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The tournament, part one

-Samantha's POV

''Alexander, stop saying that I have to relax!'' I groan. ''I simply don't have time for that. The tournament is this Saturday and nothing is ready!''

Alexander sighs and he slides his fruit bowl over to me.

''Then at least eat something, love.''

I hate it when he fuzzes over me, but I really like it when he calls me love.

''Fine, I will eat this and I promise that after the tournament things won't be so crazy anymore. Perhaps we could go hiking or camping then?''

Alexander smiles and he waits for me to finish the bowl.

''Happy now?'' I ask.

''With you, always! Although I would love it if you took better care of yourself. I know you are busy with the thing for Gabe, but you are competing this tournament too. Are you still going to participate in the League or are you running with the team?''

I grab Alexander's coffee and I take a sip.

''I discussed it with the coaches and with the team. They all said I should grab this chance to compete professionally again. We also have enough girls on the team, so it's not like they really need me.''

The bell rings and we both stand up. Most students have class now, but I know Alexander has a free period and that he would keep me company in the library. We walk to the other side of the school and I stop when we pass the bathrooms.

No one is around and I get an idea. I put my bag on the ground and grab my water bottle out of it.

''Just gonna fill this up with fresh water, be right back!''

I walk into the girls bathroom and I check the stalls. They are all empty, bus I see a girl washing her hands by the sinks. She smiles at me before she leaves and I make sure that I check the stalls once more.

''What are you doing?!'' Alexander hisses as I pull him into the girls bathroom.

I kiss him eagerly and I hear Alexander groan. I move on to his neck and I can feel him shiver. I slowly start to unbuckle his belt and I let my hand wonder down to his member. It's already getting hard and I start to push Alexander into one of the stalls.

We drop our bags on the ground and I pull down Alexander's pants and boxers. I hear him pant when I take his member in my mouth and start sucking on it. He was rock hard now and I could feel myself getting wet.

Alexander suddenly pulls his member out of my mouth and he smirks at me.

''Very glad that you decided to wear a dress today, Jones.''

And with that he pulls me up and lifts up my dress, before sinking on his knees and he pushes my panties to the side. I bite my lip when I feel his tongue enter my pussy and he starts to fuck me with his tongue.

Alexander taps my left leg and I know what he wants. I drape my leg over his shoulder and I gasp when he completely takes my pussy into his mouth. The door of the bathroom opens and I hear some girls laughing.

I freeze and I want Alexander to stop, but then I see his gaze. He is daring me and that really turns me on. I nod and Alexander starts to give me those short fast licks that always make me come so hard, but then he suddenly stops. He turns me around and makes me bend over. His member is pressed against my pussy and I feel Alexander's warm breath against my ear.

''Not a sound, love.''

A toilet flushes and that's the moment Alexanders pushes his member deep inside my pussy. I can't help to let a gasp slip, but I'm sure nobody heard that. The girls were talking loudly and I can tell that Alexander is still in full control.

He likes it rough and so did I, but not this time. His thrusts were slow and deep. His fingers were making slow circular movements around my clit and I completely surrendered. I press myself against him and I turn slightly, so I can see him.

I see the love in his eyes and start to forget that we were not alone in this bathroom. I lean in for a kiss and let my tongue caress Alexander's. I can feel Alexander's grip on my hips tighten as he responds to my kiss.

Finally the girls leave and Alexander bends me over again. He is not holding back anymore. Pounding into me relentlessly and he doesn't stop. He keeps thrusting hard into me when I come and he groans when he feels my nails dig into the skin of his leg.

It's the only thing that I can do instead of screaming and apparently he likes it. Thrusting even harder into me and I can feel his member trembling inside of me. Alexander sucks on the side of my neck and I can hear him softly moan.

''That was incredible in so many ways, Samantha.'' Alexander mumbles as he pulls out of me. ''I fucking love you.''

I smile as I put my panties right, before pulling my dress down.

''Maybe you just love fucking me,'' I say in a teasing tone, while Alexanders makes himself presentable again. He turns around after my comment, cupping my face between his hands.

''I love you, Samantha Jones. You are it for me and I know you find that naif of me, but I will prove you wrong. So don't even bother bringing up statistics or other arguments for breaking up when we finish our senior year.''

Alexander kisses me and he smiles before he grabs his bag and leaves the bathroom. I walk over to the sink and I splash some cold water into my flushed face.

Did he just really said that?

Those were the hormones talking, that had to be it. We just had the best sex ever, so that's why he said those things. My phone buzzes and still in thoughts I read the text.

''We are meant to last, Jones. I will prove you wrong and someday you will admit that before you say yes.''

I just stare at the text and I still think he is a naif idiot, but I also never felt happier. My phone buzzes again and I chuckle when I read it.

''It's not the release of endorphins talking, love. Just the guy who you keep calling an idiot.''

I text him bag, before I head out for the library. I still had so many things to do, but I don't feel exhausted or stressed anymore. I just feel happy.

-Alexander's POV

''Man, you are killing it!'' Tyler yells, before he slaps me on the shoulder.
''Correction, we're killing it. Now stay focused, because we still have two more games ahead of us and we still have to finish this one!''
''Yes, captain!'' Tyler laughs and he runs back to his position.
I smile and shake my head. The final ten minutes pass by quickly and the referent blows the whistle. The whole team is feeling euphoric, like we already won the tournament. Luckily coach Simon is there to bring us back to earth.
He points out that Valley High is also doing very well. They already placed themselves for the semi-finals and we had still the win to next game if we wanted to get there too.
''Fantastic game, boys!'' Mrs. Reed says and she smiles at us.
''Thanks, mom,'' Tyler says and ruffles Emma's hair when she hands him a water bottle.
''Where are dad and Mia, mom? Didn't you all came together?''
''Your dad and Mia went to cheer Samantha on. Also I needed a break for Mia asking countless time why she is not allowed to colour her hair like Samantha.''
I try to hide my grin, because I knew how determined Mia could be. Skylar and Damian arrived a few days ago. Using Gabriel birthday as the perfect excuse to visit and since he was going to be at the tournament, so were they.
Skylar hung out a lot with Samantha and Millie, convincing them to have a girls sleepover. Gabriel and Damian both made jokes about how many colours the girls would have after the sleepover, but I didn't take them really serious. As far as I knew that was normal at girls sleepovers. Paint a few strings of hair in a crazy colour, have a laugh about it and rinse it out the next day.
Well part of that happened. When I met Skylar here, she looked exactly like the girl on the picture that Tyler showed me. Dark skin, wearing her blond/brown hair in braids and she had remarkable light grey eyes. She was a knock out and I could understand why Tyler was so taken by her. Skylar was outgoing and high energy, which made her exactly Tyler's type.
Now Skylar's blonde/brown hair colour and braids were gone. She coloured her hair in all kinds of shades of pink and purple. Wearing her natural hair in a drawstring ponytail. That hair definitely matches Skylar's bold personality, but then I saw Samantha.
She coloured her hair in all the shades of the rainbow! I won't lie, I didn't like it at first. It was all so bright and I hardly recognised my own girlfriend like this. Luckily for me, Samantha was still Samantha. Telling me that it was her hair to colour in whatever colour she wanted and that I just had to get used to it.
That was my girl!
''I like the rainbow colours! I want them too, but Sammy says I can't,'' Emma pouts.
''I asked if you wanted feathers in your hair the last time when we were at the hairdresser and you said it was too much, young lady! Now you want to colour your entire hair and you don't think that is too much?'' Mrs. Reed asks in utter disbelieve.
''Don't try to understand it, dear. They are just stubborn, but we said no and that's final!''
Mr. Reed is back with Mia and he gives the girls a stern look.
''Did I make myself clear, ladies?''
''Yes, dad,'' Mia and Emma mumble at the same time.
I see Mr. and Mrs. Reed exchange a look, agreeing on something without actually saying something.
''How is Samantha doing?'' Mrs. Reed asks.
''I made it into the finally!'' Samantha yells as she jumps on Tyler's back.
''Did you hear that, prin.. I mean Tyler. I made it into the fricking finale!''
''That's awesome, weirdo!'' Tyler laughs
''She was absolutely amazing!'' Mr. Reed says and you can clearly hear the pride in his voice. ''And she was very easy to spot with that hair.''
Samantha sticks her tongue out at her uncle and she taps Tyler on his shoulder to put her down.
''I have to go, the girls are getting ready for the first relay race. I will try to get back for second halve!''
Samantha hugs Emma quickly and she give me a kiss on my cheek, before she disappears into the crowd. I had to agree with Mr. Reed. She was really easy to spot with that hair!
Coach Simon whistles. It's time for the next game and I couldn't feel more ready!
This tournaments was ours to win!
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