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Rock bottom

-Alexander's POV

''Why are we not allowed to leave?'' Tyler asks annoyed.

''Because principal Turner is still trying to convince Leroy's parent to not press charges against you!'' Mr. Reed answers. ''Do you still not realise in how much trouble you are in?''

''I know that I'm in trouble, dad! I know that, but is finding Sam not more important? The last time she drank, she ended up in the hospital in a coma! She could be drunk right now and stumbling into traffic. Someone could be taking advantage of her or...''

''Stop!'' I groan. ''Stop saying those things!''

Tyler looks at me with an apologetic look and I'm actually relieved when I see my dad.

''Thomas,'' my dad says and he barely looks at the pictures. ''Still no word about Samantha?''

''Nothing,'' Mr. Reed sighs. ''The police checked out the local bars and liquor stores, but they didn't see her there. She has not been seen around the center or any other place she might felt safe.''

''I have set the alarm at our place. She knows where the spare key is and it is a silent alarm. So we would be notified, without her knowing.''

''Thank you,'' Mr. Reed says and he looks at the pictures. ''Also thank you for offering to represent Tyler and offering to deal with all of this. Can you tell me what our next steps are?''

''File several lawsuits,'' a deep voice says. We all turn around and we see a tall man standing behind Gabriel. He radiates authority and self-confidence in his very expensive looking suit. I don't know this man, but somehow he still looks familiar.

''They took pictures of her in the girls locker room and shared those pictures through several app groups. Those pictures were also used for an account on A site where someone pretended to be Samantha, using her pictures and mobile number.''

The man hands my dad and Mr. Reed a file, before he continues.

''Those interactions on the site lead to the assault by one Mr. Avery. A college kid who thought he was talking to Samantha for months. He actually claimed they were in a relationship and he lost it after Samantha pretended not to know who he was.''

My dad opens the file and I can't help myself, I have to look. I see pictures of Samantha changing. In some pictures she is halve naked and in others she is only wearing her underwear. I see the same pictures as screenshots on the site the man mentioned. Followed by many screenshots of conversations with men who thought they were talking to Samantha.

I already felt horrible for not believing Samantha when all of that was going on. Seeing everything with my own eyes, made me feel even worse.

''These pictures are owned by the company Silk & Lace, so they can sue for theft of confidential information. We however we will sue for invasion of privacy and for distribution of indecent pictures of a child,'' the man in the expensive suit says.

''Who are you and why do you have this information?'' my dad snaps at the man.

I take a good look at the man and finally I put the dots together. It's actually obvious when I see the man's eyes. Striking azure blue eyes.

''You are her dad?''

The man stiffens when I say that and for a moment his confidence seems to waver, but he recovers quickly.

''My name is Nathaniel St. Claire and my firm has been involved since the assault. Mr. Bianchi asked for my help and he also called me after what happened here this morning. At this moment we traced Samantha's location back to a bar in Silverspring.''

''That is like three towns over,'' Mr. Reed frowns. ''Why would she go there?''

''Little chance of being recognised and they start serving alcohol from ten o'clock. The bartender confirmed that Samantha was there, but she left after another customer got handsy with her. Apparently her right hook was still impressive after her fourth glass of whiskey. He also said that she took a bottle with her and that was all he knew.''s

Fuck, four glasses of whiskey!

''But you don't know where she is right now? You only know that she already had four drinks and that she took an entire bottle of whiskey with her?'' Tyler asks.

''My investigators are the best and they will find her very soon. When they find her, they will bring her to Sunrise Manor. It's a private rehab facility and she can stay there for as long is needed.''

''That is not for you to decide. You might be her father, but you are not involved in her life. Otherwise where have you been for the past seventeen years?'' I snap.

Again Mr. St. Claire stiffens when I say that, like it irritates him and that pisses me off. He can't even admit that he is Samantha's father, but he thinks he is entitled to decide what is best for her?

''You can reach me on the number that is highlighted in the file. I expect that my investigators will find Samantha in a matter of hours and the same goes for finding out who is responsible for all of this. My people will keep you updated about any developments and someone will reach out to your firm, Mr. Harrison.''

Mr. St. Claire shakes my dad hand and he holds his hand out for Mr. Reed, but he doesn't take it.

''You are leaving?'' Mr. Reed asks coldly. ''You can't even stay until they find her? Do you honestly care so little about your own daughter?''

''I did all that I could, Mr. Reed. The situation is handled and I can't afford to waste any more time.''

Without adding anything else Mr. St. Claire turns around and leaves the school. Leaving all of us stunned by his lack of interest in Samantha.

-Alexander's POV

In my opinion was Mr. St.Claire not even worthy to be called Samantha's father, but at least he was not a liar. His investigators did find her soon after he left. After the bar Samantha went to the movies and she stayed there.
I was looking at her from a distance right now and all I felt was relieve. Samantha didn't walk into traffic, she didn't ended up in the hospital, she was not taking her clothes off in front of a crowd or making out with random guys.
She was watching a marathon of vintage horror movies, while she was still drinking. Mr. Reed was trying to convince the investigators to let us handle it, but I was done listening to them arguing.
I take the seat next to Samantha and I try to ignore the overwhelming smell of alcohol that is coming off her. Samantha takes a big gulp out of the bottle and she looks at me. It takes her a while before she recognises me and it breaks my heart to see her like this.
She looks so sad and broken. Was this rock bottom for her?
''Hello, love,'' I say softly.
Tears well up in Samantha eyes and she shakes her head.
''Don't you mean the whore who will give you a blowjob if you buy her two drinks? I'm also known as the slut who will screw you or screw you over.''
Samantha's takes another big gulp from the bottle and she smiles.
''I could suck your dick right now and nobody would be surprised by that. It would be expected of me, since I'm fucking my way to the top anyway!''
I'm trying to remain calm, but it kills me to hear her talking like that. Like she absolutely worthless and I can't take it.
''Don't talk like that, because that is not the truth! You are not the person on the photos or the person in the video. That hasn't been you in a very long time. You are Samantha Jones and you are ridiculously smart. You are funny and kind, although you don't want people to know that right from the start.''
I cup Samantha's face and I let my head lean against hers.
''You have family and friends that love you, you have me. I'm still in love with the girl who loves horror movies, who hates pineapple, who thinks soccer is the dumbest sport on earth, who has an obsession with Cookie Monster and is clearly addicted to chocolate.''
Samantha looks at me like I said something stupid and I chuckle.
''You are addicted to chocolate, love. You always have a stash of KitKats hidden somewhere. I can always cheer you up with a chocolate milkshake and somehow there is always chocolate fudge brownie ice cream in my house.''
A woman screams hysterical and I groan.
''Samantha, can we please go home?''
''Why, don't you want to watch horror movies with me? I promise these movies are better then the movie you saw at school.''
I stare at Samantha in shock, but she is actually smiling.
Fuck, how drunk was she if she could joke like that?
''Come on, love.''
''But you haven't seen the best part yet!''
I can't see another horror movie today, not while the one from this morning was still on repeat in my head.
''Yes, but at home you can watch any movie you like, while laying in bed eating ice cream.''
That seems to get her attention and I reach my hand out. Samantha takes it and again I feel so relieved, but then I realise how drunk she is. Samantha can't even stand on her own feet and when I try to steady her, she starts throwing up.
She throws up all over me, before she passes out and I have to carry her out of the cinema, while covered in her vomit. The smell of alcohol and vomit is making me feel sick myself, but I push through it.
We finally found Samantha and we were bringing her home. That was the most important thing and the rest we would figure out, because I meant what I said.
You are not going face any of it alone, love
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