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Two Worlds Collide To Make One Life.

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Can two people from opposite sides of the world, and completely different social statuses make a life together. Well Prince Micheal thinks so, but Amber an ordinary ( in her eyes ) waitress in a bar has her doubts. Does she even still believe in love? What will become of them are they fated to be together, or will they remain just two people travelling in the same universe, too many miles away from each other?

Romance / Drama
Carolyn Leonelli
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His royal highness Prince Micheal of Tribeca.

Micheal sat in the back of the limo with the guys. Jake brings him out of his trance, "Micheal, Micheal, earth to Micheal,dude come back down to our level. What has got you so transfixed on air or space or whatever it is you are staring at?"Micheal snaps out of his coma like fog and looks over at Jake and just waves his question off with his hand like there is nothing going on with him.Micheal then looks over at his group of friends, whom he has known most of his life, shakes his head and says to them "What we should really be discussing right now is your uncouth manners tonight, you all really should be ashamed of yourselves. Treating that poor girl like that."And then the six other men in the limo looked at each other and laughed. Peter then chimed in "Ah and there in lies the real problem isn't my dear old friend? "Jake looks at Peter and says "What on earth are you talking about,this is what Micheal does when we are all out together,he behaves like a perfect prince should and then he points out why he is in fact the prince and we are not this is not any different,is it Micheal?"

Peter says with more conviction this time "Ah don't kid yourself Jake, this time it is much much different.You see this time our boy here has stars in his eyes."Micheal turns to Peter and says to him "And this is why you are the screenwriter, always with your fairy tales that you are trying to bestow upon others.Well this time you are having pipe dreams,I must say I have no idea what you could be talking about."Chris who has always been like a brother to Micheal,who also has chosen to stay out of this conversation up till this point, now feels as though he has something of relevance to offer. Chris offers up "No,No,I have to agree with Peter on this one,usually he is full of hopes and dreams,but ever since we walked into that bar tonight and you laid eyes on that waitress you have been starstruck."Micheal wasn't sure how he was going to back out of this one,usually he has no problem turning the conversation around.But it would be hard to deny if he didn't know better.These are guys that he has spent most of his life with, they know him better than his own family.And he wasn't sure himself why but he did find the waitress at the bar hard to forget.Micheal usually was not the one in the group to get twinkly eyed about a women least of all one he just met, and more than likely would never see again.

After all the day after tomorrow they would all be back on his private jet headed back to Tribeca.So unless fate wanted them to meet again it was probably not in the cards.Although he wasn't against the idea of seeing her again,in fact he rather welcomed the thought of her pretty,innocent, but dominant smile.When he closed his eyes it was almost like he could see Amber there smiling at him chasing him down to give him his money back. Once again snapped out of his haze by the sound of the others talking trash about him,he was determined though he was not sure yet how to get off this subject and deny on all counts that he was in fact thinking about the girl they had just met tonight. When Micheal comes to the surface of the conversation again what he hears makes him just a bit put off by what his friends are saying.That's not to say that he had not heard them talk like this before about people,that is how they were raised that people in the classes below them were not socially correct status wise.He never believed such nonsense in fact that is how he and Chris became friends,( Chris's dad was actually a member of Micheal's father King Marco's security detail ) the two boys met at the castle one day and have been getting into trouble together ever since.

Micheal looks at each one of his close friends and thinks to himself they may be a rough and rowdy bunch but I don't know where I would be without them.But still there was only so much that he could allow them to get away with. "You all need to watch what you say, you know how I feel about that rubbish you all talk about social status.I don't believe it makes a difference who your parents are and what part of town you grew up on, if you act humane and are morally correct then what does it really matter." With this Jake begins laughing and says "This from the man who someday soon, probably very soon will be ruler of his country." Micheal shakes his head and says "that is not the point,I will in fact be king, but that does not mean that I will ever look down at or on those people who are less wealthy than I am."

"No"Peter says"because that would be morally wrong,and would make him the biggest hypocrite out of all of us considering the only thing going on in his mind since we left that bar tonight was how could he ligitimately run into that waitress again.Go ahead Micheal try and deny that fact." Micheal replies only with"Peter have you gone mad,finally lost what was left of that brain of yours?"Chris then adds"now it all kind of makes sense,I mean I have been to many clubs and bars with our boy Micheal here and never not once have I ever seen him leave a $500 tip.I mean that is even a bit crazy for you Micheal."To which Micheal responded " Well what would you have me do leave the poor girl a $20 tip when you hooligans who are supposed to be my friends were treating her so undignified."The only one to respond to Micheal was Jake"yeah well I don't care what you say Micheal,and you know I love you like a brother man,but that girl,was even a little too naive and innocent for even you Micheal.I mean the way she chased you down to give you your money back,like it was a mistake.What women or waitress would do that?" "Luckily for the bunch of you misfits we are not likely to run into said waitress again while we are here, unless fate makes it happen.Which is about as likely as Jake here getting into a gay dance club. "

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