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I'm fine

-Alexander's POV

Seven months further

Samantha going early into labour in the middle of the night was one the scariest moments in my life. I hated feeling so helpless while Samantha was in so much pain. She refused any kind of pain medication, even after twelve hours of intense contractions.

I was completely in awe of her strength and determination, but I was also getting worried. Samantha was exhausted and the head nurse said that first time labours could go on for a very long time and she was so right about that!

Eighteen hours of labour and after Samantha literally yelled at the baby to get out of her, she was finally allowed to push. Now I was holding our son in my arms and I can't stop looking at him. Four weeks early, but our little boy was going to be fine!

The doctor said he was slightly premature and that he wanted our son to stay in the hospital for observation as a precaution, but that he didn't worry. Our son was healthy and just very eager to meet his parents.

I was glad that Samantha was holding our son when the doctor said that, because I was sure she would have thrown something at his head otherwise! I heard her muttering something about the baby taking his sweet time getting out of her.

''You did so well, love!''

Samantha smiles and I gently sit down next to her. She rest her head against my shoulder, while we both look at our boy.

''How can he be asleep while I did all the work?''

I chuckle and I press a kiss on Samantha's head.

''We all need our rest, after being up for twenty four hours straight. The nurse said she would be back in a little while and bring him to the nursery.''

''Lucas,'' Samantha yawns. ''Lucas Tyler Harrison.''

''Are you sure? I will put that name on the forms and on the birth certificate, so you have to be sure.''

Since we knew that we were expecting a boy, Samantha kept changing her mind about his name. It drove me mad, but it went like I expected. Samantha chose the first name we agreed on, but I was not going to mention that to her.

''I'm sure,'' Samantha mumbles as she drifts of to sleep.

''Sweet dreams, love. Get some rest and I will be here when you wake up.''

I try my best not to wake either one of them when I get up and make my way into the hallway. The sun was setting and I realise that almost a full day have passed since we arrived at the hospital. Tyler came with us, but he went home after a few hours.

I didn't know that he came back, but he clearly did. He was snoring in one of the chairs and I shake my head, before I nudge him with my foot.

Tyler startles, but then a huge smile appears on his face. I take the seat next to him and I see tears well up in Tyler's eyes.

''Meet your nephew, Lucas Tyler Harrison.''

Tyler is lost for words and he impatiently wipes away his tears.

''Do you want to hold him?'' I ask and Tyler nods.

''He is so tiny!'' Tyler says while he cradles Lucas in his arms. ''Are you sure he is okay and how is Sam doing?''

''She was incredible, Ty. Eighteen hours of labour, no pain medication, completely exhausted and still she found a way to keep going on.''

''And she didn't threatened anybody, not even you?'' Tyler asks with a grin.

''No, she just got frustrated. She yelled at her belly for the baby to get the hell out of her and I guess he got the message. After that he was suddenly in a hurry to be born.''

''Very wise, Lucas. It's all about timing with her and then you will be fine. Like only eat the last piece of chocolate when she is not there or when you are in a public place. Lets see, what else can I teach you?''

''Soccer is the best sport there is and Manchester United is our club, got that? We also love the Maze Runner movies and don't play sniper games with your mom! She sucks at it and will shoot you when she is over it.''

I shake my head, but suddenly Lucas opens his eyes. He looks at Tyler with those big blue eyes and Tyler melts. He said his dad was a big softy at heart, but it was the same with him. Lucas had Tyler wrapped around his finger and he didn't even knew it.

''Mr. Harrison, can I bring your son to the nursery? I also have some forms for you to sign.''

I nod, while I try to hide my yawn.

''I put a stretcher in your wives room, Mr. Harrison. You both should get as much rest as you can, we will watch over the little one.''

The head nurse takes Lucas with her and Tyler looks at me with a frown.

''Wife? Did my invitation got lost in the mail or something? When did you guys get married?''

''Literally the day before Samantha went into labour. We were having lunch and she suddenly started crying. It felt wrong that she would have a different last name then our child, although it was her idea to put the wedding on hold.''

''I couldn't calm her down and she only got more upset. So I said that I would marry her right there and then if that is what she wanted. That's how we ended up in the courthouse and of course we wanted you there, but it was all happening so fast.''

''The courthouse was closing in an hour and you were still at school, otherwise you would have been there!''

''I know,'' Tyler says with a grin. ''I get it, man. Don't feel bad, you did the right thing. You calmed Samantha down and she got her wish. You three are officially a family now and that's awesome!''

I smile, because it was indeed pretty awesome.

''I'm going to sign the forms, before Samantha can change her mind about the name again.''

Tyler chuckles and we get up.

''I'm happy for you and Sam, Alex. Lucas is going to have great parents and otherwise he will always have the best uncle in the world to turn to for guidance.''

I don't say anything and I just give Tyler a hug. Tyler made jokes about everything, but he was my best friend for a reason. He was there when it mattered and I knew he was going to be there for his nephew.

We say goodbye and I sign the last of the forms, before I walk back the room. Samantha is fast asleep and I just keep looking at her.

Sweet dreams, my beautiful wife.

Samantha's POV

Four years further
I put up the last picture frame and I take a step back. The house was coming together and just in time too. The entire family was coming over to celebrate Alexander's birthday and to see our new place.
After Lucas was born we stayed in California for two more years. It was hard figuring life out with a newborn, but thanks to Tyler we managed. We also graduated without delay because of him and Tyler was in no haste after that.
We all got jobs, while we figured out what we wanted to do next. Alexander and I talked about moving back home. We missed our family and then we got a great opportunity. Alexander got the change to take over an old gym in Pembrook.
Pembrook was close to Riverstone and Alexander's dad wanted us to stay with him. That way Alexander could focus on the gym and I still needed to find a job, which I did. I found my place in a nursing home.
There I was just nurse Samantha and I loved that. It was also great that I could bring Ducky with me to work. The elderly loved that little ball of fur and they were always excited when I brought Lucas with me. He liked helping out and he thought it was great that they also had nap time there.
Now we are four years further and I look at the pictures. Alexander and I got the wedding we always talked about. It was a simple, intimate ceremony, but I wore a wedding dress. Gabriel designed it of course and I felt so beautiful in it.
Uncle Thomas walked me down the aisle and he cried. He also cried during the father daughter dance, because I called him dad. I always considered him my dad, but saying it out loud like Emma was hard for me.
I look at a picture of me and Oliver. He moved to England after he graduated, but we were still close. We talked every week and he would always stay with us when he was in the country.
Pictures of me and Millie. She was still my best friend and she was now managing her fathers restaurant, while she was getting ready to open her own. She and Tyler were actually dating right now, something I thought was pretty great!
I smile when I see the picture of Emma standing in a judo pose. Emma was thirteen now. She was smart, still crazy about soccer and growing up into a beautiful young woman. It wouldn't be long anymore when she would start dating and that thought terrified me.
Luckily dad and I were on the same page. We would let mom shoot every boy that was not good enough Emma. She was the undefeated paintball queen, so it would all work out.
Pictures of Damian, Gabriel and Skylar, my oldest friends.
''This looks great, love!''
I turn around and I see Alexander looking at me. The man who always saw me and nothing else. The man that I get to call my husband and the father of our children. He his holding Lilly in his arms and I just melt at the sight of the two of them.
''Thank you, are they already here?''
Alexanders shakes his head and I smile, before I give him a kiss.
''You look very happy,'' Alexander says while he pulls me close to him.
''I am happy, Alexander. There was a time that I wanted to end my life, but look at our life now. We are married and we have two incredible kids. We have family and friends that are always there for us. We both do what we love career wise and now we got our first real house together.''
''I never imagined that this could ever be my life, but it is and that makes me very happy.''
''Don't cry, mom!'' Lucas yells and he jumps into my arms. ''You said no crying on dads birthday!''
I laugh and we hear the sound of cars pulling up at the driveway. Alexanders holds his hand out to me and he smiles.
''Those are happy tears and I will allow those on my birthday. Now, lets go and meet the others. I believe uncle Tyler is also bringing a surprise for you, Lucas!''
I put Lucas back on the ground and he is already running outside.
''Don't tell me that Tyler bought that giant playhouse.''
''He did, although I don't know if he just bought that playhouse for Lucas. It looked pretty awesome on the pictures.''
I sigh and I see that Lucas is already sitting on Tyler's shoulders. Those two were really inseparable.
''Promise me something, Alexander.''
''What, love?''
''That you and my dad put that thing together, because I still remember the wardrobe!''
Alexander burst out in laughter and nods, before he leads me outside to greet the others.
For the first time in my life I can say it.
I'm fine.
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