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Goodbye princess

-Alexander's POV

''Why does Sam has so many appointments with your dad and since when do they get along so well? Since when do you and your dad get along?''
I grin when I see Tyler's confused expression.
''I don't know about them, but I've been spending a lot more time with my dad. He is home now for dinner and he always asks about my day. He even kept his promise about visiting some universities with me.''
''Are we ready for the meeting tomorrow?'' I hear Samantha ask nervously.
''For the last time, we are ready. The pitch is done, the finances are all sorted out and so is the rest of the paperwork,'' my dad answers amused. ''So go run or do something that will take your mind of it. I will see you tomorrow and yes I will be on time.''
My dad puts on his coat, while Samantha keeps fidgeting with her bracelet.
''Alexander and Tyler, please distract this one. She is going to drive herself and me nuts. Really wishing that I brought more of those pastries with me, at least then she was quiet.''
''You ate most of them!'' Samantha says indignant. '
''I bought them, dear,'' my dad chuckles.
''Aren't you late for your Squash appointment?'' Samantha grumbles.
''Alexander, Tyler. I'm begging you!''
I get up from the sofa and lay my hands on Samantha's shoulders.
''Go, dad. We got this.''
My dad leaves and I push Samantha into the living room.
''What meeting do you have tomorrow?'' Tyler asks.
''The meeting that is non of your business,'' Samantha snarls.
''Fine, don't tell me!'' Tyler snaps back and he gets up.
''Let's go, Alex. I'm not dealing with her if she likes that!
I groan. The two of them were on good terms again and that meant that all the bickering was back again also. Usually I would stay out of it, but I'm not in the mood today. The last few weeks were crazy enough. Exams and getting ready for the tournament.
All my time was spend on the field, in the gym or in the library studying. Exams were over, so I had a little bit more time for other things and I was not planning on wasting it like this. Stuck between my best friend and my girlfriend.
''Both of you stop! Samantha, come on! Tyler just asked you a question and you didn't had to respond like that.''
If looks could kill then I would be stone cold dead now. Samantha is ready to murder me, but instead she turns around and starts walking to the front door. Before I can say something, she already turned around and walks back into the living room.
''Fine, princess. I will tell you! I have a meeting with some investors tomorrow.''
''Why?'' Tyler asks and he sits down again.
Samantha grabs her bag and she pulls some papers out.
Tyler and I look at the drawings. Most of them consist of sketches of clothes, but my eyes falls on a drawing of a monogram.
''GB?'' I ask and look at Samantha.
''Gabriel Bianchi,'' Samantha answers. ''Gabriel always wanted to be a designer and he is exceptionally good at it. The issue is that he is terrible at the business side of it and at reading people. But it is his dream and the final task on his list. That's why I have a meeting with investors tomorrow.''
Samantha smiles when she looks at the sketch of a leather jacket and she sighs.
''Alexander's dad helped me with my business proposal and with all the legal crap. He also helped me with sorting out all my finances, since I will be investing most of my money in this. We just need some more to really get things going.''
Tyler puts the drawings down and he frowns.
''What list are you talking about and what do you mean with all your money. Are you rich or something?''
Samantha shrugs her shoulders ans starts fidgeting with her bracelet again.
''Gabe was in the same YCF as me and we were in group therapy with four others. By the end or our treatment we decided to make a list, like bucket lists. We put our own wish on it and then all the others put their wish for you on it as well. We promised that we would finish our list before we turned eighteen and Gabriel was doing that, until I found his list.''
''He wanted to start his own fashion line.'' I say and I put the drawing of the monogram down.
''It was always his biggest dream, but he is afraid to realise it. So I was hoping that I could do this for him. Starting up the business and surprise him with it on his birthday. That's why I am so nervous about tomorrow. It all depends on that meeting if I can pull it off.''
Tyler stands up and he walks into the kitchen. He comes back with a box and he hands it to Samantha.
''Donuts?'' Samantha asks confused.
''Chocolate filled donuts.'' Tyler answers. ''You deserve them more then me and I'm sorry for calling you a bitch.''
''You didn't call me a bitch,'' Samantha says.
''Not out load,'' Tyler chuckles.
Samantha stares at Tyler and she burst out in laughter.
''I will share, but only if all the drawings are safe in my bag and my bag is far out of your reach.''
''Only because of that one time at the movies?'' Tyler grumbles, but he does it and he picks up the bag, bringing it to safety.
I take that moment to kiss Samantha, before I pull her in for a hug.
''It's incredible what you are trying to do for Gabriel and if I can help in any way, don't hesitate to ask.''
''Really, I'm only gone for a second and you're already all over each other! Do I have to sit in the middle before it goes too far?''
Samantha buries her face in my chest to muffle her laughter and I try to act normal, but then I see Tyler's face. His eyes are narrowed and I can almost hear him figuring it out.
''I take it back. I definitely deserve the donuts more and now, where can I sit safely?''
Samantha start laughing harder and she doesn't even tries to hold on to the box with donuts. I can't keep a straight face any longer, not after seeing Tyler's face. Okay, maybe Samantha and I were a little out of control when it came to sex. Basically doing it anywhere we knew we wouldn't get caught.
''Just sit down, idiot'' I chuckle. ''You don't hear me complain about sitting on the blue beanbag and I saw what happened there!''
''WHAT!'' Samantha turns around and she looks at Tyler in shock. ''You always make me sit on that one! That's gross!''
''Now you know how I feel!'' Tyler smirks and he takes a big bite out of a donut.
I'm glad that looks can't kill, because Tyler's death would have been a massacre!

-Samantha's POV
''Should have known that you were never just going to give me a ride.'' Tyler grumbles.
I smile, while I wait for the light to turn green.
''At least tell me where we are going or what we are going to do. You do know this is called kidnapping, right?''
''Can't it just be a surprise?'' I ask, while I reach for my sunglasses.
Tyler mutters something under his breath and we just keep driving. After two hours I pull up at a gas station.
''I need to fill up the tank.''
Tyler nods and he also gets out of the car.
''Can you now tell me where we are going?''
''To my storage box to get the last things.''
''That's why I had to come, to pick up some things? I had plans, Sam!''
''I know, with Lila,'' I say with a smile. ''Are cheerleaders your type or something?''
''You knew I had plans and still you insisted on bringing me with you! Couldn't you just ask Alex to help you out with this, isn't that what boyfriends are for?''
''No, I need you for this.'' I answer calmly as I fill up the tank. ''Do you need to go to the bathroom or do you want some food? The next stop is not for several hours.''
''I want you to tell me what is going on, Sam! I'm all up for a road trip. But I would very much like to know if we are going to end up in jail or not.''
''Not likely,'' I chuckle. ''But I will tell you, since we still have a long way to go. We are going to my storage box, because I have to pick up the last of the clothes. Our final destination is Tybee Island in Georgia, where we will meet the others.''
''Who are we meeting and what are we going to do there?'' Tyler immediately asks. He doesn't look angry anymore or irritated, he actually looks intrigued.
''My meeting went well, but the investors were still hesitant. So they gave me halve of the money that I needed, with the promise that I would get the rest if I met the set targets.''
''That's great, Sam!''
''It is, but a professional shoot is very expensive and I don't have the money to hire people. What I do have is a lot of experience, great friends and a cousin who happens to be an amazing photographer.''
Tyler looks at me perplexed and I smile.
''Your photo's are incredible, Tyler. I know you just see it as a hobby, but you are really good! So, please say you are in and help your cousin out. I will owe you big time!''
Tyler folds his arm and he leans against the car. He looks very pleased with himself and I groan.
''I will do this for you and in exchange you can never call me princess again.''
''Seriously, that's all? I only have to stop calling you princess and you're in?''
''Yes, but I also like some chips, a coke and I'm in the mood for Twizzlers. You don't mind, do you? You still have to pay for the gas anyway.''
I roll my eyes and sigh.
''Anything else, prin...''
Fuck, this was going to be harder then I thought!
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