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Spinning out of control

-Samantha's POV

Two drinks and she will give you a blowjob.

I take a big gulp and I'm finally starting to feel numb.

Fucking her way to the top.

I take another big gulp and I smile. Everything in my life was going to hell, but I could always count on Macallan. Macallan would always be there for me. Taking all the bad feelings away, until I felt blissfully numb.

''Hello, pretty lady.''

I look to the right and I see a guy smiling at me. He gestures at a group behind him, before he turns his attention back to me. I notice that they are all wearing the same shirts with the text Mattie's last day of freedom!

''So what is pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?'' the guy asks. I sigh and hold my glass up to the bartender.

''I really hope you can do better then that. You see me drinking, so that was a dumb question wasn't it?''

The guy smirks and I try not to roll my eyes at him. Instead I lock eyes with the bartender, who apparently finds my annoyance very amusing. He winks at me, before he fills my glass.

''It was indeed a cheesy way to try to talk to you. I will give it another shot. My name is Jared and I was actually wondering why this beautiful woman was drinking alone.''

Because someone put up pictures of me posing in lingerie.

''And you had to figure that out while you are at a bachelor party?'' I ask and I raise my glass to Jared's group. The men cheers and I shake my head with a little smile. They were already completely wasted and it wasn't even noon.

''As you can see my friends are pretty drunk, so imagine how relieved I was to find someone who is still able to speak in full sentences.''

I laugh and Jared moves closer to me.

''Can you please tell me your name?''

''Why? I like being called pretty and beautiful.''

Everything was better then being called a slut or a whore.

''Can I buy you your next drink then, beautiful?'' Jared asks with a smug smile. ''I see that you are drinking whiskey and I applaud your good taste. Most girls would go for some fancy cocktail or a glass of wine.''

''Guess I'm not one of those girls,'' I mumble and I take another big gulp.

Suddenly I feel Jared's hand on my leg and he looks at me with what he probably thinks is a seductive look.

Two drinks and she will give you a blowjob.

''Jared, I think it's time for you to go back to your friends. Enjoy the rest the bachelor party and I hope they last longer at the reception.''

Jared moves his hand up to the inside of my thighs and I freeze.

''Or we could have a little party of our own, beautiful. I have an apartment close by and more whiskey there. What do you say?''

''I say that there is not enough whiskey in the world that would make me consider to go with you anywhere. Now, remove your hand or lose it!''

Jared's grip tightens and I down the rest of my drink.

''Don't be a tease, babe. I promise you will enjoy your time with me!''


I slam my fist in Jared's face and I hear the very satisfying sound of bones breaking. Time to go, but I don't forget to grab the bottle from behind the bar. I couldn't leave my old friend behind.

I needed my old friend.

Alexander's POV

This was not a bad joke. This was not a cruel joke, this was pure evil! The photos of Samantha in lingerie were everywhere in the school and online. The same goes for the video and I try my best to remain calm, because I'm ready to kill the person who was responsible for all of this!
Tyler lost it after he saw what happened and he got into a fight with the first guy who made a comment about Samantha. I was right there with him, but I got pulled away by some of my teammates. Now Tyler was sitting in the principal's office with his parents and things sounded heated in there.
Mrs. Reed was yelling and so was Tyler. They were not yelling at each other, but at the principal.
''She is not fine!'' Gabriel groans. ''She texted me that she was fine, but how could she be?!''
I don't answer and I keep staring at the photos. Samantha is looking at me from all directions and I don't know what to say.
''She was fourteen,'' I say softly. ''Barely fourteen and she looks like she is in her twenties. Was there literally no one who said this was wrong, she is too young?''
Gabriel sighs and he sits down next to me.
''She never looked her age, Alex. Her mom made sure of that when she entered Samantha in pageants. Coloured contacts, make-up and then the red hair. Everything to make sure that Samantha would win and that never stopped.''
I clench my fists and I take a deep breath.
''It was the same with when she started doing those shoots,'' Gabriel continued. ''She was a face, a body and a name, but never a person. She was Red and Red was an ageless chameleon, a fantasy.''
''She was always a person!'' I snap. ''She is a person who survived terrible things. She endured her suffering, because nobody was there to protect her or Emma. She endured everything so she could give herself and Emma a second chance. A chance at a better life, a fresh start and she deserved that chance!''
I tear a photo of the wall and crumple it up. ''Do you know how hard it was for her to trust me? To let me in and tell me about her past? She said it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she also said that she felt liberated after it. Because it was her decision to tell me and the others.''
I tear another photo of the wall and images of the video start flashing before my eyes. Samantha taking her clothes off in front of a crowd. Samantha kissing a bunch of guys and it didn't stop there, but I turned away before I could see that part.
''This was clearly meant to hurt and embarrass her, but they didn't only do that. They took away her privacy and her choice. Her choice to tell her story or not and I swear if I ever find out who did this!''
The door of the principal office slams open and Tyler storms out.
''I got expelled and Leroy's parents are threatening to press charges against me. To make things even better, I'm probably not going to Stanford anymore!''
''Charges, are they for real?'' I snarl and I glare in the direction of Leroy. He is sitting with Kyle and he is holding an ice pack against his face, but he doesn't look like someone who is in a lot of pain.
''They are and it gets better. I either lose my spot at Stanford or I lose my scholarship. Either way it means that I'm not going there after the summer. Principal Turner says he has to inform the school and the organisation who granted me the scholarship, because of the zero violence policy that we have.''
''Unbelievable,'' Gabriel groans and he puts his hand on Tyler shoulder. ''I'm so sorry, but don't give up. There must be something that we can do!''
''We can't do anything. They are already talking about lawyers and Leroy's parents are loaded. I can't ask my parents to give up everything they worked for their entire life. This is my mess and I will deal with it! Even it means that I have to give up on my dream of going to Stanford.''
''Tyler, my dad can help you. He or someone else at his firm can help and you don't have to worry about the money. We will figure it out and you are not alone in this. I would have killed Leroy with my bare hands if they didn't pulled me away.''
Tyler looks at the photos and he shakes his head.
''Honestly, I don't care about what happens to me. I need to know that Sam is okay. Millie said that she fell apart and had to throw up, but that she was freakishly calm after she left the bathroom. Saying that she already reached out to a friend and that she was going to be fine.''
''Well, we are here and so is Millie. Does that mean that she reached out to Damian or Skylar?'' I ask Gabriel.
''I called them, but they didn't hear from her,'' Gabriel answers.
Millie comes out of another office with her mother and she walks in our direction. She immediately puts her arms around Tyler and she hugs him tightly.
''I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have left her and I tried to find her after I pulled the alarm, but she was gone. She was gone and I'm so sorry!''
''It's not your fault, Millie,'' Tyler says weary. ''It's the fault of the sick bastard who did this!''
Millie wipes away her tears and she looks exactly how I feel. Angry, worried out of her mind and exhausted. Samantha has been gone for hours now and I knew that Mr. Reed had people looking for her. He even alarmed the police and the center in the off chance she decided to check herself in again.
''Millie, did Samantha said nothing more to you? Nothing more about that friend?'' I ask and I can hear my voice breaking.
Please let her be okay!
Millie looks at me and her lip starts trembling, before she shakes her head.
''I already told everything to the principal, Tyler's mom and dad, the police. See said she had to leave and that she would meet up with a friend. An old friend who could help her and things were spinning out of control. People were calling her all kind of names and they were filming us. I had to get her out of here, that's why I pulled the alarm!''
''An old friend?'' Gabriel asks and he suddenly looks very pale.
''Yes, an old friend,'' Millie answers.
''Fuck, fuck, fuck!'' Gabriel yells and he grabs his phone.
''What?'' I ask. ''Do you know who Millie is talking about?''
''It's not a who, but a what! Her old friend is Macallan. Macallan sherry oak, matured for twelve year to be specific. Since she started drinking when she was twelve, so she thought it was funny that she was drinking something that was the same age as her.''
''She is drinking?'' I ask and I'm suddenly feeling lightheaded.
''She is and we have to find her quickly! The last time Samantha drank herself into a coma!''
I can't handle it anymore and I slam my fist against the mirror that was plastered with photos of Samantha. I don't hear what the others are saying and I don't care that I cut open my hand. I don't even care about the person who is responsible for all of this.
All I cared about was finding Samantha in time.
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