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Dirty little secret

-Samantha's POV

I focus my attention on the investigator, instead on focusing on the man sitting in front of me.

″We found a camera in the ceiling of the girls locker room that was connected to a Dropbox account. We traced that account back to one Chrissy Mella Rorke. We couldn’t find any information on that person, but that person was in contact with Kyle Morris. Sending the pictures and footage of the camera directly to him.″

Fucking Kyle!

Alexander stiffens next to me and Tyler looks like he is ready to murder Kyle with his bare hands.

″We talked with Mr. Morris and he claims that he doesn’t know who this Chrissy Mella Rorke is and he doesn’t know why that person keeps sending him those pictures and footage.″

″And you believe him?″ uncle Thomas asks sceptically. ″It is not a secret that Kyle liked Samantha.″

The investigator nods and he flips through his file.

″We believe that Chrissy Mella Rorke is a student at Riverstone High. Mr. Morris says he only accepts the files because they are named after homework or projects of school. Only to find out that the file contains pictures and footage of miss Jones. Mr. Morris reported it several times and he deletes the files every time, our IT guy confirms that.''

″And it didn’t occur to Kyle to report this to his parents, to us or to one of his teachers?'' aunt Laurel asks frustrated.

″Of course not. It’s free porn for him to jerk off on,″ I grumble.

This time it’s not only Alexander who stiffens, the man in front of me does the same thing.

″Kyle deleted the files, so he didn't used those pictures for that website?'' Tyler asks.

″No,″ I respond, before the investigator can answer the question.

″How do you know that, Sam?″ Tyler asks confused.

″Because Kyle would never talk to other guys as me, so why would he put my photo's on a site for hookups? He has nothing to gain from that.''

Tyler is not convinced, but the investigator nods.

''That profile was created by an fake email account, but our IT guy was able to trace the IP address back to an internet cafe in Pembrook. According to the log one miss Messing was using the computer on which that email address was created and the profile on''

''Who the hell is this Messing person?'' Tyler snaps.''

''Just get to the point, please.'' I say and I massage my temples. I can feel a migraine coming up.

''Miss Messing was logged in on the computer, but she had nothing to do with the rest. Security footage showed us two girls using miss Messing computer after she left. We identified the girls as Trisha Walker and Kimberly Baldwin.''

I get up and I knock over my chair. My anger is getting the better of me and I have to leave the room.

I can't fucking believe this! Trisha and Kim!

Alexander follows me, but he doesn't say anything.

''All of this because of you,'' I say coldly. ''Spreading gossip about me wasn't enough. Throwing drinks over me wasn't enough. Calling me names wasn't enough. They put those pictures on the internet. They talked to random guys as me. They gave my number to strangers!''

I didn't mean to raise my voice, but I can hear myself screaming.

''They made me feel paranoid for months. They are responsible for me and Millie getting assaulted, because they convinced that poor guy that he was in a relationship with me! Trisha did that because of you!''

Alexander looks at me with a pained expression, but I ignore it and I start pacing. I know it was not fair blaming him for everything, but he was the cause of all this. It all came back to my relationship with him.

''Sam, your dad want's...'' Tyler begins to say, but I cut him off.

''He is not my dad!'' I snap. ''He is just the rich sperm donor my mom chose. She knew his family would never approve of her, so she quickly got pregnant. They paid her to have a abortion, but my mom is not stupid. She knew she could get more if she kept me and she did!''

Tyler stares at me in shock and he shakes his head.

''You said his family did that, he might had nothing to do with any of that. That is still a possibility, Sam!''

I start laughing, but my laugh sounds hollow.

''It's not, Tyler. Like I said my mom chose her target perfectly. The St. Claire's are one of the oldest families in Virginia. They come from old money and they are considered aristocrats. That entire family consists of politicians, lawyers, global entrepreneurs or doctors.''

I clench my fists and take a few deep breaths.

''My mom was a high school drop out, but she was smart. That is why she went after a man that was already engaged. That is how I became the St. Claire's dirty little secret and a easy way for my mom to make money. That man always knew about me, Tyler. He is the one who paid my mom for years.''

I groan when the pain of the migraine is getting too much and starting to feel dizzy.

''Do you know what the irony is, Tyler? That man has three other kids. A son and two daughters. He never missed a milestone in their lives. He is always bragging about them in interviews. Saying that fatherhood made him a better man and that he is thanking God for his family every day.''

I feel Alexander's arms around me and he urges me to take a seat.

''So don't ever call him my dad again and I don't care what he wants to discuss. I already know everything, because it's obvious! Trisha or Kim found those pictures on Kyle's phone and they used it for the site. They wanted Alexander to break up with me, it's that simple.''

''But it doesn't explain the pictures in the locker room or the video and pictures at school, Sam!''

I'm shaking and my head is about to explode.

''Stop, Tyler. It's getting too much for her!'' Alexander says, but I shake my head.

''My agent would always send me his favourite photos from a shoot and Adrian, my old boyfriend, had access to my laptop. It was also Adrian who I ran into at the tournament and it got ugly. It was also Adrian who was also there at the party after the tournament.''

''Now put everything together. The people who hated me the most met at that party and they found a way to get back at me. Adrian had those video's of me, because he filmed me. He had those photos and the rest was up to those two.''

Alexander is stroking my back and I'm trying my hardest not to lose it. I want to scream. I want to cry and I want the sperm donor to leave. I don't want him here!

''And the camera?'' Tyler asks in a soft voice.

''Chrissy Mella Rorke,'' I mumble. ''The proof that Kyle is not an complete imbecile, because you would assume that Chrissy is a girl.''

''It's a guy?'' Alexander asked confused.

''It's Kyle, Alexander. Chrissy Mella Rorke is Kyle, but it's an anagram of his full name. Kyle Charles Morris.''

After that I try to get up, but I have to grab Alexander's arm to steady myself.

''I'm bringing her to her room,'' I hear Alexander say. Tyler says something, but I can't hear him. Everything around me sounds very far away and then everything turns dark.

-Samantha's POV
I wake up in my own room and in my own bed. The curtains are closed, but I can tell that it is still light outside.
''How are you feeling, kiddo?'' I hear my uncle ask.
It takes me a minute, before I see him standing in the doorway.
''Like someone is hammering on my head,'' I groan.
Uncle Thomas sits down on the bed and he lays a cool hand towel on my head.
''That would be the migraine. Not so strange after everything what went down today. You need rest, kiddo.''
''Is he gone?'' I ask abruptly.
''He left, but he is staying in town. We decided that we do want to press charges, Samantha. These are not youthful pranks, but crimes and all of them should be hold accountable for what they did.''
I stare at my uncle in complete disbelieve, but he is serious.
''That means court and going through everything again! I don't want that, I want to forget this ever happened and move on! He can make that happen.''
''Well, somebody went after my kid and I won't let that go! I'm not changing my mind, Samantha. Neither is Laurel, we are going through with this.''
I turn on my side so that I don't have to look at my uncle any more and tears are rolling down my cheeks. I'm not crying because they decided to press charges. I'm not crying because he was here and was now staying in town.
I'm crying because my aunt and uncle were willing to fight for me, when I was ready to give up. I'm crying because my uncle just called me his kid.
He never did that. To him I was nothing more then a secret to keep of a situation to handle.
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