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The tournament, part two

-Samantha’s POV

The girls track team of Riverstone High was crushing it! They won the first three races and they placed second in the first relay race. Only one more race and one relay race to go before they were declared the winning team.

″Not too bad!″ Damian chuckles next to me. ″For a high school team, I mean.″

″Shut up, they are doing great!″

Damian laughs and he puts his arm around my shoulder.

″You are all doing great, but we have to get back to the others. Only ten minutes left until the reveal and I don’t want to miss out on seeing Gabriel’s reaction!″

″So you really are back, Red?″ we hear an arrogant voice say behind us.

I turn around and immediately I start to feel sick. Out of all the people I could ran into here, I had to be Aiden. Aiden, my boyfriend in the institute. That charming boyfriend who thought that six weeks meant that we were together for ages.

The boyfriend who knew how scared I was of being alone and fully took advantage of that, by hinting to leave me if I didn’t put out. The boyfriend who let his friends watch during our private moments and the boyfriend who simply disappeared after I ended up in the hospital.

He never came to check on me. No texts or calls, nothing. So it wasn’t really a surprise when I got back to the institute to gather my things and find Aiden in bed with some girl. I should have been heartbroken, but I was mostly annoyed. He probably cheated on me countless times, but why did I have to find him and the girl in my bed?!!!

″Well, you can read my name on top at the scoreboard,″ I answer sarcastically.

Aiden smirks as he was checking me out from top to bottom.

″You look good, Red. So what the hell happened with you after that party? You stopped modelling, you left the League, the institute and me.″

I stare at Aiden in utter disbelieve and disgust. How in the hell did I ever fell for this guy?

″You mean after I ended up in the hospital because of the alcohol poisoning? Or do you mean after I found you in my bed with another girl, when I got out of the hospital?″

″Come on, Red. It’s not like you were so innocent. Anyone could have you after a few drinks. But with me you had to play hard to get? Always leading me on, only to give me a taste every now and then?″

Aiden chuckles and he looks at Damian.

″I do have to admit that I miss those blowjobs of hers. She is definitely a champion at that, am I right?″

″How about we say our goodbyes now?″ Damian responds coldly.

″Don’t worry, man. You can have her, although it wouldn’t be hard to get her. Like I said, it only takes a drink or two.″

″He is not worth it, let’s go!″ I say and grab Damian’s arm.

″He can’t talk to you like that!″ Damian says in a stern voice and I know he is ready to put Aiden into the ground. I was ready for that, but that wouldn’t help us.

″He doesn’t matter, remember why we are here. Besides you can’t afford to get into any trouble and I can’t lose you. We are already down to four.″

That last thing makes Damian look at me and I smile at him.

″Yeah, listen to your girlfriend,″ Aiden says like he is bored out of his mind. ″It was good to see you, Red. I’m sure I will see much more of you very soon.″

I take a deep breath and I turn around.

″Why would I do that? Halve the times you can’t get it up and can you finally last longer then three seconds? No, I’m lying or making anything up. I can show you the video of some girls comparing notes about your performances in bed if you like. Spoiler alert, they were all very disappointed.″

After that I turn around and walk away. I don’t feel sick anymore, just really annoyed.

Adrian was part of my past. He didn’t matter anymore, but Gabriel did. All of what was about to happen was for him and I wanted to be there. To share that moment with him and the people that did matter to me.

-Alexander’s POV

We made it to the finale! That last match against Timberwolves High was brutal, but we won! Now we had an one hour break and we needed it. To rest and relax a little, but also for what was coming next.

I look around and I see that Samantha is putting a big colourful bow in Emma’s hair, before she let Emma clime on her back.

″Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! In just one hour the finale between Riverstone High and Valley High will start. On the race track the final relay race will take place between Riverstone High and New Port High!″ says the booming voice of the announcer. ″Also don’t forget to check out race ground two if you want to see the professionals in action!″

″I want to sit on Alexander’s shoulders, he is much taller then you!″ Emma wines. ″Then I can see it better!″

″What can you see better, Emma?″ Gabriel asks amused and I can see that Samantha is struggling to come up with an excuse.

We kept this secret for Gabriel for weeks and weeks, only to have the surprise spoiled minutes before the big reveal?

″She is excited for the big performance of the cheerleaders,″ I answer hastily. ″Aren’t you, Emma?″

Emma cheeks are already starting to turn red, so I quickly lift her up and put her on my shoulders.

″Do you see the others?″ Samantha asks Gabriel, distracting him and giving Emma a warning glare at the same time.

″Okay folks! I have one very excited announcement to make. This year there will not be a combined performance by the cheerleaders of the schools that participated in this tournament. This year we have the pleasure to introduce the line Ciao Bella by GB!″

Samantha wraps my arm around her waist and I can literally feel her shaking of anticipation. I give her a kiss on her cheek, before I nuzzle my face in the crook of her neck.

″Relax and enjoy this moment. You worked your ass of for this and I know it is going to be absolutely amazing.″ I whisper in Samantha’s ear.

″This designer has been winning designing contest after designing contest since the age of twelve! You may recognise him from the show the Next Greatest Designer, where he placed second at the age of sixteen. Sixteen, ladies and gentlemen. It has been quiet around him for some time now, but he is back! Today on his eighteen birthday, he is back with his own fashion line!″

″What the...″ Gabriel begins.

″Five year old present!″ Samantha hisses.

″Please turn your attention to the screens. Presenting Ciao Bella, the fashion line of the one and only ,Gabriel Bianchi!″

The music starts and the monogram that Samantha showed me at my house appears on the big screen. I see Isabella and Millie twirl on the beach. Skylar gives a cheeky smile while she appears to walk away and then Samantha comes in to view.

She smiles and winks, before she nudges the camera to follow her. Isabella and Skylar show up in different outfits. I don’t know much about fashion, but the girls look good! I see Samantha twirl in a cute summer dress, before the scene changes. She is now wearing an elegant evening dress and she is dancing with Damian.

″You are so pretty, Sammy,″ Emma mumbles.

I couldn't agree more!

The other girls also appear in evening dresses and they all dance on the rhythm of the music. Suddenly the camera turns and I laugh when I see Tyler dancing while he is taking pictures. The music and the image of the girls in the evening dresses is starting to fade out. The monogram of Gabriel's name reappears, until it is the only thing on the screen.


''Yes, Jones?''

''Please remember that you love me!''

I'm starting to feel nervous and a very familiar song is starting to play. The remix of Britney Spears song Work that Samantha loved to work out on. I see Damian and Samantha standing in work-out clothes. Both looking fierce and ready for anything.

Then I see myself passing the ball to Tyler. The camera zooms in on the sweatpants that I'm wearing before turning to Tyler. Skylar showed of her dancing skills in a comfortable work-out outfit. Again I see myself, now jumping to catch the Frisbee that Damian threw.

The camera zooms in on the shorts that we are wearing, before moving to a still image. Samantha, Damian and Skylar are all dressed in the same black tracksuit.

''Presenting the fashion line of Gabriel Bianchi, ladies and gentlemen! Go to the website to see the entire collection. It is also my pleasure to announce that all the participants of this tournament can claim their own free tracksuit!''

''Still love me?'' Samantha asks and I can tell she feels really guilty, by the look on her face.

''Why didn't you tell me? I told you that I would help you however I could, so I don't get it.''

''The footage of you with the others was never meant for this, that was just for fun. But we still needed some more footage for the promo and Damian said he could use this. I only forgot to mention to leave you out of it. So now I'm no better then your mom and I'm so sorry for that, Alexander!''

Samantha looks at me worried and I sigh.

''Emma, close your eyes!''


''Because I'm going to kiss your sister.''

''Ew,'' Emma mutters and I chuckle, before I pull Samantha close to me.

''Stop worrying, I'm not mad. You did it, Samantha. You pulled this off with the help of your friends and I'm so damn proud of you. Also I'm not surprised that you forgot to tell Damian that. You have been all over the place the last few days. Two days ago you wanted to go for a run in my boxers, remember that?''

Samantha cheeks turn red and I kiss her tenderly.

''Love you, Jones. Now go to the others and pray that Gabriel is not going to kill you!''

''Can I open my eyes now,'' Emma wines.

''Yes, Em. You can open your eyes now,'' Samantha sighs. ''Also, Em, can I use you as a human shield?''

''Sure!'' Emma squeals excited as I put her back on the ground.

''But what is a human shield, Sammy?''

I burst out in laughter and I push Samantha in the direction of the others. Gabriel looks numb and I get why that makes her hesitant, it could still go either way.

Only one way to find out how Gabriel was feeling about all of this.

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