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Reprogramming the robot

-Alexander POV

''So how is everything going, now your cousins are living here?'' I ask Tyler while we wait for the game to restart.

''It's fine, I guess,'' Tyler mumbles. ''More yelling, crying, and Disney. Look out, sniper coming!''

I grin and take the shot. ''I thought Samantha was going to our school, but I never see her there.''

''That's because she is in that special program, the one for brainiacs.''

''Impressive. Nice, next level!''

''She is a freaking robot, man! When we were finishing putting together the furniture, my mom came in, because she needed some information to enroll Sam in our school. But guess what?''

''What?'' I ask and I groan when my sniper is taken out.

''She already did all of that. She registered herself and her sister. She and Emma were also registered with a general practice and a pharmacy. My mom was already feeling bad and then she found out that she got Samantha's age wrong. She is seventeen, not sixteen. So that was one awkward situation.''

I chuckle and I stand up to get another soda. ''So, she is organized. That doesn't make her a robot.''

''You don't get it, man. She runs every morning at five o'clock and I mean every morning, even on weekends. She showers after running wakes Emma up and helps her get ready. She walks Emma to school and then she spends like eight hours in the library at our school.''

''She gets home around five and prepares dinner. After that, she spends time with Emma or helps Mia with her homework. Emma is asleep at seven and then Sam goes for another run. Followed by a shower, some reading, and making sure that everything is ready for the next day. Yes, she is a robot!''

I throw Tyler a soda and I smirk at him.

''What is it?'' Tyler snaps.

''Well, I just realized how lazy you are. She works out twice a day, takes care of her sister, helps Mia, she cooks and she is in that brainiac program. So how lazy are you?''

''Shut up, man! My grades are fine and I'm on the team. Sorry, that I like having a social life.''

''So how are things going with Lydia?'' I smoothly change the subject.

''Old news, thank god! Did you know she needed like three hours to get ready and she never stopped bitching when we finally went out!''

Tyler shuts the PlayStation off and he looks at the clock. He grins and holds up his hand.

''In five, four, three, two...''

The front door opens and closes. We hear footsteps running up the stairs and then the door of the bathroom is locked.

''Told you, she is a robot.''

''Well, you can program a robot to do other things. Why don't we go to the movies tonight and invite her?''

''Fine, Samantha we are going to the movies tonight and you are coming!'' Tyler yells.

''Very subtle, idiot!''

Tyler shrugs his shoulders and I hear the bathroom door open.

''I was in the shower, so this better be important and not like last time!''

A very annoyed Samantha stands in the doorway, and she's wrapped in only a towel.

''Last time was important, that spider was huge!'' Tyler shivers at the memory of that 'gigantic' spider. ''No, I said that we were going to the movies.''

''That's what you were yelling? Leave a note or text me next time, but the two of you have fun on your date!''

Samantha turns around and she dodges the pillow that Tyler throws at her, with a smirk on her face.

''Very funny, but you are coming with us,'' says Tyler.

''Have you ever heard of free will, Tyler? It means I can say no and you just have to deal with it.''

Tyler smirks and he gets up. ''You can say no, but you are still going. Do you want to know why?''

''Enlighten me,'' Samantha snarls.''

''Because if you don't, you can say goodbye to that hot shower you were looking forward to!''

I see Samantha bite her bottom lip as she looks angrily at Tyler, who looks very pleased with himself.

''Fine,'' Samantha says and she turns around.

''Fine, be ready in half an hour!'' Tyler yells back at her.

''Will that give you enough time to do your make-up, princess Tyler?''

''I will be right back,'' Tyler says quietly and I just nod.

I hear him go downstairs and I grab my phone to kill time, but then I hear the toilet downstairs flush.


-Alexander's POV

To my surprise, Samantha is ready in fifteen minutes. Dressed in a dark pair of skinny jeans, high boots, and a simple green t-shirt. Her hair is in a messy bun and although she looks very annoyed at the moment, she still looks damn cute.
As usual, Tyler takes his sweet time to get ready, but somehow he manages to be the first one out the door.
''Shotgun!'' Tyler yells. ''Come on, guys.
I just shake my head and I smile at Samantha.
''We can't let our princess wait, so shall we?''
Samantha rolls her eyes at me, but she looks less annoyed now.
The cinema is not far and soon we stand in line to get our tickets.
''Alexander, what a surprise! Are you here to see Me before you too?'' I hear a girl voice say. I turn around and I see Trisha standing. She looks at me with big hopeful eyes and behind Trisha, I see Tyler making a face at me. He must be loving this.
''Hi, Trisha. We still have to decide which movie we are going to see.''
''Then you all should come with us! Me before you is my favourite movie, romantic and so sad. The ending always makes me cry.''
Finally, Tyler decides to help me out.
''Sam, have you picked a movie?''
''No, since this was not my idea,'' I hear Samantha respond.
''Well, then pick one,'' Tyler says and he points at the posters. He then grabs his phone and starts typing.
''Look at the picture my mom just send me.'' Tyler gives his phone to Samantha and she smiles.
''Very cute.''
''I don't believe we have been introduced yet, my name is Trisha and you must be Tyler's cousin! Samantha, right?''
Samantha nods and she turns her attention back to the posters.
''Samantha, I was just saying to Alexander that you all should watch Me before you with us. It would be so much fun sitting together!''
''That really sounds like fun, but we are going to watch the Mark Wahlberg movie. Spenser Confidential, have you seen it?'' Samantha asks.
I try to hide my relief when I see Trisha's disappointment.
''No, I haven't seen that movie. Isn't it some kind of action movie? Why would you want to see that?''
''Because princess over here doesn't want to see A quiet place!''
''I wish you would be quiet for once,'' Tyler snarls. ''Alex, I will get the tickets. Can you and Sam go get the snacks?''
''Of course, see you at the doors!''
I walk with Samantha in the direction of the snack corner.
''I'm sorry if you wanted to see the movie Trisha was talking about. Perhaps we can see it another time?''
''I really wanted to see A quiet place, but Tyler is such a chicken,'' Samantha mutters.
I chuckle and we walk to the bar.
''Then we watch that movie next time. Now, what do you want?''
Samantha turns her attention to the menu, but it suddenly gets crowded. People shove and push to get to the register. I'm getting irritated and I push Samantha gently in front of me. I don't want her to get shoved by the idiots who don't have the patience to wait their turn.
''Two Sprites and one bottle of water, please.'' Samantha orders and she looks up at me. ''Do you and Tyler want popcorn or something else?''
''Cheese nachos for Tyler and salty popcorn for me, but you have to order something too!''
''I did, I ordered a bottle of water.''
''You know what I mean, just order something that is not healthy or tastes like pineapple.''
Samantha makes a face at me when I say that last thing and I just smile at her. She seems relaxed and I see her gaze lingers on something.
''The blue bag of M&M's, please.''
''You don't have to get me those!''
''I know, but I did. Now, let's go see that Mark Wahlberg movie!''
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