone off.
Fucking the entire weekend sounded like a excellent plan to me!
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