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Courtney My brothers best friend #1( (Best friends series)

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He ruined my life He told me he loved me He told me he would wait for me He cheated on me. That’s what you get for believing the bad boy That’s what you get for knowing Ashton Barraman Courtney Mendez was always a A + student until she decided to show the whole world who she really was, this caused a lot of people to look at her differently. But for one person she made mad and wanted nothing more to see her suffer her brothers’ best friend; Ashton”Asher” Barraman. True to his word he did just that, he made sure she got expelled for something she didn’t do. One year has passed and Courtney is back and ready for anything he throws at her cause she knows she has friends and a loyal boyfriend Bentley Jovanni, but is this guy all he seems? will Asher unmask the guy she beleived all this time to be on her side. This isn’t a typical love story cliche this is about two teenagers fighting for their right to be who they truly are join the journey of Courtney and Ashton’s life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. R

Emma Louise
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This is my life my sad pathetic life and it’s all thanks to one person that I prefer to call “the devil”; Ashton or Asher Barraman, he got me sent to this hell hole I left my old life behind when I was fourteen yes I’ve spent three years almost for at clayfields boarding school. Ashton was the bad boy of the school, every girl drooled over him, and every guy wanted to be like him, that was until me. I hated the twat with a passion he was an egotistical prick he thought no one was better than him that was until I proved him wrong.

I know I was fourteen but boy the look on his face was priceless when I started strutting around with a leather jacket and dark clothes on, and he pinned me and told me to stop following him around like a lost sheep and acting as if I was someone special when I wasn’t. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He hated the fact his friends were now mine on the fact I acted as myself and not the scared shy girl I was portrayed to be. It was me.

Everything from that day on made me contemplate that I should’ve kept my true self to myself seeing how angry Ashton had gotten the day he told me I would regret the day I entered his world. I ignored it and ignored him like the plague, but we crashed and we burned and he eventually had me expelled, for a fight he caused. This was my third and final year and I couldn’t wait to return home and show him I survived this hell hole with help of one special person Bentley Jovanni the half English half Italian sixteen-year-old he was the bad boy of this hell hole he saw the prospect in me like my other friends; Ashley, Conley, Santiago, Hannah, Hazel. Lily and Ellie.

We were the most feared teenagers in our school; no one dared to say “boo” to us.

They all knew the story of how I ended up there and they were prepared for a fight or war whichever came first once we all got out of this hell hole next summer.

I couldn’t wait to show that jumped-up prick by sending me away hadn’t changed me just made me grow a backbone and gain friends who took me for me and I would give him the biggest “fuck you!” Ever.

Another six months and I’d be heading home for good with my friends by my side brothers and sisters to the end. Let me introduce myself; Courtney Mendez the bad girl of Corston Boarding School.

Courtney age nine

We hadn’t long moved from the city to this small town, why? Well, my parents wanted to move from the hustle and bustle of city life where everything moved that fast you didn’t have time to blink. We had the perfect house, the perfect life, but now it’s all gone, done the pan.

I’d been in school for four years now. I was leaving the new friends I’d made behind. I was only in year four, but I had many friends we’d all met in the nursery and went into reception the following year and we’d remained friends throughout, we were all inseparable. I once had an older brother Tucker; he was almost eleven, but he was in year six as his birthday was at the end of the year and had missed the initial last date of entry requirement. He was around two inches taller than me and had many friends, he always took care of me. He had promised me that nothing would ever happen to me and he’d always be there for me no matter what and I believed him until the day we moved and he met Ashton Barraman; they were like two peas in a pod; inseparable like we had once been.

We were sitting outside playing. I hadn’t even noticed the boy that was overshadowing us until he spoke. "Hi my name is Ashton Barraman, but most kids call me Asher. I live down the street and I was wondering if you’d like to come and play."

Tucker looked at me and I smiled. "I’m Tucker and this is my sister Courtney."

The kid had the nerve to smirk at me.

"I’d like to come and play, but only if my sister can too."

It was my turn to smirk.

"Sorry, no girls aloud rule number one. My other friends are there and I’d like to introduce them to you. I’m sure they’ll like you."

My brother looked at me sympathetically. 'Go in Sis mom will kill me if I leave you out here."

I opened my mouth in shock to answer. Then the kid had the nerve to smirk at me again. I huffed getting up and mumbling as I left. "I hope you enjoy playing."

"Oh, we will."

"Jerk," I mumbled

I knew from that day I hated Ashton “Asher” Barraman.

I stormed inside, not caring that my brother had ditched me for a kid he didn’t even know hell could he even be trusted?

"Where’s your brother, Courtney?" My mom asked as I walked into the kitchen. The smell of the fresh roast smelt is so good.

"He went to a kid's house down the road ash or something."

“He what?!"

Oh no.

"How can he be so insensitive? You’re his sister for goodness sake."

“No girls aloud apparently."

“I’ll be having words with this ash boy and your brother. He knows better than to leave you alone, this kid may be the same age but he is still a stranger he has been taught never to go with strangers."

I smirked, Tucker and this Ashton boy were in so much doo-doo when mom cracked down on them.

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