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The same old story

-Samantha’s POV

″The new girl is such a bitch! Always walking around like she is so much better then anyone else. The only thing that is special about her is that program of hers, but that is it! I mean have you seen what she was wearing today?″

″I know, I know,″ another girl answers.

″She has no sense of fashion and apparently she never heard of make-up either. She is just weird and she is lucky that is she is Tyler’s cousin. That’s why everyone is so nice to her! Well, apparently Alexander really likes her. Mindy saw them while she was waiting in line at the snackcorner. They looked really close and didn’t you see them at the arcade, Trish?″

″Yes, she wasn’t wasting any time! She was all over him, the slut! I mean it would be different if she was actually interested in him, but I see her with so many guys! Alexander deserves so much better than that!″

″Like you, Trish! Everyone knows that you and Alexander were a thing. Shit, my mascara is running. Can I borrow yours?″

″Of course!″

I stopped listening to the girls and I waited for them to go.

Keep calm, Samantha. Don’t let them get to you. You know what happens if you lose your temper.

Finally the girls leave and I get out of the stall. I let the water run and look at my reflection in the mirror. I look ordinary with my ash brown hair and without any make-up. The same goes for my glasses and clothes.

Words don’t hurt Samantha. Let it go!

I really wanted to let it go, but the comments about the boys irritated me. Of course non it was true, but still. I had to change something. Keeping to myself wasn’t helping me one bit.

Suddenly the door of the other stall opens and a girl steps out. She looks at me and her cheeks turn red right away.

I grab some paper towels and step aside, so the girl can wash her hands.

″Thanks,″ the girl mutters.

I just nod and walk to the door. Hopefully those girls were long gone by now.

″They are just jealous!″ the girl shouts.

Confused I turn around and I look at her.

″Were you talking to me?″

Well obvious, there is nobody else here!

″Yes, sorry!″ the girl stutters. ″I heard what Trisha and Kim were saying about you. They are just jealous of you. Kim has a thing for Kyle since we started high school, but he only fools around with her when he is in the mood. Kim blames you for Kyle losing interest in her and she was furious when she heard what he did at the running track.″

I lean against the door and I frown at the girl.

″You mean when he decided to run after me, like some creep?″

″Kyle is a creep! Flirting with all the girls, always looking for a easy fuck. I’m glad you were able to outrun him!″

I chuckle, because it was so easy to outrun Kyle.

″Everyone knows that Trisha is in love with Alexander, but they were never a thing! He is just nice to her, like he is to everyone. So now you know, they are jealous and they feel threatened by you.″

″Why?″ I ask surprised. ″I live in the library and in the gym. You heard the comments they made about my lack of sense of fashion and make-up. So how can I be a threat to them...?″

″Millie,″ the girl answers with a small smile. ″I’s just because they are insecure and you are not.″

I open the door for Millie and we walk out of the bathroom. I walk to table where I left my bag and Millie follows me.

″Can I join you? I have a free period, but only if it really doesn’t bother you!″

″Sit down, Millie,″ I say with a smile. ″I haven’t introduces myself have I?″

″You are Samantha Jones, Tyler’s cousin. A student of the GSEP, the gifted student education program. I looked it up and it is supposed to be the hardest programme in the country!″

″That will be in my yearbook. Samantha Jones, Tyler’s Cousin.″

Millie laughs and I’m glad her cheeks are not so bright red anymore.

″You can call me Sam if you like.″ I take out a KitKat and I break it, offering Millie halve.

″So how is it that you have a free period now, Millie? I never seen you around at this time before.″

″I’m done with my exams, so I have a lot of free time at the moment.″

″How did you do?″ I ask as I take a bite. Thank the lord for chocolate!

″Math and biology are easy for me. I struggle with French, but who doesn’t?″

″Native French speakers, I guess.″

Millie looks at me and she starts laughing.

″You have a really dry sense of humour and I love it!″

I smile and I continue to talk to Millie. I now know that she was born and raised here. She and Kim used to be best friends, but everything changed when they started high school. Kim met Trisha and suddenly being popular was the most important thing.

Millie talks about it like it doesn’t bother her and I almost believe her. It was the tiny hint of sadness in her eyes that gave her away. We keep talking and I notice that Millie is getting nervous. She keeps looking at the clock and at the doors.

″Millie, do you have to be somewhere?″

″It’s not that,″ Millie mutters. ″I mean this is the table where the cheerleaders usually sit.″

″You mean Trisha and Kim.″

″Yes, they are also cheerleaders. They just get petty and mean, it’s just not worth it. It really isn’t, Sam!″

″I can’t force you to stay, but you should. Nothing will change if you always give in or in my case, are stuck in your ways. I never have lunch here, but today I will. So will you stay, Millie?″

Millie cheeks turn red again, but she nods.

″I think that’s why they are intimidated by you, it is your confidence.″

The bell rings and the cafeteria fills with loud students.

The next thing I know someone snatches the KitKat out of my hand and I groan.

″Dammit, Tyler!″

Tyler laughs and he plops down next to Millie.

″Are you lost, cousin? You never eat in here and when I say never, I mean never!″

″Now I know why, that was my last KitKat!″

Tyler eats it slowly on purpose and I kick him under the table.

″I hope you get a pimple like last week, princess! But you are being rude, Tyler. This Millie and Millie this is princess Tyler!″

Now it is Tyler who tries to kick me, but I’m faster and I grab his foot. He looks at me annoyed and then he raises his hand.

″Look who I found, Alex!″

I feel two hands on my shoulders and I look up. Alexander is grinning at me and I shake my head. I let go of Tyler's foot and he grabs his lunch, while he talks to Millie.

″Samantha, babe! I knew you couldn’t stay away from me!″

Kyle looks at me with a smug face and he winks at me, before sitting down next to Tyler.

″Don’t call me that!″ I snap at him. ″Call me by name or don’t talk to me, the last one is fine by me!″

″So feisty, I like it!″ Kyle says with a grin. ″Don’t worry, babe. You will get used to it, trust me.″

I glare at Kyle with disgust and I decide to ignore him. It’s the same everywhere. I can move from town to town, from school to school. But I could never escape the arrogant jerks and bitches.

I feel a squeeze in my shoulders, before Alexander takes a seat next to me. I put my hand on his leg and he immediately starts stroking my hand softly with his hand.

Finally I start to relax and I make plans to go running with Millie. She is on the track team and she knows a few good trails. I'm actually looking forward to it. So maybe today was a good day after all. Yes, Kyle was still a jerk. Trisha and Kim kept giving us dirty looks.

But I made a friend today. I had lunch in the cafeteria, like a normal student. Those were good things and Alexander holding my hand made it even better.

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