Bleeding Reign

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“Hello Esus," greeted the the Deity Isis. She was a beautiful creature in all her glory, but underneath it all you knew what she could be capable of. The goddess of fertility, motherhood, and magic. Her dark black her reached down to her waist and was perfectly braided to the side with jewels as two curled strands lay against her face. She had vibrant blue eyes that accentuated her honey tinted skin. Her outfit revealing far more than what our eyes wanted. She had a red dress that exposed her body in a way that attracted everyone's attention to her. Her gold wings laying heavily down her arms where they attached just above her elbow . It was surprising to see how that small piece of gold held it all together. Her famous crown above her head was all gold with a huge red ball laying in the center while the two horns held it in place. Purple feathers lay from the sides . Her body was covered in golden jewelry the shapes of snakes curving around her wrists and feet. She was extraordinary.

Next to her stood her brother and husband Osiris. He looked at the king of wolves with stone cold eyes contrasting the lovely smile of the goddess next to him. He was known as the god of fertility and king of the underworld. His pitch black hair hidden by his striped neme as his chiseled jaw complimented his perfect nose and strikingly silver eyes. He wore a black cloak with the emblem of his deathly kingdom and golden jewelry coating his hands and arms. They were considered to be the most powerful couple in the land of the mortals. They provided those dead with life and could create it and destroy it with the snap of a finger. Anyone who stood in their presence could feel the power radiating from all their glory.

"We have come to speak to you regarding your mate and throne," Esus heard the goddess say. Her tone sounded calming to his ears, he could feel the power she was emitting just by speaking through his core. His wolf stirred for a second before it regained itself and remembered who he were.

"What is it you are seeking Isis," Esus stated rather suspiciously. They rarely came to speak to him unless it was something regarding the underworld that had to do with his doing. She smiled before continuing,

"We bring a gift," with those words she called his mate, Irieneia, the beloved queen of the hybrids and wolves. She walked towards him with a smile that reached to her ears before she took his hand and placed it on her stomach with tears escaping her eyes. Esus gasped with excitement. For so long Isis rejected blessing the king and queen with a child. She held a grudge against their kingdom and always said Ireineia was not ready, but they felt they were ready and were being very impatient with the goddess.

She was not able to give life to any child due to her not being a full hybrid. She was only a wolf, powerful of course, but not powerful enough to carry their pups, an heir for their throne. The pup would kill her if they tried. They tried everything in their power to find a solution , yet nothing would work. The moment they needed the gods the most they were not there, yet here they were now doing it with the snap of their fingers. This enraged the king who had been longing for a child since completing the bond with his queen, "why did you lie, you said she couldn't bare the life of a child," he stated aggressively with a powerful growl leaving his chest. Osiris looked at him with anger.

"We did not lie Esus. Hathor simply said it was not the right time for the Queen's body to handle the birth of this hybrid pup. He will be part God , you need to remember that. Irieneia was too young at the time and she is not a full hybrid it would have killed her. Also, do remember we are the gods of life. We can easily take it away just as easy as we have given it." With that Isis and Osiris vanished into the air leaving no trace behind.

280 years have passed and the throne now belonged to the new king of all hybrids and wolves, Cassian. The son of Osiris and Iris, the Roman Deities. He was the creation that started it all. He was a gift from the gods for the King and Queen of all wolves, Esus and Ireineia, for their aid in the wars against the monsters and evil beings that lurked the mortal world. No one knew he would grow to be the most powerful hybrid God to ever rule over the realm of wolves. He was deadly. Those who would face his wrath received torture from the angry God. No one could escape him, not even the Gods themselves.
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