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-Alexander's POV

Two years further

''How is it going?'' I ask with a frown.

''Well, so far nobody won the staring competition,'' Tyler responds sarcastically. ''I have no idea how it is going, man.''

We were halve way through our second year at Stanford and we both managed to find our place there, although it wasn't without any struggles. Tyler who always said that he couldn't wait to leave for college, was really homesick in the beginning.

He missed his parents and his sisters. He was actually thinking about transferring to another university, so he could live closer to home. I was struggling with keeping up with my studies and with missing Samantha, but I mostly struggled with living with Tyler.

We had to share a room, something Tyler always seemed to forget. I could deal with Tyler leaving food out and being messy, because that was old news to me. I could also deal with Tyler inviting everyone over to hang out in our room.

It was annoying when people overstayed their welcome, but it was fine. What pissed me off was when I couldn't go to my room, because Tyler had a girl over. I knew it was his way of dealing with feeling homesick, but it was happening more and more.

We were getting on each others nerves and getting into ridiculous fights. I actually requested another roommate, because I couldn't put up with Tyler anymore. It only never came that far, because Samantha put a stop to it.

Tyler and I flew back home to celebrate that Samantha was six months sober. She texted us the address of the place where all of us would meet up, only to find out that she send us to couples counselling. Couples counselling for crying out loud!

We could both kill her in that moment, but she actually saved our friendship. After that two hour session, living together became actually fun again. Turns out we just needed to set some ground rules and we were fine.

It was the same for me and Samantha. Long distance was hard and our busy schedules made it even harder. We would miss each others calls and FaceTime dates. After three weeks of this, we both agreed that something had to change.

Instead of texting we would leave voice messages for each other. Wednesday was our movie night and Sunday was our day to catch up. That's how we managed to make it work so far. Although the last few weeks were hard.

Samantha knew I was hiding something from her and it was literally the the first thing she asked me about, when I picked her up from the airport. No greetings, no hugs or kisses. She wanted to know what was going on.

She flat out refused to come with me to Stanford, before she knew the truth. Well, now she knows. Tyler and I were staring at the secret we were both keeping for her for weeks. The transfer student from Princeton, also known as Oliver St. Claire.

Oliver told Tyler and me that he found out about Samantha over the summer. He found an old photo album in his dad study. An album that was filled with pictures of a little girl. A little girl that couldn't be one of his sisters, because they didn't had blue eyes.

He then asked his father about it, who at first refused to talk about it. Only after Oliver threatened to show the album to his mother, his father told him about Samantha. Although his father didn't tell him much. Just that Samantha was his daughter and that she lived with family on the other side of the country.

Not much to go on, but Oliver was smart. He called the investigators his family would often use, pretending to be his dad. Demanding that he needed the Samantha file and just as Oliver expected, the investigators asked if he meant the Samantha Reed file.

Oliver never got his hands on that file because his dad found out, but he now had a full name to go on. After weeks of striking out, Oliver stumbled on the promo of Gabriel's fashion line and that lead him to the website. The website where Tyler Reed was mentioned as the photographer.

Samantha Reed didn't exist on the internet, but Tyler Reed did. Oliver found Tyler Instagram profile and he checked it out. That's how Oliver learned that Tyler went to Stanford and that he indeed found the right Reed, because he also found a photo of Samantha on Tyler's page.

After that Oliver transferred to Stanford, where he found out that me and Samantha were together. That's why he decided to tell the both of us at the same time who he was and what he wanted. Tyler and I were stunned, but we had no reason not to believe this perfect stranger.

We already knew that Samantha's dad had more children. A son and two daughters. Oliver showed us his ID and it said Oliver Nathaniel St. Claire. Even if we didn't believe him after that, there were the other things.

Just like Samantha, Oliver inherited the same intense azure blue eyes of his father. Samantha and Oliver had also the same smile, the same smirk, the same dry sense of humour and they were both ridiculously smart.

There was no denying it, Oliver was Samantha's brother. He was her brother and he really wanted to get to know Samantha. That said, it still took Tyler and me a long time to decide what to do. We were both afraid that Oliver would end up hurting Samantha, but we realised that not any of this was up to us.

It was Samantha's choice if she wanted to meet Oliver and she said it was fine. She agreed to meet Oliver at a local restaurant and he showed up. They were now sitting opposite of each other and not saying a word.

''I really wish we could do more then this!'' Tyler groans.

''I know, bus we agreed to stay out of the way,'' I answer with a sigh.

''Yes, but this is getting ridiculous. They have been staring at each other for over a hour!''

I turn to the waitress, but my gaze falls on the menu behind her.

''Two double chocolate ice coffees for the table over there, please. Could we also get a refill?''

Hopefully those two shared also a love for chocolate, because I didn't know what else to do.

-Samantha's POV

''Two double chocolate ice coffees!'' the waitress says as she gives Oliver a very big smile.
''We didn't order...'' Oliver begins, but the waitress just gives him a wink and walks back to the counter.
''Did they?'' Oliver asks.
''Who else?'' I respond, while I scoop up some of the whip cream.
''I know this is awkward as hell, but can't you be a little bit nicer? Those two are already intimidating enough, but you are not making it any easier either!''
''Those two are intimidating?'' I ask amused.
''Well, Tyler told me he would kill me if I hurt you in any way and your boyfriend was even worse. Somehow him staring me down was scarier then Tyler's threat!''
That makes me smile and Oliver takes a big gulp of the coffee.
''Three, two,...'' I count down.
''Fuck, that hurts!'' Oliver groans. ''Also why is there so much chocolate in this?''
''Because they probably wanted me to be nicer to you too,'' I answer with a grin. ''Fine, lets start over. Why did you wanted to meet me so badly?''

Oliver pushes his glass to the side and he sighs.

''Jealousy and curiosity to be honest. My dad has no personal pictures in his study, but he did had that photo album of you there. That's how I knew you were important to him, but it still made no sense to me.''

''I don't get along great with him, but he adores the twins. So I don't understand why he kept you a secret and that made me curious.''

I finished my ice coffee and without thinking I moved on to Oliver's ice coffee.

''Did you figure it out?'' I ask and I frown when I see Oliver is looking amused at me.

''Sorry, that was your coffee!''

''No worries, you can have it and I did figure it out. It basically came down to math. Because you are only one month older then me.''

''Great!'' I snarl. ''So our dad knocked both our moms up at the same time, but he chose yours. Guess it had something to do with my mom being a stripper and your mom belonging to a very prominent family?''

''I didn't do that, he did!'' Oliver snaps at me. ''Do you think I agree with any of this? You are my sister and he had no right to keep you away from us!''

I don't know what to say after that, so I just keep staring at the person sitting opposite to me. Oliver was right, he didn't do any of those things. Our father did, but it still stung. Oliver got to grow with a father that acknowledged him and who was there his entire life.

''What do you want, Oliver? You know about me and you have seen me, so now what?''

''I want a chance to get to know you and be a part of your life,'' Oliver responds bluntly. ''You are my sister and I think that is pretty great!''

''That's what you think know, but try living with her!'' Tyler laughs and he squeezes my shoulder, before he plops down next to Oliver. ''Also there is no such thing as too much chocolate!''

Before I know it, Tyler finishes the rest of Oliver's ice coffee and he sticks his tongue out to me. ''Am I right or am I right, Sam?''

''Like living with you is such a treat! Any thoughts on that subject, Alexander?''

Alexander sits down next to me and he puts his arm around my shoulder.

''How about we talk about how it is going here?'' Alexander chuckles. ''The staring competition is over and for a moment it looked like you two got along, but then you started snapping at each other.''

''Because she blames me for what our father did!'' Oliver grumbles.

''Because I'm jealous of you, dumb ass! He didn't only chose your mother of mine, he chose you over me! He chose to be a part of your life and not mine. That fucking hurts!''

I see tears well up in Oliver's eyes and I can tell he is trying his best to remain calm.

''Perhaps we should take a break,'' Alexander suggests.

''No!'' Tyler says in a firm tone. ''I'm not doing all of this over again. Sam, Oliver spend the last six months trying to find you. He wants to know you and be a part of your life. Are you going to give him that chance or are you going to let your jealousy and misplaced anger get the best of you?''

I glare at Tyler, before I shake my head.

''Fine. I will give you a chance, but you better not screw it up!''

Oliver smiles and nods, but then he just can't help himself.

''You do know that I can say the same to you, right?''

I roll my eyes at him, before I get up.

''Where are you going?'' Oliver asks.

''To get those chocolate muffins she saw on the counter,'' I hear both Tyler and Alexander answer at the same time.

''More chocolate?'' Oliver asks in disbelieve and the other laugh.

Yes, brother. Like Tyler said, there is no such thing as too much chocolate.

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