Bleeding Reign

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Ezreah, the king of all Hybrids and wolves. He's immortal, strong, cruel, and evil. Death follows him everywhere. He's lived for 280 years and has never been blessed with a mate, his queen, until recently. The Reign is known as a sacred yet deadly holiday. Every 20 years after the new generation of female wolves matures, the heirs of the vampire and hybrid throne rise to claim their new queen chosen for them by the goddess of love and fertility, Hathor, until each heir has taken their blessed mate, yet one of them has not. Ezreah, the only heir to the hybrid throne and son of Esus, the strongest hybrid to ever rule . He was gifted to the kingdom by the Roman Deities Isis and Osiris after the troubling war making him much more powerful for he had the gifts of the gods. People would watch in terror as the new heir piled bodies and bodies of women around the small packs for the last 258 years. What happens when he meets Epione, the sweet, loving female wolf that has faced nothing but trauma.

Romance / Fantasy
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Important Notes

Hello wonderful readers! Before you start I just want to quickly say thank you for clicking on this book ! I really hope it's a story you enjoy. Quick disclaimers :

1. In this book there will be mature content and violence included. In no way do I agree with anything that happens, it's just fiction and for plot purposes.

2. This book has a form of a moon goddess, but she is known as Hathor, the Roman Deity and goddess of fertility. She is the one who will be pairing the wolves in this story.

Please make sure to vote, comment, and share if you love it ! Once again, thank you all ! I will also be uploading this story on Wattpad as well , in case you prefer that site ❤️
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