Loving Rain

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Two souls meet on a rainy day, like the yin&yang, they are the sweet contrast of love. What will Rain do, when the sharp attorney Riggs has one goal set only, to make her his, by all means.

Romance / Drama
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The pitter-patter of rain on the window glass soothed her breathing patterns, it always lulled her to sleep and washed her worries away, it always made the demons in her soul vanish and disappear, even if it was, just for a while.

She stared, hypnotized at the water droplets fall and glisten, like a melody they were following its rhythm, or a beautiful dance, she huffed, pulling on the soft comforter on her shoulders, she was searching for the warmth she longed for, and the love she desperately wanted. Or in other words, left behind.

Her heart skipped, several beats, she felt her soul burn with want, the hairs on her arms stood up, even with the warming flames of the fireplace, she knew that sensation, she never dared to feel it again, she made sure to push him away, faraway in the depths of her memory.

"Rain!" The door opened violently, a gust of wind made her shiver and she clutched on the comforter as if it was her life boat.

Her back turned, she didn't dare to turn, she didn't have enough courage to face him, nor speak with him, she made sure to never see him again. How did he find her?

"Rain…" he breathed, closing the door softly, his tone was… desperate, tired, his wet steps approached and she started feeling dizzy from want, the pain in his voice made her heart slowly break, but she stood firm on her grounds, she needed to push him away.

He approached, slowly, his breathing erratic and his soul void, he was soaked wet, from head to toe, his ashy locks stuck to his face, the expensive suit drenched as well as his leathery black shoes, but he didn't care about those minorities, he just wanted to reach her, to touch her again, to link his soul to hers again, and seeing the way she was ignoring him, barely acknowledging him, made his heart break and shatter furthermore.

He stopped, right behind her, their bodies inches away from touching. Rain felt his warmth and the scent of his after shave, even though he was shivering from the cold. She wanted to turn around, take him in her arms, and warm him with her body, she wanted to reassure him, she wanted to make sure, that pained tone, would vanish.

"Why did you run away from me Rain? You killed me… Don't you know that I am nothing but a living shell without you?" he blamed her, his voice shaky, strained, despair rumbled his tone.

A hot, treacherous tear trickled down her cheek, she never wanted to break his heart like this, she never dared to imagine him break like this, the mighty, sharp attorney became, a man who begged, weak and fragile, and that was all her fault. Again.

"I thought my letter was enough to keep you away. Why are you here Hugo?"

Angrily, he grasped her shoulders and turned her violently, that took her off guard and she pushed him away, placing her hands on his chest.

Hugo didn't let her and firmly held her arms, Rain's tears didn't last longer, she lowered her head in shame, as they started falling helplessly, those were the tears she gulped, so many times.

" Look at me!" he growled, shaking her, rageful fury in his meadow eyes,

Rain sniffed and shook under his touch, never looking up, she wasn't brave enough to face his anger.

Hugo forcefully cupped her face, and made her look at him, "Why do you hurt yourself and hurt me in the process?" he whispered, his eyes red and Rain's heart squeezed painfully.

She looked away but he didn't let her, "Tell me! Tell me you don't love me, and I swear, I promise that you will never see my face again!" his voice roared in that small little cottage, as the thunder struck angrily, it was as if nature was also painfully weeping for them, feeling Hugo's anger.

Rain's heart stopped at the moment, making her suffocate, she felt, for the first time, dread and fear invade her soul, she squeezed painfully on his drenched shirt, unconsciously wanting him to stop torturing her this way.

He squeezed her chin tighter, "Tell me Rain!" he yelled, desperation straining his voice, tears clouding his vision.

"I…can't." She admitted, a sob escaping her throat, she placed her head on his chest, wetting herself from the rain that fell on him, breathing into his earthy scent.

"I can't…" She whispered again, shaking her head and falling on her knees, Hugo quickly held her in his arms, sinking to the floor with her, their bodies tangled lovingly.

He tightened his hold around her frail body, and kissed her hair feverishly, he kissed her nose, her cheeks, her neck, his lips found hers and they linked together, feeling the familiar taste of love invading their souls again.

Rain shivered under his hold and she pulled away, staring at his green eyes.

"Why do you always run away from me baby girl?" He brushed her cheeks and kissed her knuckles softly.

"You deserve better." she professed and Hugo immediately kissed her again, this time, hungrily, angrily, Rain helplessly searched for an escape to breath but he never let her.

She clutched on his nape and he attacked her lips again and again until they became a swollen mess.

Hugo licked her lips and passed his thumb on them, a blazing fury swirling in his eyes, he licked her exposed neck, slowly passing his tongue before nibbling her there, deliciously, lusciously, making her moan in pleasure.

She buried her fingers in his hair as he deepened his kisses, his teeth bruising her lovingly, pulling her skin slowly as a punishment for her sinful words.

Satisfied with the love marks he left on her skin, Hugo kissed her once more, hot and loving then placed his forehead against hers.

"Never say that again, do you hear me?" he growled and she nodded, "I won't let you go, never." he murmured, determined.

Rain placed her lips on his neck, as one single tear escaped, she never wanted to hurt him, alas she knew the inevitable would soon arrive.

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